Goodbye merkel – the farewell puzzle for our chancellor

Goodbye Merkel - The farewell puzzle for our chancellor

You love puzzles and you have a soft spot for politics? Then you have hit the jackpot here. Because our new and exclusive "Goodbye Merkel" puzzle combines both in a lovely and creative way. While others only watch the big taps on TV, you can bring Mrs. Merkel into your living room.

It’s new, it’s exclusive and it’s colorful – an absolute must-have!

You always like to be up to date and get the hottest trending products? You like to surround yourself with exclusive things? You are constantly looking for new challenges? You follow the daily political press and know Angela Merkel?
Well, all questions with Yes answers? Then we have something for you. It’s new, it’s exclusive, and it’s red-hot – our Goodbye Merkel puzzle! So experience Merkel as she lives and breathes, with all the typical characteristics like z.B. the Merkel rue, the charismatic facial features and the colorful blazers during her New Year’s speeches. But if you think the puzzle is too easy for you to solve now: Beware! Appearances are deceiving. In fact, some of the outfits look confusingly similar to each other. In addition, the same person is always shown in the same pose. Can you here the Merkel-typical saying "We can do it" yet so easy to put into practice?

In order to support your personal difficulty level as best as possible, we offer you here 6 different puzzle variations of 48 – 2000 pieces to. So it’s up to you: Do you prefer the small beginner’s version with 48 pieces, or do you go into the professional puzzler area with a whopping 2000 pieces?? And if it should last nevertheless somewhat longer, until the puzzle is finished – no problem. Because there is still a very special novelty here: Instead of the usual 15-year puzzleYOU warranty, we’re adding a bonus year on top here, making it a total of 16 years warranty on the Goodbye Merkel puzzle – in other words, one year’s guarantee for each year of Merkel’s term in office.

After all the enumerations here you wonder where you can finally buy this Merkel puzzle? Don’t panic, we’ll tell you the link right now. Just click here and soon you can hold your own Merkel puzzle in your hands.

And now there is only one thing left to say: Have fun with the puzzle!

You ask yourselves: how did the idea of doing a puzzle with Angela Merkel come about??

As a creative forge in Altenstadt in the Upper Palatinate a. d. Waldnaab we have a daily abundance of ideas and visions, which of course can not all be implemented. Some of them end up in the trash again and others join a seemingly endless project list. But this one jigsaw puzzle idea from our founder Norbert has somehow stuck. What was initially thrown into the room as a humorous idea has developed from there into a serious product. And so we started our thinking machine and then together we thought about how we could best implement it. Of course, here the time was already advanced and the federal election was already around, so the motto of the hour was "be quick". But as the saying goes: Diamonds are made under pressure.

After the go from Picture Alliance/ dpa for the license rights to this picture, the various teams involved sat down at their computers and whiteboards and within a very short time& some empty coffee cups later the first prototype of this puzzle has left the production line. Thrilled by what we created so quickly, we put the finishing touches on it and our product was ready for the market. And to quickly share our unbridled anticipation with the world, our exclusive "Goodbye Merkel" puzzle can now be purchased from us here in the store.

We are already curious if we will be able to personally present Mrs. Merkel with a copy of this jigsaw puzzle. Of course we also have an inexhaustible pot of ideas for it. Let’s see if one of our team members is brave enough to parachute in front of the chancellor’s office and personally hand the puzzle to Angela at the big tapping ceremony.

The puzzle is finished and what now? – Our puzzle accessories for a skillful appearance

After a long time of puzzling over which pieces finally fit together and whether this one piece belongs to this blazer or to the other one, you have finally managed to crack the Chancellor’s Puzzle? Congratulations! We can really sympathize with the relief that comes when you have finished something difficult. We as puzzle lovers have often been in the same situation. But at the same time the question always arises: what now?? Just finished and already it disappears again in the box? Would be somehow a pity after all the effort. But don’t worry, we have something for you. With our puzzle accessories you can Set the stage for the "Goodbye Merkel" jigsaw puzzle.

So just have a look at our accessories categories.

Puzzle frame

Puzzle glue

Puzzle mat


puzzle frame

Puzzle glue

Puzzle mat

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