Google pixel 6 pro: “i can no longer recommend it” – update is here!

Should the highly praised Pixel 6 phones still be recommended? In the meantime the wind has changed extremely. Google has its back to the wall and must finally deliver.

  • First the update disaster.
  • Then the delayed updates.
  • The mood is bad when it comes to the Pixel 6.

Google is starting to have a really big problem in the outside world. The Pixel 6 Pro and its slightly smaller brother are no longer very popular. Background are the numerous bugs, which we also reported in the past months. It’s also like some colleagues, including the world famous Marques Brownlee. The famous YouTuber counts on YouTube, Twitter and co. more than 20 million followers.

Google Pixel 6: More and more are turning away

He also reports serious bugs, which are no longer forgivable. He can no longer use the Pixel 6 Pro only not recommend, he switched back to an older device long ago. "Combined with the latest botched update, it just provides a bad experience," he says of the Pixel 6 Pro in its current state.

The problem for Google, of course, is that more and more high-reach fans are also turning away from the current Pixel phones. And this is what they do publicly. The once great reputation the two devices enjoyed at launch is starting to crumble more and more. I currently use the Pixel 6 with November update. The two models with December patch were partly unusable for me – too many bugs.

My Pixel 6 Pro has slowly gotten so buggy since launch in October that I can no longer recommend it at $900. Combined with the latest botched update it’s just been a bad experience. My SIM is back in an S21 Ultra til the next review.

– Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) January 12, 2022

Known and widespread problems are on the one hand an extremely bad mobile reception, but also with Bluetooth hakt it. My Pixel 6 Pro sometimes comes out of standby with a blank screen, the Pixel 6 always has (!) a stuttering start of the camera. Google even turned off Assistant functions because of occurring errors.

Will suffer from the problems also the Pixel 6a?

The current state is bad. Google must urgently get a grip on its problems, not only because of the currently available models. There could also be delays in the long term with the upcoming Pixel 6a, which is probably also equipped with Google Tensor.

In any case, Android 12 and Google’s first own processor present the smartphone department with challenges that can’t be solved so easily. In late January, however, the redeeming update should be rolled out. We hope and keep our fingers crossed.

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I have the Pixel 6 Pro with December update in Austria at three in use and have absolutely no problems, no bugs, or anything else. I’m always surprised what and how much here is reported negatively about it. I’ve had many almost all Pixel/Nexus phones, and have had the odd bug every now and then, but this time I’m one of the lucky ones it absolutely does not affect. But I hope that with the January update everything will be straightened out, even if it may take longer until the update comes.

Very nice, so it looks with me also, this whole negatively nevertheless somehow nerves.

With me the exact opposite. Very poor reception and sometimes none at all. I often have to turn airplane mode on and off to get anything to work at all. My fingerprint sensor does not work at all because the phone was completely discharged. Charging also worked very poorly at the beginning especially with cable. I use dualsim and when I reset the smartphone I have to pay again 15€ for a new esim. It’s not about the money but about the principle. What Google delivers is under all sow. I bought the Pixel 6 just because of the software and it works worse than my daughter’s 200€ Xiaomi.

I’m afraid I have to join you as well. My ESim does not work at all and my second normal Sim card also not always.
The connectivity is currently a disaster! And I unfortunately make a lot of calls with the smartphone and also had to fall back on my P 30 Pro.

With me, except for the occasionally somewhat recalcitrant fingerprint sensor, everything is super. It’s a pity that there are probably very strong quality fluctuations in production.

With which provider you pay 15€ for the Esim? Normally you only have to unlock the corresponding portal of the provider or request new code, if of course the number does not work, or no SMS arrives, you have to call there or create a support ticket and you get a new access code etc. mostly sent by mail. Otherwise, as I said, you have to unlock the and can use the again

I have to agree with Kevin. The eSim is stored in an explicitly built chip in the phone. After a simple reset, the eSim is still there. By the way, I think the fault is not with Google and the Pixel 6/6Pro to look for. There are series and manufacturers, depending on the period, components such as chips, circuit boards and memory are produced and installed. I think the purchased components of the different manufacturers are subject to quality differences. And honestly, which manufacturer has not been affected by it, see Apple Doorlock – device must be completely reset, Huawei EMU 11 update causes battery problems, Samsung bug when updating to Android 11, the manufacturer stopped the update. And not to forget, an older device also runs Android = Google… That should be in the back of your mind before badmouthing Google. I’m Google – and will remain so :)

So with a factory reset the eSim is deleted only if you explicitly select that. In "Settings/System/Options to reset" you can simply leave out "Delete downloaded SIMs" under "Delete all data" at the very bottom and then the eSim will not be deleted either.

I switched from the small Pixel 3 and am very disappointed. Problems with Bluetooth with different headphones, often no reception and I’m not thrilled with Android 12 either. The quality of the camera does not convince me either. With my Pixel 3 I was able to take a quick snapshot. The Pixel 6’s camera triggers much too slowly, respectively. the photos are blurry.

Only the battery performance is significantly better compared to the Pixel 3.

