How to install linux directly on windows 11

Install Linux in the new Windows 11 operating system via Windows Subsystem for Linux


After all, Windows has allowed you to directly install a Linux operating system under Windows for some time now. Also the new Windows 11 operating system includes the feature.

Using Windows Subsystem for Linux it is possible to directly install a Linux operating system like z. B. Kali Linux or Ubuntu to install. Especially if you are in the area of two worlds (Linux and Windows), this is a very easy way to execute Linux shell commands directly under Windows. Here’s how the installation works on Windows 11.

Install Windows subsystem for Linux via GUI

Per GUI of course refers to the graphical user interface. Like Windows 10, Windows 11, optional features to install. You can reach the configuration interface via Settings.

Then you switch to the Apps on optional features. Only at the very bottom of the menu there is the option more Windows functions. You have to open this and now you get all other Windows features. After checking the box, all you have to do is restart the computer.

Install Windows Subsystem for Linux under Windows 11

Install Windows Subsystem for Linux via PowerShell

Easier to install if you use Windows PowerShell. To do this, the first thing you do is open a Windows PowerShell terminal with administrative rights. Then the following command line is needed.

After the installation is complete, of course, the computer must be restarted.

Install Linux

After the reboot is finished, you still need a Linux operating system. This can be obtained very easily by simply searching for Linux under the Windows Store.

Different distributions are displayed. However, in order to download and install the system, you need to log in with a Microsoft online account. Install Windows Subsystem for Linux Ubuntu

The Linux system has no graphical user interface, only a shell. However, this can also be used very easily. The new Windows 11 operating system has the new Windows Terminal on board by default. With it not only a CMD or PowerShell can be opened, but in addition also a Linux Shell. Installing Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 11

If one wants to install a graphical interface, that is also possible. The article: Install Linux with a graphical interface directly and Windows 10 – Kali with xfce provides a guide to this. More details about the Windows subsystem for Linux can of course be found in the Microsoft website.

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