Google my maps – the easy way to a personalized map

You want to show your customers an individual route to your company on your website, you want to mark a certain point of view or you are cycling a longer distance privately or you have discovered a new route while jogging and want to share it with other users. Then Google My Maps is exactly the right program. Google My Maps allows you to create custom maps with different locations, then share and edit them with others. The map has the advantage that it can be accessed from everywhere.

How does Google My Maps work?

To create your own personalized map, you should first go to the Google My Maps page. Here you can retrieve saved maps or easily create new maps. When you click to create a new map, a map editor with different marker tools will open automatically. This is located on the left side. Google My Maps works with different layers. Thanks to these layers, multiple markers can be bundled, which can be shown or hidden with a mouse click.

Click on "Untitled map" to open a window. Here you can give the map a name and a description.

Base maps for different map types

Based on nine differently specified map types, you can choose one that suits you best. The maps differ between views "Map", "Satellite", "Terrain", "Political map", "With city name", "Simple atlas", "Light landmass", "Dark landmass" and "Whitewater". The first ones you already know from Google Maps.

What kind of options do the marking options offer?

After choosing a map type, you can add your own information using the editing tools below the footer and then name it. A red pin with an info box for an individual name becomes visible.

The map can be marked with the "Line" tool in a paint program and then renamed to a car/bike route or to a footpath. A brush then automatically defines this line, so that you only have to trace the line with the mouse. With the respective tools you can specify stage points. These points are then saved chronologically.

Customized for cars, public transportation or bicycles

When you click on the "Add route" button, you can create start and end points as well as stopovers. The route can be specified for a trip by car, by public transport or on foot.

Distances and areas can be marked with the "ruler" icon. This route is then indicated by a blue info icon. With the area marker you can transfer certain areas to another base map.

Embed Google My Maps on your own website

After you have created your personal map, it is necessary to open it. You can embed your personalized map into your website via iFrame or share a link to your map directly.

The advantage with My Maps is that the maps can be opened on your mobile device directly in the Google Maps app. Your customers can use the map data and navigate to individual points.

My Google Maps is an intuitive and comprehensive system for creating personalized maps. With the help of the different controls and the detailed Google maps, it is very easy for the user to create his own personalized map.

Why don’t you try My Google Maps for yourself and write us your experience as a comment?. If you have any further questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us.
We hope you enjoy testing and designing your own personalized map.

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