I also had the Pixel 3. But the pictures were not better. And a snapshot I can always take, at any time, within seconds.
But that is mega interesting that such differences exist

I feel the same way, switching from Pixel 4 to Pixel 6. If there is no improvement in sight in January, I will switch back to the Pixel 4. Fast, handy, great picture and face unlock..

The camera on the Pixel 6 triggers so fast! There is something wrong with you

The E-Sim remained with me when downgrading to the November version despite backsides!

Lucky for you, many others like me have to suffer from the production errors.
Particularly the shadows on the camera at night shots, the non-function of the hands-free function when calling and the crashing keyboard annoying and wind at 900 euros not okay

I already had two keyboard crashes. However, still have the Pixel 3. Before the update to Adroid 12 I did not have the problem.

… I can fully agree with that. I have always remained loyal to the Nexus/Pixel devices with one exception (Samsung, which was a lesson to me)! Pixel 6 with December update without problems.

Other than that, "range heavy fans are turning away from the current Pixel phones", I couldn’t read about any bugs or quality degrading facts. I could save reading the article – it only consists of empty accusations.

Google has withdrawn the last firmware because of bugs and recommended customers to reset to an older firmware. "Empty accusations" are not therefore.

That is not true at all. Also I can use my Pixel 6 only in the WLAN. Mobile is definitely not usable.

Can only agree with the previous speaker. Everything is perfect and I am very satisfied.

So I have no problems with my Pixel 6.

I also don’t understand what’s so bad about a device not working 100% of the time.
Finally Google knows that there will be updates that will fix the problem.

I am sure when the devices have been on the market for some time they will work better than devices of the competition

Google is just doing the opposite of what you wrote there. Apart from that, large areas of mobile communications no longer work correctly, which is probably an essential function.

With me there have been updates monthly so far. Mobile no interference. However, it is my second model, the first is mmer again times frozen. Was replaced with a new one without any problems.

So I also have the December update and so far also no problems, do not know what the negative crap is supposed to

Same here: Pixel 6 Pro, December patch and absolutely happy with it….with all this badmouthing I also rather assume targeted discrediting. For the first time, it took me three attempts to decide on the next phone, so I had the Oppo Find X3 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro and then the Google Pixel 6 Pro, partly in direct comparison …and if the Pixel should be as bad as it is uma. here is talking, I wonder why I gladly sent the other devices back for the Pixel. The Pixel offered by some distance the best performance for me, and that has not changed so far.

So, interested reader: Don’t just read the rants, but also the many posts that confirm that it is a good device, even if some may have problems – which exist with all others as well, partly even worse (keyword camera…).what the others offered was really grotty compared to the Pixel…)&

Just as an aside: We’re talking about the sometimes extremely serious problems here, but we’re not badmouthing the devices. Test reports and other articles about various new features here in the blog are idR quite positive turned out.

I have the Pixel 6 and the pro
No problems
The best phone ever
Don’t understand all the negative talk

For me it is exactly the same! At all nothing of what was told in the article I can confirm. With me everything is top. No problems so far!

Same for me.
Smartphone runs mega well and have zero problems

What an unobjective article. week problems had then the mentioned? Not a single problem is reported. Very unprofessional, but what can you also expect from supposedly not journalistically trained bloggers. By the way, I am happy owner of a 6 pro

Yes, I could have named a few mistakes right away. I have added this. But you could have just pointed it out to me without immediately coming around the corner with such crude attempts at "subliminal" insults.

Completely unserious unobjective unjournalistic behavior. May I ask where you learned your trade?

Nowhere have I learned that. Selfmade. As selfmade as your funny comments, which are already a bit out of line in their way.

Completely unsympathetic, antisocial and inhuman behavior, may I ask who raised you??

my pixel 6 pro works flawlessly…no bugs…reception is top notch…
can not understand all the unkenrufe ..

these are facts, these errors. Which of course do not occur on every device. But just at enough that Google had to pull the firmware out again.

Ivh have fortunately not these big problems, but am more than disappointed by the battery life. also that the highly praised LtPo display not on1 Hz but only on 60Hz rgeln kan, I find very disappointing.. from the measly memory of 128 GB not to mention…
I would recommend it also nivht more, sorry Google.

Only 128GB? Self-chosen fate! Can also be bought with 256GB… ;)

Or just don’t carry so much unnecessary data garbage around with you.

Or just accept that 128 GB is not enough unless you live a boring life.

256 gb not available, not yet either……..
and bwi vodafone as part of the contract renewal even more so, unfortunately

I have a Pixel 6 and quite problems. My reception is since December by 1-2 bars less than before. (instead of 5, 3-4 bars, or. No reception so before 1-2 bars were). That is still usable for me.

But what is annoying are Bluetooth errors, which cause me to have to restart the device 5-10 times, because otherwise no sound is output via headphones or speakerphone.

I actually like the device, but would not buy it again under these circumstances.
It just annoys me that such problems are also not started with priority.

Funny, I have the Air Pods pro as well as the Pixel Buds in use as well as Bluetooth devices like the Fitbit etc or a connection in the car for music use etc. and have absolutely no problems runs smoother than some other connection. Also the connection to my Vespa works again, this has been under Pixel 5 only conditionally possible.

