Grow long hair – with these 15 tips

Grow long hair hair like Rapunzel – in 15 easy steps

Let’s say it as it is: really very many women wish to have long hair. Stars like Shakira, Beyonce or Blake Lively are known for their healthy strong hair. But not every woman succeeds at first attempt to grow a long wallemahne. The reason: The hair breaks off before it can grow long.

You first need an awareness of what is good for your hair and what is not. With this knowledge, you can do quite a lot to make your hair grow faster and healthier. You will be surprised what everyday tips and tricks can help.

Quite impatient can of course also think about a hair extension performed by a hairdresser. This can be a good method for the transition – in the long run it strains the wallet and possibly your scalp a lot.

Katy Perry no longer wears her fancy pixie cut

Lily Allen is extremely experimental when it comes to hair. After recently having shoulder-length and straight hair, the singer now shows up in London freshly blonded and with extremely long extensions. The hair, which she has put over one shoulder, goes almost to Lily's hips. She pimps her hairstyle with a glittery hair clip

Kim Gloss has put on weight overnight: Just in time for her 26th birthday, the singer is wearing her hair long again. To this Instagram post she writes:'Endlich wieder schone lange Haare' und beweist mit Vorher-Nachher-Fotos den enormen Unterschied.

Rapunzel overnight This is not how Katy Perry looks anymore

1. Individual hair care – finding the perfect care routine

As individual as the character of women is, our hair is also unique. Curly, wavy or straight: hair texture and color depend on our gene pools. One of the most important conditions for long hair is hair care. Therefore, you should know your hair type. From shampoo to hair treatment – individual care is needed to suit your own type. Because only when the hair is healthy, it can grow back strong and fast.

2. Hair treatment: Treatments with oils for an intact hair structure

While we are on the subject of care: Yes, your hair also needs some attention and love every now and then. Pamper it at least once a week with an intensive treatment. This can be intensive care with a cure or hair oil, just the way you and your hair like it. An insider tip for healthy long hair is said to be rosemary oil (available in pharmacies, health food stores and here in online shops).

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Application: First mix six drops of rosemary oil with a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil. After shampooing, simply distribute evenly over the hair and scalp and then rinse with cold water. If this is too oily for you, you can alternatively add ten drops to your shampoo.

Professional tip for the pragmatic between us: Many care products can also be applied to towel-dried hair in the evening and left to work overnight. With the shower the next morning, rinse the cure or oil thoroughly. The oil improves blood circulation to the scalp, thus promoting nourishment of the hair and giving it a healthy shine.

3. Avoid silicones in care products

Shine and more health in the hair, however, you get only if you keep your hands off care products with silicones. These put a film on each individual strand and thus prevent the penetration of the important care substances into the interior of the hair. Broken hair is the main reason for brittle and fragile ends. Therefore, completely abandon care products with silicones – only in this way your hair will get a real chance to absorb care substances and cheerfully thrive. By the way, the same applies to alcohol (see next point).

This hair treatment does without silicones.

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Grow long hair - with these 15 tips

4. Use alcohol-free styling products

Take a look at the selection of your personal styling products. If your hairspray is spritzed? Alcohol in the products deprives the mane of power. Who abstains from alcohol-containing sprays and strengtheners, avoids a dull and brittle mop of hair. Again an essential step towards long hair.

5. Sleep on a silk pillow

The absolute secret tip is: Bed your head on a silk pillow. The advantage of silk? The hair is not roughened by the smooth side fibers. Long curls can alternatively be braided into a French braid.

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Grow long hair - with these 15 tips

6. Use shampoos with caffeine

If you wash your hair every day anyway, caffeinated shampoos are real growth boosters. Why? Caffeine pushes hair growth in the roots. Tip: To guarantee the effectiveness of shampoos containing caffeine, use it daily. The active ingredient caffeine lasts only about 24 hours in the scalp.

Here you can find caffeine shampoo.

Is daily hair washing harmful?

Daily hair washing is a "can do", not a "must do", reveals star hairdresser Udo Walz to the "Apotheken Umschau" magazine. It is important to the celebrity hairdresser that the scalp is not overly activated in the process. Because: "If you massage the scalp too much during washing, you stimulate the production of the sebaceous glands and that makes the hair greasy," says Walz.

In addition, you should "rinse cold after each wash. This closes the cuticle of the hair and promotes shine," says the expert. The bottom line: Daily hair washing does not paralyze growth and Is also not harmful. Walz reveals: "The shampoos are even designed for this now."

7. Comb wet hair carefully

Be sure to handle wet hair with care. Why? Due to the humidity the structure of a strand is swollen and especially sensitive. The cuticle layer – which tightly encloses the hair when dry – no longer lies tightly against the hair shaft when wet. So the hair is particularly soft, sensitive and vulnerable. Therefore, do not comb your hair when it is completely wet – and if you do, please only use a coarse-toothed comb.

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Grow long hair - with these 15 tips

8. Do not tie a towel turban

Attention, waterlogging! As we already know, wet hair is particularly sensitive. After washing, carefully blot your hair with a dry towel and avoid tugging or pulling too tightly. The wet mop of hair does not tolerate this. Also because thick conventional towels in the form of a turban retain moisture and unnecessarily stress the hair, we advise against so-called towel turbans.

If you are a real fan of this method, then use microfiber towels for this in the future. The lightweight travel towels do no harm to the mop of hair and absorb a large amount of moisture.

Here is a microfiber turban.

