How to install psp iso and cso game files on the vita

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) setting has left some fans of classic games like GTA a little disappointed. In addition, the PlayStation Vita was recently discontinued after failing to catch on.

How to install PSP ISO and CSO game files on the Vita

However, this does not make any of the portable consoles less enjoyable and there is a way to play all the old titles in full resolution. The whole process requires some hacks, some time and an emulator. But once you get the hang of it, all the steps should be pretty simple.

Gta 5 for ps vita

PSP ISO and CSO installation basics

For the following steps, you need to have the TN-V emulator installed on your Vita.

Step 1

Go online and download CSO / ISO backup files for PSP games to your computer. Rename downloaded files in capital letters, including extension, and make sure not to use more than 8 characters.

Step 2

Navigate to the folder on the computer that contains the data for the game. This is the same folder that contains the file 660.PBP contains. Once you are there, copy and paste the renamed CSO / ISO file.

Step 3

Download and install qCMA , the application that lets you transfer files between your Vita and PC without an active internet connection. Launch the app on your computer and get ready to move the files you PS Vita. It is recommended to use a USB cable instead of Wi-Fi, because CSO / ISO files can be very large.

Step 4

On your Vita, go to the Content Manager and select ‘Copy Content’ PC> from the menu PS Vita system. Then select ‘Applications’ and click on ‘PSP / Other’ under ‘Saved Data’.

PC to PSVita System

Step 5

Now you can see the saved file for your game. It is almost as big as the one you want to copy. Select the file and click Copy. If there is an option to override, do it.

Step 6

Run the TN-V emulator to display the game you just copied. To install the game, use the XrossMediaBar to navigate to the game and use the triangle button to display more options. Click on Install and wait a while. After installation, Vita will prompt you to delete the file. This is what you should do.

Step 7

The game is no longer shown in XrossMediaBar, but you can be sure that it is there. Press Select to enter the VSH menu and select Restart VSH. This will update the PSP emulator files. Then you can see the game as it is installed on the Vita memory card.

TheFloW Emulator

As a PS Vita fan, you have probably heard about it TheFloW Emulator . It is among the most popular pieces of software that allow you to enjoy your favorite PSP titles on Vita.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll assume you’re a GTA fan, and look at how to install this game in the Vita’s native resolution. The whole process should work similarly for other games, although you may need to spend some time looking for the right patches / emulators.

PlayStation Vita

Before you start

There are some things you need to consider before using the emulator and installing the latest patch.

Firstly, the patch works with GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. The resolution is 960 × 544, with four times more pixels than PSP. However, currently only the US versions 3.0.0 (or 1.0.3) that supports games.

You should know that the color depth has dropped to 16 bits, so you can expect some tiny dithering. The reason for this is 2 MB of video RAM on PSP, which is not enough to support the increased rendering. You may also notice some performance issues as the plugin allows rendering at around 20 FPS.

This does not mean that the games are not playable, but there may be some delays here and there.

Notice: Your PS Vita must have Adrenaline 6.9 must be executed in order to use this plugin.

The installation

Step 1

First update the Adrenaline version. You can either replace the modules or perform a VPK installation.

  1. To replace the module, go to: ux0: / app / PSPEMUC / sce_module.
  2. To install VPK, set PSP’s 6.61 PBP ready and reinstall PSPs .

You need to make sure that Force high memory layout option is disabled. You can find it in the Recovery menu under Advanced Configuration. Since this feature is not enabled by default, this step is optional.

Step 2

Get the GTA Native Resolution patch and copy it to ux0: / pspemu / seplugins. Add ms0: /seplugins/gta_native.prx 1 to the folder SEPLUGINS (file game.txt), and you’re ready to go.

Have fun playing

The era of portable handheld consoles seems to be coming to an end. Although Nintendo Switch seems to have had a good start, the number of games for this console is still very limited.

On a positive note, Sony’s wearable ecosystem continues to be well supported despite the fact that consoles have been discontinued. Developers keep coming up with new ways to install different games on Vita. You just need to find the right emulators and take time to tweak the game files before sitting down to play.

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