Good reasons to hide your ip address

Encrypting our IP address leads to more anonymity on the internet. It secures our activities from being tracked. At home office times due to the pandemic, the need for such technologies is in everyone’s ears. Why is it so important to hide the IP address and is it already recommended for everyday use? This is about how to disguise your IP address and what the reasons are for doing so.

Good reasons to hide your ip address

What exactly is an IP address?

The abbreviation IP stands for Internet Protocol. Every computer and every server in a network has its own IP, which is specifically linked to them. We can understand it as the address of the device we use to surf the Internet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a computer or a game console. As long as the device uses a network card, it has an IP, because it is needed to surf the Internet.

If we access the Internet, our IP address is sent with this request. The website we want to look at uses it to send the requested data back to the right place.

The IP address consists of four blocks of numbers separated by dots. If you leave it out, you get information about the location of the device and the internet service provider used, for example.

What is the best way to hide your IP address?

To hide an IP address, we have several options:

  • A VPN – A VPN is a virtual private network. Instead of sending its IP address to the destination, it is routed to a VPN gateway. Then this uses its IP address to enforce the traffic. A virtual network card is set up on the employee’s own device, which forwards the encrypted data request to the VPN provider.

The web server on the other side gets not the actual location of the user, but the location of a VPN server, distributed all over the world.

providers with their own servers, which are not rented or purely virtual are, provide the highest level of security, as this gives more control over who has access to them.

A VPN does not have to be installed for non-tech-savvy people either. Practical solutions are plug-and-play systems, which are connected to the router and connect to all network devices quite automatically.

Who does not know, where to start in order to find your way around the large offer: DN8 is for example a provider that this kind of hardware solution for the router with its own server structure and encryption methods used.

  • Proxies – We use proxies as communication interface in a network. Again, we send a request to the proxy, which then connects to the destination through its address. A proxy server can not only implement the request, but also influence, adjust or analyze the data itself.

If we set up a local proxy server on our device, it can forward the request to the proxy of the destination server. But this applies only to the programs in which we have manually entered the proxy address.

Often a proxy with its own web client used to access a cache of the Internet, i.e. an offline copy of the actual web. Since you do not connect to the Internet yourself, the IP address cannot be tracked either.

For example, the secure TOR browser is a proxy cascade. The data is routed through several intermediate stations and encrypted several times. The server only receives the information from the last proxy.

Good reasons to hide your ip address

Why hide the IP address?

Any information that we want to retrieve on the Internet is transmitted to the responsible web server with our IP address. The website operator, our ISP, the government, or anyone else who has or gains access can tell where we are, when we connect to the internet, and what we are looking at.

The servers store the browser history data for up to seven days. If a criminal act is suspected, they can even be stored. With history and timestamps, the police can track exactly when and how long you accessed what data.

In order to protect yourself from surveillance or attack by others, you should disguise your IP address, to prevent this traceability. But there are other possible advantages of VPN and Co.:

· Protection from hackers

Cybersecurity is an important factor. Both your own data, but also Company secrets and co. for employees in the home office, should be protected. If you use an anonymous IP address, no one can trace where you are located and therefore where you are vulnerable to attack.

· Bypass government censorship

The anonymization services allow us to track possible To escape legal restrictions. People in countries with dictatorships that deny access to certain websites can circumvent this censorship with a VPN.

· ÖUsing public WLAN securely

Öpublic networks are a paradise for hackers. If you use a public WLAN with a VPN, the location of the device changes and it’s no more than can be detected in the environment.

· Access country-specific blocked content

Media content on YouTube, Netflix and Co. are often not equally available in all countries. Anyone who uses a VPN can simulate a location in the desired destination country and thus also access media content from other countries.

· Protecting online privacy

Internet service providers, website owners and search engines can track the online activities of their users. Often data of this kind is sold. To protect yourself from such surveillance and not lose your data to marketing and data exploitation companies, you can disguise your IP address.

· Bypass organizational online restrictions

If you use a network of a school, workplace or other organization, it may be that they have blocked certain websites. To still have access to it, you can hide your IP address within the network.


Our IP address points back to us as Internet users. It is cached on servers, allowing us to track what we do on the Internet. It makes our data accessible to data misuse and tracking. If we disguise our IP, we detach ourselves from this surveillance and increase our security.

We can also access services that are not available to us in all countries for various reasons. VPNs and proxies are two ways to implement this anonymity. The former is often more reliable, especially in hardware form, as it does not have to be entered manually for each program or accessed via special web clients.

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