I had major reception problems (cellular) that were solved by resetting the carrier service app in the app settings to the factory app version. Now the reception in the display is not as strong as the earlier November version of the pixel software, but definitely sufficient for normal use. So I have no more problems with the device and am also due to the great camera fully satisfied. It sends me that Youtuber like MKBHD now spread such drastic counterstatements without truthfully emphasizing that they simply have very high demands and the problems do not occur at all with everyone.

you don’t have to restart your phone to fix the Bluetooth errors. Once briefly flight mode is enough

Unfortunately, articles are often written with the intention of getting as many clicks as possible. And it does seem that you then like to go along with a supposed disaster scenario than to state facts. How many percent of the users had such bugs?? At least not for me despite the December update.

Yes, we work to make money with it. This is directly related to clicks. This is actually quite logical.

A percentage is of course not known. But it was obviously so high that Google has officially WITHDRAWN the software and also recommended a reset to the previous version. So you can’t talk about us or colleagues inventing a scenario.

Nice for those who are not affected, I can with my Pixel 6 since the December update more than a month ago at home no longer call because I simply have no more network and only outside of the locality are available again. If you look at the corresponding entries a lot of people are affected by this and Google didn’t react for weeks and then announced the update only for the end of January…for premium or flagship phones an absolute no go!

Funnily enough, it’s the same for me: only indoors, especially at home where I have wifi, the cellular connection suddenly goes down. Reliably good in all other places. From me no serious problem. Am fully satisfied with the rest of the device. Wait for a fix.

Who suddenly has problems indoors with WLAN. With my wife, disabling wifi telephony has helped. Since then she has no more problems with normal phone calls.

That’s how it was with my girlfriend, WLAN Call deactivated and the disconnections were over.

I can confirm!
WLAN call off and all is well :)

Do you have evtl. WLAN telephony activated?

Pixel 6 Pro 256GB users here. I have not experienced any noticeable problems for me either. Battery life is also i.O. Only from the camera I would have expected more. When photographing documents, the blurred edges bother me quite a bit.

You have that with every camera with such aperture and sensor size. This is the physics behind it.

I think you are confusing something with the "depth of field".
But since a document (a sheet of paper) is on a plane, blurry edges are more a sign of poor lens quality.

But I also thought it was more to do with the large sensor or the small size. the high pixel density together, which results in a rather small focus area. Very simplified.

Take at least 2x Tom and go a bit further away. Then it fits

Zoom not great

My Pixel 6 is already for weeks and just 9 days of catastrophic use packed in the box and waiting for the Google allows me a return.
Fingerprint sensor not usable with several tested display foils. Reception problems, whether telephony or Internet in the 5g range or even LTE band and that no matter whether classic SIM or also used eSIM from other providers. Have always wondered why so many mails and messages arrived when I had Wi-Fi again and the phone was practically impossible on the road, because no one understood me, or I was supposedly not even available.
And battery performance underground. With the same use, as with my previous and now again used Pixel 5, with which I get along before my test and also now again sometimes up to 3 days with a battery charge, but normal are easily almost 2 days, there was the Pixel 6 already before the expiry of only one (1) day, so not even 24 h end. And I’m not even talking about the weight and size difference compared to the Pixel 5 (felt like I had a brick in my pocket) as such things are always in the eye of the beholder. If Google doesn’t take the part back at some point, I will throw it away as I can’t get it sold even at resellers like Cleverbuy. They gratefully declined and on eBay I only sell working stuff. And my Pixel 6 is definitely not usable and I’m not waiting for updates anymore o.a. When I buy a car, I don’t take it with me without wheels..

Before you throw it away I buy it from you, if one agrees with the price&&

Leave it a few months until the updates to fix problems are available. And then you can always sell it. The Pixel have always been conspicuously stable in value for sale on eBay.

I sold my Pixel 6 again.

The fingerprint sensor, the battery, the reception problems etc. There were just too many problems and it had nothing to do with premium anymore.

And these niche features that I personally don’t need don’t pick me up either.

All the negative stories take all the fun out of the Pixel 6 Pro in white, which I got from O2, including a promotion. And ? I am super happy because the wait was worth it. The part is absolutely cool and also the so often scolded battery lasts much longer than expected. My S10 plus has clearly the ass card against it. Conclusion: don’t let the device spoil you and remember, success lies in the calmness

Do you know what took the fun out of it for me? I have three devices here. Two for work, one I wanted to give away. I had two updated to the December update and some of the errors were so severe that I reset the third device for me and did not update it.

Day one user of a P6 Pro 256 GB and I can only say again and again: absolutely cream of the thing.

Hey guys I don’t get it I sent my Pixel 6 right back in December after the update nothing worked anymore. get money back everything fine

Hi, may I ask where you bought the device?? I have the same problem and didn’t want the phone anymore and wanted the money back… I bought it at the end of November at Saturn. I called Saturn today they say to send the phone away for repair. For this I have little desire and confidence, I just want my money back.
Thanks for an answer

I also do not understand all the excitement. Bought the Pixel 6 at the end of November and am really super satisfied.
Phone reception with 4 G is excellent, even inside buildings. With my Huawei I had extreme problems, I always had to go outside the door to have reception.
The battery life is convincingly long, and I use the Pixel 6 intensively.
Of the bugs mentioned have never had anything. I can also only assume that here is strongly exaggerated to achieve an effect.

