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The 15 most beautiful Greek islands: Which island is the right one for me?

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You are ready for the island again? Then the Greek islands are surely something for you, because they belong to the most popular destinations in the whole Mediterranean Sea. With a total of 3054 islands, you will be spoilt for choice on which island to spend your dream vacation. To make the decision a little bit easier for you, I have selected for you the most beautiful islands of Greece selected and briefly presented.

The 15 most beautiful Greek islands at a glance

Map with the most beautiful Greek islands


1. Kos – the evergreen among the Greek islands

The beautiful island of Kos is located in the eastern Aegean Sea and is the third largest island of the Dodecanese. The sun-drenched island is just the right destination for all those for whom it can never be hot enough. In summer you can expect temperatures of up to 40°C and almost no clouds in the sky. beach nixies and water rats will love the Beaches on Kos love.

Enough sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as an action-packed water sports program ensure satisfaction without exception for all vacationers. After sunset, the beach bars become the most popular clubs on the island, attracting young party people to their dance floors. The island is an evergreen, which is why you can enjoy a vacation on Kos can do nothing wrong. We especially recommend the beautiful Kos hotels on the beach, as well as our Kos travel tips!

Kos Info

2. Mykonos – the luxurious party island

Mykonos is known beyond its borders as the luxury island of Greece. The beaches are home to jet skis, boats and also yachts. The elegant restaurants and boutiques offer you only the best of the best. And also for its exclusive party scene the island has become famous.

Nevertheless, Mykonos is also suitable for a vacation with the family. This is mainly due to the incomparable beautiful beaches on Mykonos. The postcard beaches and the turquoise sea form the perfect location for an all-around perfect beach day with the family. A Vacation on Mykonos is perfect for luxury lovers as well as for party people, but also for families. We have also collected a few Mykonos tips for you.

3. Santorini – the beautiful volcanic island

When you think of a vacation on a Greek island, the typical white houses with the bright blue roofs often come to mind. Exactly this landscape you will find on a Vacation on Santorini. The beautiful volcanic island also captivates with the rather unusual, black sand beaches, which are due to this very volcanic origin of the island. The Beaches on Santorini the same as a whole palette of colors.

Beside the black beaches, you will also find white and golden beaches, but also a red beach on Santorini. No matter which beach type you prefer, you will find it on Santorini. And there are also great beach hotels on Santorini! With our tips for Santorini your vacation will be dreamlike! There is a lot to see on the island.

4. Rhodes – vacation on the sunny island

The beautiful island of Rhodes is also called the sunny island of Greece. From May to September the probability of rain here is almost 0%. Logically, therefore, that on the island mainly sun worshippers and beach lovers gather to escape the cold and wet in Germany. Who wants to find a vacation on Rhodes The island of Thassos, where you can expect sun and water action. Very popular are Rhodes Beaches, which cannot be surpassed in diversity. The palette ranges from party beach to nature beach to city beach.

Under guarantee everyone will find a suitable beach here. Greek islands enjoy great popularity with families. So is Rhodes: the perfect weather conditions and family-friendly beaches make the vacation a success. And one more thing: the best Rhodes tips can be found in our guide with recommendations and ideas for your next trip.

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5. Corfu – the green pearl of Greece

The popular vacation island Corfu is located west of the Greek mainland, only about 2 kilometers from the Albanian coast. Due to the climatic conditions on Corfu the right conditions for a colorful flora and fauna prevail. Active vacationers and especially hiking fans like to spend a Vacation on Corfu.

The lush green landscape in combination with the blue glittering sea make hiking on Corfu so attractive. Like almost all Beaches in Greece, can also enjoy Corfu Beaches let see. Families as well as young party vacationers and also couples will find the perfect beach for their dream vacation on Corfu.

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6. Crete – the largest Greek island

As the largest island of Greece, Crete has of course so much up its sleeve. Both Crete’s beaches and urban life attract thousands of vacationers to the Mediterranean every year. In the pulsating capital of the island is celebrated what the stuff holds. A Party vacation on Crete is therefore easily convertible.

But also culturally the beautiful Mediterranean island has a lot to offer. Historical sites, monasteries, national parks and gorges form the most beautiful Sights on Crete. And also culinary you can enjoy it here really well, because the Cretan cuisine offers the full range of Mediterranean delicacies. A Vacation on Crete can be very versatile.

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7. Zakynthos – the insider tip

The island of Zakynthos is rather unknown among the Greek islands, and quite unjustifiably so. Besides many cultural highlights, the Beaches on Zakynthos a highlight in itself. The most famous among them is Shipwreck Beach, which is also considered the most beautiful beach in Greece.

Holidaymakers of all ages like to come to this pleasant Mediterranean island, because it has everything a holidaymaker’s heart desires: picture-postcard beaches, picturesque vineyards and olive groves, historic buildings and, of course, plenty of sunshine. Since Zakynthos is still rather unknown, the island is not yet so touristically developed. A Vacation on Zakynthos is therefore ideal for all peace seekers. And we have a few Zakynthos tips for you here!

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8. Skiathos – the underestimated beauty

Greek Islands

Over 60 postcard-worthy beaches, sap-green forests, a vibrant nightlife and unspoiled nature…on Skiathos, vacationers will find everything their heart desires. And still the island of the Northern Sporades is a rather unknown destination in Greece. The landmark of the island is undisputed the impressive Hollow Rock. The unusual rock formation is located on Lalaria beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on Skiathos.

