Hohle der lowen: a deal for hamburg and the youngest founder

In this episode of "Die Hohle der Lowen" we took a particularly close look again. At the start were WeeDo from Hamburg and PLANTBREAK with the young founder Max Rongen, who already attracted our attention at the Food Innovation Camp. But of course we also report on the other candidates in our summary: DriveDressy, Drillstamp and Convercycle.

DriveDressy drives home alone

400.000 euros has already been invested by brothers Laurenz and Leonhard Krieger in their startup DriveDressy. They use their own specially developed scanning software and an online configurator, so technically there’s a lot they can do. And what is it all for?? For squeaky-color slipcovers for car seats! Who needs something like that, asks not only Georg Kofler?. If there was a market for it, the car companies would have offered such an additional equipment long ago. The Kriegers have women between 18 and 35 in mind as their target group. Whether they really show interest, they can not prove. At the time of recording, DriveDressy has not yet sold a single item.

Laurenz and Leonard Krieger, the founders of DriveDressy (Photo: TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

Never mind, you can have a wishful thinking of 500.000 euros for 15 % nevertheless call a million valuation equal. These are the kind of numbers that fans of "Die Hohle der Lowen" know: It’s highly unlikely to work out that way. Especially in combination with a product that convinces no one. So the brothers, who were introduced at the beginning with cute pictures of children, have to go home again without a care in the world.

Drillstamp gets to the point

Alexander Jentzmyk is actually an IT specialist, but even an IT specialist occasionally has something hanging on the wall – in his case, a router. Literally something can go wrong. Everyone knows the basic problem, whether it’s with picture frames, mirrors or shelves. The drill holes or hammered-in nails are rarely on the same line. As a remedy, the founder has invented Drillstamp. This is a plastic thingy that is temporarily attached to the hangers of a frame, for example, and leaves marker dots when pressed against the wall.

Alexander Jentzmyk presents Drillstamp. (Photo: TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

This doesn’t exactly save the world, but at least it solves a comprehensible everyday problem. Four out of five lions can’t do much with part anyway. What plays however no role, if the fifth is Ralf Dummel, which smells again a mass business and for 100.000 euros 30 % wants. The deal is mandatory already because the abbreviation of Drillstamp is DS – as in DS products, the company Dummels.

Not everything works out for Convercycle

Folding bikes have been around for a long time. The clever thing about them is that they can be folded up and then transported more easily. With Convercycle, it’s the other way around. This bicycle can be folded out to carry shopping and even crates of beer. Georg Kofler takes a test lap in the studio and has a harmless accident. The driving characteristics and the turning circle take a bit of getting used to. On the second try it works better already.

Hubertus Osterwind, David Maurer-Laube and Robert Kratz in front of their unfolded Convercycle. (Photo: TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel)

The idea and its implementation are well received, but is that enough for a deal?? The desire for 500.000 Euro for 15 % speaks rather against it (see DriveDressy). However, the market launch was impressive. Within six weeks, Convercycle 350.000 euros in sales. Carsten Maschmeyer has already fallen on his face once during an excursion into the cycling industry and has since then kept his hands off it. None of the rest of the lions feel responsible either. Bicycle closed, deal dead.

WeeDo lets lions throw absorbent cotton at it

Kids and animals always go, so what could go wrong with kids in animal costumes? WeeDo funwear is the name of the Hamburg-based startup that offers snowsuits for kids with designs based on leopards, turtles, dragons and many other critters. Founder Antje Risau has no shortage of creative ideas. She only lacks in the meantime the time for the implementation, because she must also still take care of the running business. A "lion" (also available as a suit, as well as unicorns) would be just the thing.

Antje Risau from Hamburg presents costume snowsuits for kids with WeeDo Funwear. (Photo: TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

After a couple of kids get the investors involved in a "snowball fight" with absorbent cotton, we get down to business. The quality of the clothing is well received, as are its features such as zippers in the back for easier toilet use. First sales figures are not bad either. However, Dagmar Wohrl knows from experience that skiwear for children is a niche business and seasonally limited. She also has articles for the summer, Antja replies. For Georg Kofler, the final argument that finally leads him to join WeeDo at 100.000 euros for 30.

PLANTBREAK has the right mix

Max Rongen was possibly on the verge of a great soccer career, but an injury shattered that dream. But that didn’t discourage the student, he went on to train as a fitness trainer and nutritionist, and founded his own food startup, PLANTBREAK. And all this before its 18. Birthday and as a student. Learn more about Max and PLANTBREAK in this interview. How would the lions react to this story? Clearly, heavily impressed, even if they find the fitness bars only conditionally delicious and do not yet see the time for an investment has come. Only Ralf Dummel wants to get in now and makes the deal with 50.000 Euro for 25.

Max (r.) and Ralf Rongen with their lion Ralf Dummel (center). (Photo: TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

Max comments on his success as follows: "After the presentation, a lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders. By the many adrenaline you are quite under shock. Immediately afterwards, we are interviewed once again by Amiaz and then immediately met with Ralf Dummel’s team. We got to know each other and made an appointment to plan the further procedure and cooperation. On the way home you slowly start to realize the whole story. That was an unbelievable feeling and only the starting signal for a still much more exciting time. After the show is before the broadcast. That’s why we wasted no time and got to work right away."

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