Have the pixel 6 pro 256gb. Except for the fact that it is quite big and heavy compared to my s10 before I am quite satisfied. I only have the following bugs:
1. in landscape view the buttons of the navigation bar (triangle, circle and square) are not visible.
2. Every now and then, despite Bluetooth connection, the sound does not come out of the Pixel buds, but from the speakers.
3. it charges pretty long with the original power supply.

I am also the owner of a Google Pixel 6 and I am fully satisfied.Have no problems everything is running smoothly.
I do not know what all have!

I am also Pixel 6 Pro user since the first hour and have absolutely no problems! As before, I absolutely can’t understand the negative reporting. I don’t think it’s the software, otherwise it could be fixed with a reset, which is apparently not the case. I am very happy with the Pixel 6 Pro!

Of course, that’s why Google recommended the reset to the November update. Worked for me with the mobile phone

Also have the 6pro with December patch and no problems either ..

My Pixel 6 Pro is by far the best smartphone I’ve ever had. I have the December update and none of the so often repeated problems occur with me.

Only two things are bothering me at the moment: I can’t control any of my speaker groups together now for the time being (which is not because of the smartphone). And my wife gets the updates on my old Pixel 4 before me.

I would recommend it, but have no one in my circle of acquaintances who would spend as much money on a mobile as I do.

Own the Pixel 6 since November and so far none of the problems described everywhere show up. The phone is a dream, am completely satisfied. Switching from Samsung to Google was a slam dunk.

Hi, since October the proud owner of a Pixel 6. Currently no problems at all. I am totally satisfied and can only recommend the phone

So far I had almost all Google Phones, starting with the first Nexus, up to the Pixel Phones. Now I have since the launch of the Pixel 6 Pro.
I never had such a good and fast smartphone before. And I have never had any errors, d.h. with none (!) of my many Google Phones.
That can not be luck.
I believe that most of the reported bugs do not exist. Otherwise I would have had some already.
However, I can imagine operating errors or careless smartphone handling.

have 3 Pixel 6 here and none without bugs

My 6 pro experiences dropped calls at certain points.
Otherwise the device runs flawlessly with November patch.

I can confirm everything. Since the December update, the following problems:
-Poor cellular reception, even LTE
– Constant disconnection
– Fingerprint sensor extremely bad
– With protective film not usable
– Battery does not last a day with normal use, the 4a(5G) before 1.5 days with the same use

In summary, I sold the Pixel 6 after 2 months and switched to the Samsung S20FE, which meets all my expectations.

Have the Pixel 6 Pro now for 2 weeks with the latest patch in use and have absolutely zero problems. I know so far also no one else who reports problems or even my that device is unusable.

Overall all pity – but good that I always mind. 1 year wait. Currently use the Pixel 5 and am (with my simple requirements) extremely satisfied. Schadenfreude? No, no, in no case, but maybe it is really worthwhile for one or the other also times ca. 1 year to wait directly after the new release. Google Phone disciple? Yes in any case (already since Google-Phone 3). Well, I cross all my fingers that the "frustrated" G-Phone 6 users will soon be helped (suitable updates).

Pixel 6pro with recent updates, no problems at all.
You can not conclude from some to all.

In my opinion, my Pixel 5 also has significantly higher battery consumption and poor reception since the December update.

I can’t understand all the problems at all either,
on my Pixel 6 Pro with December update there are absolutely no glitches.

I can not put on speakerphone from the beginning when talking on the phone because the other person can not hear me there. Apparently the software also has a bug in terms of microphone. There is already a whole post about this in the Pixel Help forum with over 30 messages and in my discord community there are also individual users who report this. Now yesterday, after previously submitting feedback on the device via the settings, as well as posting in the help forum. Called Google and reported the error again explicitly. Sure, the employee tried again to bait customer service typical me with the argument hardware problems and please but be active and go to the store, but already other users have sent the device to Google with the error image and google has sent them the device just as back with the comment that no hardware problem was present. For me the whole thing also does not express itself as a hardware problem. This simply does not make sense! Because the microphone itself works in the recorder, as well as in the meantime again with voice messages… Where it came up to the december update again and again to the failures with voice messages in messenger services, whereby the microphone took up only a crackling noise… This error is meanwhile passe… thank god! I hope that the error with the phone is also still picked up, because so far it is not in possible changelogs for the january update. Annoying just already, because you can just never put on speaker but must always call over the earpiece. Then I also understand the people who say that this is not worth 900 €, for having such problems&&♂️

What I do not understand is that some have massive and others no problems, but it is talked about (with a few exceptions such as shadows on the camera or cracked displays) that the software should then be problem… Do not all Pixel users ( at least in Germany) the same software? I myself have the Pixel 6 Pro 256GB with December patch and no problems at all. Super reception (better than my Mi 11 Ultra) and also the much described Bluetooth problems I do not know, and although I use 3 different headphones (Bose Q700, Sennheiser Momentum and Redmi AirDots 3 Pro) … How blatantly different must then be the hardware that one and the same software can produce such a range from perfect to disaster?

