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Instagram is currently the most popular social network. In recent years, the growth has been enormous, which has led to millions of people having an account. You may have an account in itAnd that at some point you want to search for someone you know, or a brand that has a profile.

When searching for someone on Instagram We have to consider several aspects. Since it does not work like other social networks. Therefore, it is good to know what we have to do or what we have to consider in this regard in the popular social network.

Search on Instagram

Unlike other social networks, this is common on Instagram someone opens a profile without using his real name. Rather, an alias is used, especially in the so-called username. Since there are two details we should know about the application, both when creating the profile as when searching for someone.

On Instagram, we can search for someone using their usernameThis is the name of the profile to display it in some way. When you open the browser on the social network, the name is displayed in the URL. However, the username mentioned does not always match the actual name of this person. Therefore, when we search, we may not always find the expected result in the application. If we know the username, the search will not be complex and will not take anything. But if we only know his real name and he doesn’t use that name on the social network, it’s a bit more complex.

A username always gives us a resultThis is that of a particular profile on Instagram, so we know if it is this person or not. A real name is a bit more complicated, as there may be many more people who have that name, unless it has a very original first or last name, which limits the search significantly.

How to search for people

Search Instagram

We can do this in all versions of Instagram, Whether we use the computer or the smartphone version. When we enter our account, we see that at the top we find a search box with an icon of a magnifying glass. This is where we enter the name we want to search for on the social network. So let’s click on it and start writing.

We can enter the name or the username, depending on the data we have about that person on Instagram. As we write, we can see that below is a list that usually gets smaller as we type more letters of the name. Next to each profile we get a small photo. Therefore, it is possible that we can recognize this person in this photo, so we have already found them. If the profile does not include a photo, we may not know if it is the person we are looking for.

Via the social network, we can enter this profile at any time. The problem is that when we visit the profile because we want to know if it is that person or not, but then it was not when we return, we need to start the search again. This is one of the great disadvantages of the social network in this regard. If this person doesn’t have a profile picture and a very common name, it may take a while to complete the search for this profile.

Google an Instagram profile

Search Instagram account on Google

If it is the Instagram account of a well-known person, company or brand, We can also turn to Google. It is enough to type the name of this brand in the browser and add Instagram at the end, so that we get the URL that will take us to this profile on the social network. From there, we can log into the account in the browser and follow that account directly.

Google search can also be tested with a person, although this system is usually not the most effective in these cases. However, if you are looking for an account with a lot of followers, z. B. According to profiles of celebrities, influencers or brands, this can work very well and is very simple. Especially if we use the version regularly in the Instagram browser. Since we can track these accounts directly on the computer.

name on Facebook

This is a detail that we can take into account, since many users have linked their Facebook accounts with those of Instagram. Therefore, we can search for them based on their name on Facebook or username on Facebook. The most normal thing is that it is the same in both cases, so we can find that person in a few seconds and thus find the person we want.

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