How to get what you want

If you want a career, it's important to know what you want

At the weekend I met up with a good friend I hadn’t seen for a while. At some point our conversation ended up at the job and she told me that she was very unhappy right now. She had changed jobs a few years ago with the thought that she could possibly take on a leadership role at the new company. The HR department and also her superiors had given her hope, but so far nothing has happened – and nothing is in sight either.

I know my friend very well and I am sure she is doing great work. It’s incredibly engaging and has a lot of experience. I can completely understand their desire to develop professionally even at the age of 50+. And actually, your employer should be thrilled if someone like you wants to take on more responsibility. But that’s often not so easy – regardless of age or gender.

The intriguing question is: Is it the employer’s fault or is it my friend’s??

Of course, at the moment many companies are cutting jobs, especially in management positions. Temporarily suspend promotions, dissolve individual areas, etc. But of course that doesn’t apply to all companies and experience shows that there is always a way to find the right candidate for a particular job.

So it’s not at all unlikely that if our careers aren’t working out the way we want them to, it’s because of ourselves. If you’ve already invested a lot of time and energy into your career and are still wondering how you got to the job you’re so unhappy with right now (or worse, thinking about how to get out of there as quickly as possible), then you should urgently take some time for yourself and do a self-assessment. Because otherwise there is a great risk that you will either get stuck in your dissatisfaction or become unhappy again very quickly when you change jobs.

It’s not that hard.

Step #1: Check out what you really want to do!

You have probably thought about your career over and over again. But experience shows that these considerations by no means always reflect your true desires. A lot is projected onto us, from our parents, friends, colleagues, etc. In addition, our own subconscious stories, values and beliefs also play a major role. For example, if security is particularly important to you, you’ve probably picked a job that’s quite solid and (hopefully) crisis-proof. But that does not mean that this is the job that makes you happy. For example, if you were completely free and unattached and money was not an issue, what would you make?

Why don’t you start your self-assessment with this question?. And then think further. What would an ideal day look like for you? What else would you like to achieve – professionally and privately? What should your work-life balance look like?? What kind of work would be meaningful for you??

Step #2: How do you want to feel?

It’s always a thing with goals, after all. If, like my friend, you want to have a career and take on a leadership role, ask yourself why you want it first. Is it possible to create? Do you want to pass on your knowledge to your employees? Or simply earn more money? Have hope that your work will then become more exciting and varied?

Once assuming you have achieved your goal, how do you want to feel then? How would you know that your new job is more exciting?, THE JOB that makes you happy? Do not underestimate these questions. Because otherwise it can happen very quickly that you are frustrated again after a short time. So along the lines of: I had imagined this quite differently.

Try the following exercise. Take a blank sheet of paper and make two columns. In the first column write what you really like to do (quiet private and professional). And in the second column you put everything you don’t like or don’t want to do anymore (again, private and professional). Set a timer for five minutes for each column and write down everything you can think of. Do not evaluate anything, just write down everything you can think of.

When you are done, look at the lists again. And consider in which constellation you can do as much as possible of what you really like to do.

Step #3: How to get what you want and deserve!

Maybe you already thought during the previous exercise: You can’t have everything. This is one of those classic stories we tell ourselves all the time. We all have certain views with which we limit ourselves. For example, that we are not good enough. Or that something is not working for us. Or or or… And yes, I know you have plenty of stories to prove that this is really the case with you.

Here’s the thing: Everyone really does have these stories! Without exception.

The mind is everything – what you think, you become.

The Buddha

The good news is that you can change these stories. After all, your stories are. Once you do a deep clean here and put an end to what keeps you small, life comes back into flow in a very wonderful way.

you decide! You shape your life! And you are worth not waiting any longer!

And if that’s what you’re thinking right now, no, it’s not too late. You can live the life of your dreams.

I can help you get out of the endless loop of your same old thoughts and behavior patterns. Decide now to put an end to your old stories and get in touch with me. Your time is right now!

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