Well, no one approaches these problems with logic. There are then X people on the Internet with "problems" and already it is whipped up.

best example "fingerprint sensor does not work with any protective film. 11111oneself"

Funny, I ordered a slightly more expensive together with a case, because I got the tip through a test video that most cheap protective films are for the ton with the optical sensor, rather invest a bit more.

Mine works. Had only a few times where he has herumgezickt. However, my hands were there also freshly washed (possibly re-lubricating) and maybe a bit of normal house dust on the display when it was something around.

What also helps in addition is in the settings to increase the display sensitivity and the same finger to read in another time

Otherwise I had no problems anyway since I have the phone only a few days in use and do not get the update from December at all. Who is afraid to use his phone with a 2 month old Google security update, has apparently never used other smartphones that do not get the latest update every month immediately. At the same time but probably eh half life on FB, Twitter and Co reveal.

Whining on a high level

The Tensor in combination with the software will make a difference over the years, I’m sure of it.

I took it sim card out of my Pixel 6 again because I had no reception and put it in my old device. Except phone the pixel works. Only the WLAN cable is not long enough when I leave the house. So the old device works as a hotspot for the Pixel. Does Google actually offer bags for such a double pack, as necessary equipment ? [/Irony Off]

Have none of the above problems with my 6 Pro and am top satisfied …

Pixel 6 Pro with December update.
No problems worth mentioning.
Connectivity is top notch, BT as well.
Fingerprint sensor is also so far Ok.
Battery performance is also very good. It actually seems to learn. In the beginning I just got through the day, now 2 days.
With the stand 2 the loading is wonderful.
Google will add software, as always.
I keep my 6 Pro and the OP 8T 12/256 goes on sale.

Blah blah blah… The thing is a disaster and nothing works as it should. Fact is: I build a device and sell from it unfinished to see what the market does. Bankruptcy has threatened and not all have the same hardware. Have 16 pieces taken apart and differ like day and night, pressure was greater and the money had to go in. Rest makes software department… Thought they, now fiasco. End of the story is: update adjusts all, December devices remain highlight and good devices. Before and after only copies. Do all manufacturers… But nobody checks that. Google made a serious mistake, update not split and let customers wait, want everything at once. Day comes where everything goes and snow of yesterday and devices still worth stable. The kaos does not itch the bean. They live from the criticism and the medialen kaos. We feed the de**en also still enormously. Have unpacked my old Note4. Happier than ever. Everything else sold. Absolute junk.

hachja, all the Google fanboys are active again ^^

The reports about the problems with the December update there are already a few weeks in other blogs. Wanted to buy the Pro originally, but then reconsidered my purchase decision and opted for another smartphone. Sorry, but I do not buy me for 899 euros a phone that I have to fear that it is no longer usable at the first update and I have to wait a month for a fix.

The device works great with December update. What is the nonsense? Or do only idiots write here from other idiots, so that one has something to write about???

So the software runs on my Pixel 6 also. AAABut, the fingerprint sensor is a disease! How could Google only use an optical sensor instead of an ultrasonic sensor?. This is an unacceptable situation.. I was so far with the P40 pro. This is quality. Too bad google.

Oh woe.
And we get the phone now as a company phone in the translation office.
Would be nice if Google would fix the bugs quickly. In the home office we are on the things u.U. really instructed.
You do not create new phones to then switch back to the old&

When I read all this I stay with the Pixel 5 I like the dimensions much better. Runs without problems.

By the way, I am obligated to use iPhone and iPad for my work. There are felt 2 bug fix updates, monthly! And they last..
I sometimes don’t quite understand the author’s scare tactics here. New device harbors now times errors by components of Zulieferen, whose
Batches can have manufacturing tolerances that are optimized via software updates. However, this phase should be after a maximum of approx. 3 months to be completed.

So I have a Pixel 6 pro up to a few small hangs like app freezes or that I could not call out I have no problems, it just happens that there are bugs like a new car there I would say hold out the problems have because one thing I can tell you it will have you later really fun with your Pixel.

Why can’t Google pull the update back for damage control with another update that downgrades the devices?? Instead, it is "wait and drink tea" … you do not have to understand.

Downgrade does not work without a complete reset of the devices. For this Google has given a recommendation, but that is of course for customers ne very stupid number.

Uebelst poor reception.
I can still understand people when they are on the phone,
only the opposite not at all.

And this with different people I call or get called.

With winsim card and Telekom.
Both tried, so is not at the provider or Sim card.

Google sorry but shame on you. Great camera, for making phone calls the Pixel 6 is not to use

My third Pixel: Pixel 6 bought 3 days ago, because my 4a 5G fell off.
Conclusion: Absolute CATASTROPHE.
As soon as we open the camera app, the phone crashes and can not be restarted. Somehow there must be a process running in the background, because the device stays hot for hours on end. Only when the battery is completely empty and the not-so-smart phone has cooled down again can it be restarted – but woe betide those who open the camera app: the game will start again.

