Greeks are slowly putting their money back in the bank

This was reported by the greek financial press with reference to the central bank of greece. But the road back to normality is still long, according to a commentary on Greek radio: at the beginning of 2015, the money deposits of the Greeks at their banks still amounted to a good 160 billion euros. A lot of money is still hidden under mattresses or in safes.

Analysts believe the slow return of funds is due to the fact that there has been no turmoil between athens and its creditors in months. head of government alexis tsipras repeatedly declares that his country will be able to stand on its own two feet again after the end of the current aid program at the end of august 2018 and is implementing the austerity program without any major disputes with the eu, the european stability mechanism (ESM) and the european central bank (ECB).

Athens hopes that the normalization of the economic situation will encourage greeks to put even more money back in the bank. Finance minister euclid tsakalotos plans another trial run to the financial markets to build confidence. The finance ministry is talking about a bond volume of seven billion euros. In the summer of 2017, athens had already raised three billion euros in a first test on the market.

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