9. Haircut for long hair

Yes, it sounds paradoxical, but it’s true! If you grow a healthy mane, you should go to your trusted hairdresser every eight to ten weeks if possible and have your tips trimmed. Because our head is simply exposed to many environmental influences in everyday life. The mechanical friction on the clothes, for example, will cause the hair to split, no matter how well you take care of it. And because split ends travel up to the roots, it’s better to have the broken ends cut off.

Lunar calendar hair cutting

Hair appointment according to lunar calendar Grow hair faster

Did you actually know that the followers of the lunar calendar also rely on a right time to cut your hair?

10. Avoid hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners as much as possible

If you want to grow your hair long, you should avoid heat as much as possible. In concrete terms, this means: avoid strenuous styling with curling irons and straighteners. And if you just can’t keep your hands off, use modern appliances with ceramic coatings that protect hair better. The hairdryer should also be used only rarely. How to do it? In summer, the question hardly arises, the hair can simply dry in the air. But in winter, wet hair stores the cold, transports it to the scalp and we lose heat through the head. This makes our lips quiver just reading it. This is how it works .

. Use hair dryer correctly!

Let’s keep to this point: it is best not to comb the hair wet and at the same time avoid heat. You can do it together, like this: If you still have an older hairdryer, then it is best to blow-dry on a medium setting with a distance of 30 cm. Always move the device back and forth to distribute the heat evenly (this way the hair dries even faster). Most newer models already have a cold stage integrated, with which you should blow through the entire hair again at the end. With the effect that the cuticle closes again and nothing can happen.

This hairdryer has ThermoProtect technology.

11. Choosing the right braid

Eyes up when buying braids! This is actually the simplest remedy against split ends. Hair bands with metal part roughen the hair surface and thus cause hair breakage. Soft spiral hair elastics made of silicone are trendy for exactly this reason. As a general rule, never tie your braid too tightly. Or you let your hair loose whenever possible. But here, too, caution is advised: At a certain length, the own hair ends also like to get stuck in zippers. You better watch out.

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Grow long hair - with these 15 tips

12. Protect hair during workout

Speaking of everyday life and external influences: You are a fitness lover? Super, sports and a healthy diet are reflected in the skin and hair. Before it goes to the next workout, we recommend tying a chignon instead of a ponytail. How to keep the sensitive tips protected.

13. Grow long hair thanks to a balanced diet

Vitamin C ensures the binding of iron to the red blood cells. So also the hair roots are better supplied with it. Rich in vitamin C are foods like broccoli, spinach and citrus fruits. So if you want to have long hair, you should have a balanced diet.

14. Grow long hair faster with biotin, OPC and millet

Meanwhile, quite a few supplements circulate in the trade. The manufacturers have recognized the special value of vital substances for faster and stronger hair growth. But not all manufacturers deliver what they promise in their advertising messages. Effective preparations contain above all vitamins from the B-complex (such as biotin), as well as minerals such as copper, zinc and selenium. Good products are usually topped off with exclusive botanicals. Particularly effective are considered to be millet extract, fenugreek and OPC.

These capsules for hair are particularly popular.

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Grow long hair - with these 15 tips


The gluten-free cereal is a staple food in some parts of the world, North Africa, for example. Even though millet is not in the limelight in Germany, the grain has recently gained in importance. This contains silicic acid and fluorine, which are

  • Support the growth of nails and hair,
  • help the hair to a new shine, as well as
  • Strengthen teeth and bones should.

Fenugreek – miracle weapon against hair loss

Fenugreek is a well-known medicinal plant whose seeds contain essential oils, proteins and steroid saponins. For congenital hair loss, these seeds are said to work wonders. Because not only does fenugreek boost hair growth, it is also said to prevent the shrinkage of the structures that surround the hair root and thus anchor the hair in the skin. A scientific study confirms: By taking hair capsules , which contain other vital substances in addition to fenugreek, the hair diameter increases in the growth phase and the number of hair that falls out decreases.

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Grow long hair - with these 15 tips

OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins)

These secondary plant substances can be found in peanuts, blueberries, cranberries and grape seeds, among others. OPC are especially popular because antioxidants protect our cells from free radicals and thus help to maintain our health. (Free radicals are at the root of many health ailments: They attack our cells and can render them non-functional). This is how OPC is said to prevent diseases, counteract aging processes and boost hair growth. Therefore, some people consider OPC as a kind of miracle cure.

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15. Mineral water for more shine

Whether in Hamburg or Munich, our tap water is always chalky. The lime in our water wraps itself around our hair like a mantle. That’s why there are women who swear by mineral water to avoid dull and lackluster hair. Rinse your hair once a week with a liter of non-carbonated mineral water to bring more shine to your hair.

Now you know how to prevent hair breakage and how your mop of hair will gain length centimeter by centimeter. Last but not least it is: patience, patience and again patience. GALA crosses its fingers for you to grow your hair long. Soon you will have hair like Rapunzel.

Blake Lively is known for her long, well-groomed mane. Here, the actress has tamed her wavy hair a bit. The upper strand was clamped out of the with the help of a hair clip

But Blake Lively can also do it this way: here she lets her wavy, voluminous mane take the lead. With a hairstyle like that, there's not much need for flashy makeup

On stage, Jennifer Lopez likes to let her wild mane run free

This look is no less sexy: the upper part of Jennifer's hair was strictly pinned back. The rest of the hair falls - carefully straightened - over her shoulders

Dream manes stars with long hair

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