With me, no problems with the first Pixel 6 then fetched the Pro 128 GB no problems with December update and now the GP PRO 256 GB, NOVEMBER patch, runs well, a few hangs, now and then, good battery life, phone calls worked with all flawless as well as Bluetooth connections.

Another one with Pixel 6 pro 256Gb:
No problems and/or limitations (with November update)

Look at the video.

Used the Pixel 6 pro with the December update. I have no problems at all. Had previously the Pixel 5, where also partly bad feedback came and even then I had no problems. The haptics I found in the Pixel 5 much nicer than in the 6s

Could you not make an official poll? At Google support I’m just sold for stupid or should use the device in safe mode…

My problems:
– Wobbly camera noise
– Bluetooth headset connection problems and can not make calls
– distorted voice when talking on the phone
– WLAN telephony with extremely bad quality
– Cable hedseat (PixelBuds) do not work well for telephony (distorted or quiet)

that with the camera is simply the zoom lens on the Pro. Switch times on the camera and zoom, then the lens is fixed and no longer audibly "wobbly!"

I can not understand all the negative reports. I have the Pixel 6 Pro
and except for the fact that no charger was included, there is nothing to complain about.
The mentioned network quality when calling is much better than with my previous Note 10 Plus. I could test this well on vacation abroad (where there is also a reasonable network expansion). Jerks or problems when opening apps (z.B.Camera) I had with the Note 10 Plus, but I never had that with the Pixel. The camera on the Pixel is top!
And the whining about the fingerprint sensor. People act as if the startup with it takes a quarter of an hour. I can not confirm this.
All Bluetooth devices (headphones, smartwatch, etc, work without problems.
The Pixel runs perfectly!
Size and look are of course a matter of taste…
Funny that the assessments here are so different.
I can only recommend it to everyone and would order it again!

No problems at all with my P6P, absolutely none. It is as expected the best smartphone I had so far.

I am very happy with my Pixel 6P, runs with the December update, the reception is great, also the other bug are not noticeable with me. Only the fingerprint sensor could be better

Should be my next one, because I was so thrilled with my wife’s Pixel 3.
Vllt have the problems at least a nice effect that the price drops faster ;) Would suit me..

6Pro currently 5.November security update….
Runs perfectly WITHOUT problems
Maybe that’s why I have not received the December update.

The device works great with December update.6 Pro runs.
Can not understand the listed shortcomings. Especially reports that the phone would be too big, or display would break by itself and many others are reported by people to harm the phone and google.
In addition, you can avoid many mistakes by setting correctly.

Can not really understand it all. My P6 runs fine with some small bugs.
Turned off wifi telephony, because there were really crashes.
Quick Tip definitely has a serious bug. When activated, after a few hours the motion sensor no longer works.
I have first turned off. Since then all flawless.
Display frequency on 60Hz, then the battery lasts 2 days. A difference to 90Hz
I have not seen.
Let’s hope that Google can fix all that.
Basically a great device, but the final touch is still missing.

Hm so I had so far no problems apart from the fingerprint sensor is just absolutely not to use. With different armor glass protective films it works so unreliable that it is faster to take directly the pattern and it is much less annoying. That’s really sad in the year 2021/22, where there are good sensors for ages already. For all I care also on the back. Anything is better than practically no working sensor.

So, will then also times my experiences kundtun. Unfortunately, I belong to those who had to make rather bad experiences. With my Pixel 6 Pro it came to the following bugs:

– Sporadic connection problems in the mobile network (SIM card was deactivated all at once, only fixable by restarting)
– Camera hangs again and again.
– The Pixel sometimes became unangnehem warm when looking at photos.
– Various Bluetooth issues: When connected to the car, fast forward via the cockpit is not possible, resp. happens only extremely time delayed. This phenomenon occurs with all cars so far (3 -4 cars paired)

Wanted so many times friends to introduce the first Google Phone with new Tensor chip, but have always just made an ass of myself because something always did not work. And also in everyday use, this phone is currently just out of round. Android 12 has only made a lot of things worse for me and on the whole I’m just disappointed right now. Hope very much that future updates remedy this and the Pixel 6 becomes the phone that Google has promised us.

Interesting communication here.
" On my Pixel 6 (pro) this and that does not work……"
"But everything works fine on mine…don’t understand how you can make it so bad"
"With me it also does not work, often can not call etc……"
"Something always goes wrong with a new SM, it’s normal, always the complaining…"
etc etc etc
Why can’t you just accept that it’s like this on one and like this on the other???

So is the society today in general.

Have the Pixel 6 Pro since release and currently no problem neither with the Sim, nor with the ESim problems. That it loads a little slower than expected, has initially bothered me a bit, but there I got used to it. On the contrary, Android Auto finally works stable, my old Huawei and Samsung devices would have there clear weaknesses. I would really buy it again and am just wondering.

None of the above issues on my 6pro, however.. and this really upsets me, the picture quality is extremely strange with my 4x zoom, basically good but always in the same direction quasi "blurred" it’s hard to explain, it’s not sharp but it has these blurry strokes in it like if you would pull the phone down slightly when pulling the trigger

Hard to explain, extremely disappointing the zoom on my device, wish I could attach a photo here, quite strange

Is this paid for by Apple or Samsung?
Have no problems, the phone works and I celebrate it. The first pixel on which you miss nothing.