The island is suitable for all sun worshippers, but sailors and boat owners are in particularly good hands on the island. Young vacationers are happy about the abundant offer of nightlife near the beach. At exotic beach parties you can party with the locals to the hottest beats of the night. Skiathos is simply enchanting and undoubtedly one of the most most beautiful islands in Greece. Convince yourselves!

9. Thassos – the fragrant nature island

Our next destination takes us to the northernmost of all inhabited Greek islands. Thassos is island paradise and among hobby botanists as greenest island of Greece known. the scent of olive groves, citrus trees, sage and thyme fields hangs in the air and fills the whole island. To easily reach all the hidden bays and most beautiful beaches on Thassos, I recommend you to take a rental car.

The versatile island is perfect for diving, surfing, hiking or just sizzling under the sun. In the sweet villages of the island you can fill your belly with Greek delicacies in the traditional taverns and enjoy a few glasses of delicious wine. The dream of Greece Vacation becomes reality on Thassos.

10. Samos – Caribbean feeling in the Mediterranean Sea

Greek islands

The next island will take your heart by storm. It is called Samos and is located in the Aegean Sea, a side sea of the Mediterranean Sea. The sunny island is located right next to the tourist magnet Kos. The two hotspots on Samos are Kokkari in the north of the island and Pythagorion in the south of the island. The two fishing villages are each nestled between green wooded hills and wide green spaces.

The Beaches on Samos are very similar to those in the Caribbean. No wonder that Samos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece heard, or? The small island paradise is a welcome change to the otherwise rather overcrowded, classic tourist destinations in Greece.

11. Kefalonia – unique natural spectacles

Greek islands

Well hidden in the Ionian Sea lies the wonderful island of Kefalonia. It is still a real secret among the Greek islands, even though it is the largest of the Ionian islands is. The main town of Argostoli is perched high on a hill and offers the best view of the island’s small harbor. Limestone cliffs frame the white dream beaches of Kefalonia and give your vacation a paradisiacal backdrop.

A special feature on the island is the Grotto of Melissani and the stalactite cave of Drogorati. The natural phenomenon is a subterranean lake, which is located in a stalactite cave. Through a hole in the ceiling the lake shimmers in all imaginable shades of blue when the sun is shining. Here are more Kefalonia tips and places to visit!

12. Naxos – the family-friendly paradise

Greek Islands

Naxos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. There are many reasons for this: The largest island of the Cyclades enchants with sunshine hours galore, gorgeous postcard beaches, countless hiking routes, picturesque villages as well as the finest Greek delicacies. Besides the beach of Naxos town, Naxos is teeming with dreamlike, but well hidden bays. So a little searching is required.

But the effort is worth it: The bays captivate with the finest beach, turquoise blue water and perfect conditions for windsurfing and kiting. Among the most beautiful beaches on Naxos is z.B. Plaka Beach, where nudists can also find a signposted area. Most parts of the coast are also suitable for a family vacation in Greece. Shallow entrances into the water and moderate swell ensure sufficient safety. On Naxos vacation dreams come true!

13. Paros – the beautiful Santorini alternative

Greek islands

The bright white houses with blue accents are only to be found on Santorini? Wrong! Also on Paros, a small Cyclades island, you will find this wonderful architecture. The island of Paros with its offshore uninhabited rocky islands lies in the middle of the Cyclades and has become a popular tourist destination in recent years.

The Capital Parikia is located directly on the sea and has a beautiful harbor as well as a charming stretch of beach divided into two bays. Clean water, sunny hours and lots of taverns make families and couples feel equally comfortable here.

Those interested in culture Church "of the Hundred Gates be excited in Parikia. It is one of the most beautiful churches in Greece and as we all know there are quite a few of them.

14. Skopelos – the small adventure island

Greek Islands

Another of the most beautiful islands in Greece is located in the Northern Sporades and is called Skopelos. If you are looking for adventures and undiscovered bays, Skopelos is the right place for you. The enchanting island is one of the greenest islands in Greece. Almost 80% of Skopelos is covered with greenery, mainly forests.

The postcard beaches on Skopelos are captivating with the finest sand, light blue water and white limestone rocks framing the beaches. Fun Fact: Skopelos was used as a film set for "Mamma Mia"! Here we go again". If that is not reason enough for a Vacation on Skopelos is, then I also do not know.

15. Lefkada – home of dreamlike rock landscapes

Lefkada Tips

The Greek island Lefkada is located in the Ionian Sea and is a still quite undiscovered jewel of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Why the island is so unique, has several reasons. Above all, however, it is due to the beautiful mountainous scenery and the associated dreamlike Beaches on Lefkada. The turquoise shining sea borders on breathtaking rocky slopes and offers you an ideal beach panorama for relaxing.

But that’s not all you can experience on the island. Explore the many unique Sights of Lefkada or takes part in the great recreational activities such as hiking or Water sports on Lefkada part. Another special feature of the island is that it is connected to the mainland by a causeway, which is why you can perfectly combine a visit with a Greece vacation can connect on the mainland.

The Greek islands have aroused your interest and you are now looking for a suitable Bargain vacation? Then take a look at my travel search engine and with a little luck you might find your dream trip. Small tip: If you can’t decide for any of the islands, then I recommend a round of island hopping in Greece!

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