Google maps go gets additional app for navigation

by Sascha Ostermaier Jul 27, 2018 | 13 comments

Google also creates Go versions for some of its most important apps, actually intended for use on smartphones with Android Go. These devices are rather puristic in terms of hardware, accordingly smaller and less power hungry are the go apps. But these can also be used on "normal" smartphones. If you just don’t need the fat main apps. Google Maps Go is also a very slim version of the Maps app, but it also lacks essential features.

So navigation with Google Maps Go was not possible, but for many this should be the main function for use. Google has now followed suit here and released a quasi add-on app called "Google Maps Go – Navigation". If you install the app, you can also let Google Maps Go navigate you through the area.

The navigation is not really different from the normal Google Maps app. With just over 12 MB, the navigation attachment for Google Maps Go is also of a rather slim nature. For one or the other perhaps quite interesting. Can also be installed and used in Germany.

To use navigation, you first install Google Maps Go and then Navigation for Google Maps Go. Contact point for the user is then still the Google Maps Go app, but if you start a navigation, you are no longer referred to the main app, but the navigation simply starts.

Do you use the "small" variants of the Google apps when available or do you prefer to grab the full package?

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Use the go apps with friends and acquaintances with "old devices" that have little memory.

Does this bring anything? Are not many apps from Google firmly integrated in the system and not at all deletable? Then even more memory would be used.

Hmm good thought, that only makes sense if you have a rooted device.

The integrated apps are on the system partition and with the first update the app is completely reinstalled on the normal partition (without freeing up the memory on the system partition, but you can’t use that anyway). Therefore yes, it brings something.

But then I have the original on the system partition, the first update on the normal partition and the Go version additionally (because it is a new program). Or do I understand this wrong? That’s no way to save memory.

If you deactivate the app, the "first update" will be deleted and the app will not need any space on the regular partition.
To understand: the "first update" is not only the incremental changes, but once again the complete app, in case that was not clear yet.

Maps Go installed, navigation: "No devices available for installation" (Moto X Play)

Of the Google apps, I only use the Play Store. As a replacement for Google Maps, I use HERE WeGo as a native offline solution.

HERE WeGo is of course quite nice. Weren’t BMW and Daimler involved in the meantime?
Somehow, though, it’s an indictment of a European flagship app from the leading companies that they let me z.B. wants to send to a clinic in Oberammergau on foot. (Hubertusstr. 40), while Google Maps has no problems to find it even with a car.

Then better install HERE WeDrive.
Sorry that one had to be… xD

I will test this directly. Have a Fire HD8 integrated into the car and navigate thanks to Bluetooth tethering of the GPS signal from the phone to the tablet, however, the Fire tablet is known not to be the fastest box and Google Maps already quite slow in starting up. If it runs then it works, but maybe the slim version does it basically better. Thanks for the tip.

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