I have the 6Pro and can only report positive things. Wlan telephony already didn’t work with my 3, so away with it.
The rest is good, battery I find super. Only the camera disappoints me. Had expected a (much) greater leap compared to the 3, especially in terms of sharpness in people shots.
Considering the headphones, the thing is rather cheap.
Too bad for the people who got the Monday phones. Would also extremely ankotzen me. Was with me but not so ..

Sold my Pixel 6. It was just not suitable for making calls.
In my opinion, the devices must be recalled.

Currently I have as a Pixel user the 4a. plus 5G and now the 6.
In itself I am very satisfied with the phone. something inscrutable are the system apps, and surprising also that the update is still from November. Here must urgently a solution her as well as my complete Assistant functions also does not work.

On 14.1. Was finally rolled out the new update. With me the P6 ran from the first day as it should. No problems so far.

I have also just installed the new security update and the system update on the six. Now it remains to hope that all functions work properly again.

I find Google Pixel 6 Pro version become much better no matter what update that runs Play Store is automatically extended 10 years security update
Absolutely inexpensive at Mediamarkt or Saturn super top smartphone ✌️&

At the time of Nexus 4-5 had with us many one because the price was fair and the device really good. At that time already Wireless Charging/NFT etc. . Since "Pixel" the prices go through the roof and I don’t know anyone who has one anymore. All Samung people become.

So I also installed the January update on my Pixel 6 Pro yesterday. Except for the auto-brightness everything runs fine with me. However, I am very annoyed with the auto-brightness and apparently not many users have the problem.

My brother has the normal Pixel 6 and severe connection problems. With him also since the update from yesterday everything runs again as it should be. The reception is back.

In the meantime I wanted to go back to the iPhone, but then saw again how ugly I iOS 15 in the
Comparison to Android 12 find. And that, although I was really 12 years Apple user. By the Pixel 6 Pro now I do not want to go back at all.

By the way, I like the page here very much. Thanks for your work.

So have Pixel 6Pro. It’s been running fine since the end of October. Also December update. In WLan Calling I had already with the Pixel 4 problems that comes with the first call no sound. Could it be maybe not at all on the Pixel 6 with the disconnections in the 4G network, but that the providers, such as.B. O2 just kick out Huawei under pressure from the US and replace with less powerful hardware? If something goes wrong in the handshaking, then it is already possible that the phone can no longer log in. But that is triggered externally. How many times I was logged in when it was Viag Interkom, and after in Austria, I live 300 km from Austria. That has then only by switching off and on could be fixed. There are the strangest glitches and denial of service conditions.

Mine is great, don’t see any difference before and after today’s "security update" (?) from 245MB.

Fingerprint sensor goes with a curved tempered glass from Amazon even better than without&

Only thing I wish away is the rounded screen and instead a jack and IR blaster.

Hey, which theme do you use and do you have a link to the product on Amazon?

With update to 12 catch the first serious problems. After update my Pixel 5 did not want to boot up anymore. Then it detects Bluetooth from headphones and headsets. Every 3the call does not hear me called. One year I had really had fun. Google should do something urgently, or in the European market he will have no more demand

I just installed threema app
Unlock with lock. So that the soldiers do not recognize or update error always crashes :-)
Just read Google News and installed it…. Now works much better thank God fully free 3.99€ once a year unlocked.
On Play Store … No more problems
Thank God..
( Google Pixel 6 Pro version )
Best smartphone built with Tensor
Better than older smartphone
Greetings LG Berkan ✌️&

Without reading all the comments now.

Pixel 6 pro and no problems and that already not with the December update. The first version out of the box was a bit buggy, that’s true.

The Pixel 6 is an absolutely awesome smartphone. Since the 1. Day it runs without problems. Do not understand that whole bashing. Other manufacturers also have faulty devices. You criticize them and get another. I love the part. Super fast, handy (not Pro) not overloaded and an eye-catcher. Comes also still Face Unlock, that would be the hammer.
The whole report is written negatively. Someone must have had a fight with his sweetheart. Anyway, the article doesn’t hit reality. Shame and set.

My Pixel 6 Pro runs since the first day without problems. I’m really excited about the device!

I read a lot about the problems and do not find one of them with my device. With a lot of tolerance I could classify the fingerprint sensor as sometimes a bit bitchy. Maybe I should just wash my hands more often? :)
I am highly satisfied with my P6Pro.

Pixel 6 sold and back to the 4XL.
Was also satisfied, until errors have accumulated, which are quite annoying.

Here there are already Google fanboys on the Apple level..
You just have to accept that there are a lot of problems at the moment, so Google is even taking action. Even if many have no problems and "you only gg. Google smells when you talk about bugs"
Yes, a great device with bugs.
Until the bugs are fixed, you can already get the 7s. Until then I wait.

Sorry, I also have zero problems with my 6s.
It seems like there is a hunt going on against Google.

