Golf, me ? Never!

Take heart, we golfers don’t bite, often don’t have that much time either and unfortunately are usually not as rich as you might think. We just have a lot of fun doing this sport. And it’s sport, even if you don’t want to believe us at first. Visit us, we will show you how this fascinating game can positively influence your leisure time and your health. We are already looking forward to you!

Learn golf for interested people

You are interested in the game of golf and you do not know if it is really something for you?

No problem, come to us, we will accompany you on your way to the game of golf. Every Friday from 14.00 o’clock to 16:00 o’clock we offer you a trial course.

If you want to come with a group, we will be happy to arrange another date more suitable for you.

For taster courses you can register directly here. Please let us know in the message field when you want to participate in a taster session.

Golf, me ? Never!

Playing golf – why actually?

A not always serious guide to explaining the fascination of golf.

Golfing, as every golfer knows, is not a matter of life and death – it is much, much more important than the. Non-golfers don’t understand why otherwise sensible and civilized people brave wind and weather to maneuver a tiny white ball with the help of a thin club over hundreds of yards of turf into a tiny hole with a diameter of exactly 10.98 centimeters, past trees, ponds and sand obstacles, and are unhappy in the process because they took far too many shots. A golfer, of course, knows exactly why he does all this to himself. Because it is addictive. Golfers love numbers games, and they never tire of playing the famous "19. hole" – that is the bar in the golf club – with curious statistics. For example, the Chinese golf resort Mission Hills is the largest golf resort in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Golf with ten golf courses. Or that the golf club St. Oswald-Freistadt in Upper Austria has Europe’s longest par 5 hole at 612 meters. The longest course in Ruhpolding is, by the way, the 13 and with 571 meters the longest far and wide. Golf is a tremendously popular sport. It is estimated that more than 68 million people worldwide play golf, over four million of them in Europe alone. But why do they do it? Well, there are a lot of good reasons. Probably every golfer has a different. It is best to choose one: Golf can be played at practically any age, from toddlers to the elderly. In the German golf clubs, more than 25.000 children up to 14 years of age actively participate in the youth training program. And those who can no longer make ends meet on foot at an advanced age can be driven after their ball in an electric cart. Golf is a sport for men and women. Anyone can play golf. Golf is healthy. A round of golf is strenuous, but not too strenuous. And you can set your own pace of play (though you might want to let the faster players play through once in a while if you don’t want to be called an "old man golfer"). Golf even helps against Alzheimer’s. The sports physician Prof. Heinz Liesen from the University of Paderborn describes golf as the ideal prevention against senile dementia. Already two rounds of golf per week (18 holes each) are said to have a positive effect on the brain’s performance. Golfing is relaxing, because you walk through a beautiful, meticulously manicured landscape and can forget all the office stuff. Golf is socially acceptable. Even German presidents play golf. In Ruhpolding they meet by the way very many stars of the winter sports scene. Ricco Grob can tackle the 14th hole from his garden. Fritz Fischer crosses the street and finds himself on hole 18. Even though the sport of golf has long since become a mass phenomenon, it still has an aura of exclusivity about it. The golf club Ruhpolding represents the cross-section of the population and is therefore accessible to everyone. You get to know nice people while golfing – however, as in many other clubs, you also meet some stinkers, but you don’t have to go on a round with them next time. Golf is a drama. If you’ve never experienced the thrill of putting, when the ball seems to pause millimeters from the edge of the hole, only to fall as if in slow motion, you don’t know what thrill is. Golf is also fun for the spectator. It’s no wonder that thousands of people stand on the edge of the fairway when world-class players compete for titles and trophies, because as a golfer you learn a lot and leave the course highly motivated afterwards. When playing golf, the player exerts himself physically and mentally. It requires good coordination, a feeling for the ball, endurance and above all strength. If you don’t believe it, you’ll be surprised at the soreness after your first real round of golf. After all, a beginner golfer has a good 120 to 150 strokes per 18-hole round, and each time there’s a pretty hefty hip turn to do, along with the corresponding arm and body swing. Not to mention the 8 to 10 kilometers of walking, which can be quite a strain on the legs of the untrained. Many golfers claim they only play golf because they want to do business on the course. In fact, there is plenty of time between shots to chat with his fellow players. However, most people would rather talk about the botched tee shot on the last hole or about the most promising way to the next green instead of any deals. But this is not impossible. And if you play golf with a business partner, you will inevitably come a little closer to him as a person, because golf reveals a person’s character more clearly than anywhere else. Which brings us to the subject of cheating. Nowhere is there such shameless lying as on the golf course. Every golfer knows this, even if he never cheats himself. It is always the others who do it. There are countless ways to cheat at golf. The most common is the use of the so-called "leather wedge", namely an inconspicuous kick with the golf shoe that moves the ball from an unfavorable position to a more promising one. The miraculous retrieval of balls that have disappeared into dense undergrowth or deep grass is also one of the original sins of golf, as is the creative noting of one’s own club number, loosely based on the old golfer’s motto: "Play eight, say seven, write six."Golf is a very safe sport, even if there is at least a theoretical chance of being hit by a wildly whizzing golf ball. Therefore, you should use the loud exclamation "fore!"After the player’s failed shot on the side course, it is important to take it seriously. Whole groups of players flee in such a case panic-like into cover. The most common golf injury, on the other hand, is probably the blister on the heel, caused by a pair of new golf shoes. A tube of Autan belongs in every golf bag, as well as a drink bottle, because especially in summer dehydration can become a real health problem on an extended round. Golf is a wonderful way to satisfy the collector’s instinct in humans. This is due to the fact that it is never the player’s fault if he plays badly, but always only the material. So the passionate golfer is constantly buying new clubs, especially putters – the clubs that are used to get the ball into the hole on the green, the short-haired area around the target. Since this is where the excitement is at its highest, the most money is invested, even though most golf instructors say that if you can putt properly, you can do it with an old fence rail. But nobody believes that, which is why resourceful suppliers earn a lot of money by always inventing new bizarrely shaped putter creations, which are always the ultimate until something new comes on the market again. So there are many reasons why you should close this site immediately and sign up for your first golf lesson right away. The only important thing is that you have found your own personal reason, because you will have to justify yourself to your spouse, circle of friends and colleagues. You may not be unique – but at least you will be in good company… For further information please contact our secretary at Tel. +49(0)8663 2461

Golf a retirement sport?

We have analyzed and checked the age structure among other things. Interesting results came to light. On the one hand, our members stay healthy longer and longer and can therefore play golf for a longer time. Or stay healthy longer because they play golf? On the other hand, we have a very good influx of the younger generations, which are counted in the GC Ruhpolding to 35 years. Also the support of Markus v. Knoerzer-Suckow in the area of children’s training makes a positive impact. With the very young we have again influx and not only for occupational therapy but to learn the game of golf properly. The block of professionals is the block that represents the most members. Which disproves that golf is primarily a retirement sport. Golf in Ruhpolding is a sport of people of all ages and walks of life standing in the middle of life. Here are the numbers: 221 members are over 65 years old in retirement age. 804 members are in the 35 – 64 age range. 153 members are in the 18 – 34 age range. 20 members are in the age range up to 17 years. So there are almost 977 members below retirement age compared to 221 pensioners at GC Ruhpolding. Let someone say again, golf is a pure pensioner sport.

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