Hacking attacks on whatsapp – what you can do about it

Hack attacks on WhatsApp

Again and again, experts investigate the security of various messengers. WhatsApp regularly ends up at the bottom of the ranking in the process. Since 2016, WhatsApp has been constantly introducing new improvements. But what if your account was actually hacked?? Here are solutions:

This can happen: How hackers attack WhatsApp

Danger source number one: Hackers pretend to be friends. The hacker does not directly attack your account, but that of a friend. All he needs is your friend’s cell phone number. Through a gap in the connection protocol Signalling System 7, the hacker can communicate to the network that he is the owner of the smartphone with this number and create a new WhatsApp account. All messages that you send to your friend will then go to the hacker. How exactly the hack works, you can see in the video below.

Danger source number two: The hacker gets hold of your smartphone and can install a spy app. If the hacker knows your mobile number, he doesn’t even have to do that. Then it is enough to create another WhatsApp account and retrieve the code for verification when he has your smartphone in hand.

Danger source number three: Forwarded messages with integrated links, i.e. original SPAM. Alleged prize notifications, dubious reminders or amazingly cheap offers have no place in a messenger.

Only with current updates and security patches is your phone safe from hack attacks. Older devices are no longer provided with security updates after a few years. In our store you will find current top smartphones at a glance.

Here’s what you can do about it

  • If you have been hacked, you should delete your account and create a new one.
  • Enable automatic updates so that your app is always up to date.
  • Never leave your smartphone unattended and never give it into the hands of strangers.
  • Disconnect all PCs on which your WhatsApp account is logged in.

WhatsApp informs you

If a hacker has created a second account with your phone number and verified it on a smartphone, you will certainly know about it. Because WhatsApp currently only allows one account to be used on one device. If the hacker verifies himself, you will receive a message from WhatsApp and can no longer use the app. However, this is not the case if a hacker has logged in via WhatsApp-Web. Then you should log off all foreign computers in the WhatsApp menu. Every now and then, you should check how many PCs your WhatsApp account is logged in to.

Chat securely with end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp is considered the most important app in Germany, according to a survey. The company introduced end-to-end encryption in early 2016. This means that your message is sent to your chat partner in encrypted form and is only decrypted again when the message is received. The encryption is automatically preset.

Another way to secure your account is to verify it in two steps. Every computer and cell phone that wants to log in to WhatsApp with your number must enter a six-digit PIN.

This is how the verification works in two steps

Go to the account via the WhatsApp settings and select Verification in two steps. Here you enter a six-digit PIN, which must be entered with your number when logging in again. You can provide an email at the same time in case you forget the PIN.

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