So I have a Pixel 6 pro January update it runs without problems, now I have to wait times as it is with the phone, with the December patch came again and again aborts, today I had made a call and in the middle of the conversation at once only a beep smoked.
But times all new Hatern I would like to say times what was then with the iPhone 4 if you touched it wrong suddenly the reception went away or the Note 7 I think it was what was no longer allowed to be sold in the end and with an update was made unusable I think I can not add much more, why is now on Google so drauf gehauen? I know that bugs are annoying but unfortunately also belongs to times and they will already get it under control
All I can say is I love my Google pixel 6 pro and I only had Apple before that, the only phone that made me switch to Android was this.pixel 6 pro. No matter how big or small it is I like it very much.

So it goes to me too. Switched from iPhone 12 to Google Pixel 6 Pro and really very satisfied. I had 12 years only iPhones. Since I have the Pixel 6 Pro, iOS seems rather old-fashioned and above all boring to me.

So also downloaded the January update for my 6 Pro and even before that had no problems except for the finger sensor as reported in many forums. My phone runs well and reliably even with the January update&.
On the battery performance should still be worked that can the competition but a good deal better.
Think Google will still manage that.

I have one of the first Pixel 6 (with December update). Meanwhile also the Evil 700 headphones of the initial promotion.

I have no problems at all.

Except for the usual nonsense already with the Pixel 3 under Android 10, 11, 12, that you have to unlock the device for an incoming call and then often only with difficulty and too late the call can be accepted.

Pixel 6 non pro.
I have installed the January update. Pro= finger sensor is better but still not good
Con = now I have BT problems, to register my JBL Go 3 helps only a reboot, with the standard firmware no problems.

I should have waited&

"Please leave a comment" – Well, if you ask me so, then I just do it with this.

I have no problems at all with my Pixel 6. esim and normal SIM both work without problems, I also use bluetooth daily with my pixel buds. Battery lasts forever, camera works great. Everything cool&

Hello, I had no problems with the 6pro at the beginning either, except for a few disconnections while driving. But that’s probably more to do with the network expansion in the area where I drive.
With the January update, but it has become much worse.
BT connection to car radio breaks and then reconnects eventually. This only happens when you make a phone call. Music is played throughout on the car radio. But after the January update, the titles in the display of the car radio are no longer shown.
This is really annoying because I spend over 2.5 hours a day in the car.

So I have three pro and one normal in the use with us in the family. Can only say one thing. No problems worth mentioning, just boring so of course you don’t get any clicks. The only thing that bothers me is that the navi list is not changeable. Oh one more thing, take a look at the pictures in direct comparison maybe with colleagues of their cell phones, I am very impressed by the pixel camera/software. Details and color fast what is not noticed before with my p30pro because the direct comparison was not. So unfortunately just boring no clicks to expect. Thank you

Bought it anyway and can not understand much, that some what doof is, that it takes so long to load, for this one is rewarded, with a phenomenal battery life, geiles part just and the box runs and the cameras&

What one reads here so to part is really hair-raising. Why always this negative talk with the clicks? Do not understand. What is written in this article is definitely so fact, it doesn’t get more real than this. Just because half had no problems at all the rest is unreal or not true? Just because everything is fine with you, the rest is lying and looking for clicks? Oh Lord, throw brains from the sky! Look beyond your own nose! I don’t know if I should cry or laugh… This is embarrassing and comes across as uneducated.

Have a look at the Pixel 6 forum under Android Help, your ears will be shaking there! And I was until the January update also affected by massive errors! Barely any to no reception, fingerprint sensor miserable, battery life under all sow, Bluetooth problems. (even if not as strong as partly described here)

The problems are manifold and by far not the same for everyone. But with you egomaniacs, of course, there were no problems and that’s why everyone is just rushing? Really now? Is there, except in your little world with your wives and children, no other people more?
Are you Google or why are you jumping into the fire for them? If one of you smart alecks is Google, then please explain to me why a MULTI MILLION company does not manage to bring the phone from the beginning for all equally usable on the market? But you probably have no time for, because you have to subjugate your servants on the yacht or?

Usually they spit on the big ones because they are so rich and exploit us little people, steal our data and let their employees work inhumanly and now they are suddenly raging against them because you write truths? What is happening here?

The author really has to be mocked for the truth here? It is no longer a secret what happened to the Pixel 6 series. Why did this pass you by so much…?? You could take a minute while spending your billions and do some research on your own.

The January update has not only fixed almost all Bluetooth problems on my phone, improved the finger sensor, improved battery life and most importantly I can now make reasonable calls with (m)a TELFON. This was previously very bad to do and in the country I had no reception at all. But I’m just rushing against Google, because I have nothing else to do all day than to suck untruths out of my fingers to rush against big tech’s. There I go fully in it on!

To the writer: Well done and everything correctly described! Maybe a small update to the January patch out again. Whereby the also not with all ultimatively helped. Some problems I can still determine even with me. But on the whole it works very well now and I haven’t regretted getting the Pixel yet and I’m looking forward to the February update.

To the rest (you know exactly who I mean) I can only give the tip to pull your head out of Google’s butt and open your eyes for a change. It’s not as hard as you might think. Doesn’t harm your character either, believe me. But beware, you may be shocked by the reality…! But there is professional help for that. You are not alone!

I am almost sorry that the tone of me is so snippy. But only almost..

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