Gifts for colleagues

We spend a lot of our time at work. Colleagues and employees grow close to your heart. So it is appropriate to give a gift to colleagues on a birthday, anniversary or even at Christmas. We present great Gifts for colleagues which are perfect for many occasions. We show you funny, personal as well as original gift ideas for work.

The personal puzzle

Caricature from the photo to the appropriate profession

personal chocolate

Wine glass with engraving in various designs

A bonsai planting set for 3 original bonsai trees

Simply away - vacation box

Your own novel Novels

Candy and nut dispensers

Decision cubes for the office

EcoSpheren - life in a glass sphere

Mr. Tea - the funny tea man

Give a balloon ride as a gift

Vouchers for events and concerts

Emergency package for stressful situations

Personalized beer set - original gift for beer drinkers

Coffee tasting set - gift set for fans of the brown bean!

Beer tasting set

Golden record - personalized picture

personal tool set

Personalized magazine cover

Restaurant voucher

Club card of the Old Sacks

The growing pencil

Gifts for colleagues

Classic occasions to give a gift to colleagues

Before we start thinking about what to give as a gift, we should first note down the occasions on which colleagues are given gifts. The following occasions are suitable for gifts for colleagues.

Birthday: Every year anew. Everybody has a birthday. Of course, the colleagues and colleagues. Not everywhere people give each other presents. But for many jobs already. Often it is also again, that the birthday boy or girl donates a round of cake or the like. If you want to make a gift then we recommend one in the price range between 10 and 30 euros. This is perfectly adequate. If you put together, it can of course also be more.

Wedding: A rather rare occasion is a wedding. Ideally, this happens at most once with a colleague. For this reason, the gift can also be larger. We think you can spend up to 50€. If you put together there are great and large gifts possible. Here it is above all personalized gifts for example with engraving which arrive here very well.

FarewellWhat also happens only once is the farewell and thus the farewell gift. In contrast to the wedding, the farewell hits every colleague. Either with the retirement or with the change of job. A farewell gift is one of the most common reasons to give a colleague a gift. For farewell we recommend personal and funny gifts. Here you can also plan 10 to 30 €.

RetirementMost farewell gifts are given on retirement. Here you or you can also put together with the boss or the superiors. Funny gifts are usually given for retirement. Here we have some suitable gifts especially for retirement.

Classic gifts for work colleagues

The classic gifts for colleagues are gift sets and gift vouchers. The range of gift sets is large. Usually people like to give sets of coffee or wine as gifts. Wine gifts are usually different wines combined in one set. In the case of coffee sets, it is often a coffee cup, a delicious coffee and a small book. With such gift sets you can not do much wrong. However, they are also not very original and are quickly forgotten. Decisive here should be how close the relationship with the work colleague is. If it is not so close, then we also recommend gift sets and gift vouchers.

Gifts for colleagues we recommend

Should you have a good relationship with your colleagues and want a gift to reflect that, you might like one of the following ideas.

Colleague: if you or you want to make a gift to a colleague, then we recommend gifts with engraving or wellness gifts. How about a Rituals gift set for example?. Or a personal wine glass with engraving together with a good bottle of wine. This is definitely a wine gift that is more durable than just the wine bottles. Also a ballpoint pen with personal engraving or a chocolate subscription for 12 months are nice gifts, which remain longer in memory.

ColleaguesGiving a man a gift is different from giving a woman a gift. Gifts with engraving and wellness gifts are not the first choice for men. Men love it funny or action. How would it be for example with a caricature of the photo to the suitable occupation. It’s funny and personal at the same time. A thick coat or a personalized tool set with engraving would also be great gifts for male colleagues. Also original would be a gyrocopter flight or a beer subscription for 12 months.

When and how team spirit is created?

Employers know exactly how important Teambuilding is. If the team is well coordinated, the tasks can be distributed better. You get to know the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. The performance increases when you appear in the group! Such activities also awaken the sense of belonging. Everything goes better in a team! Because everyone knows: In the everyday working life it is not always easy to understand the boss. But team building activities create real friendships. When you have to overcome some difficulties together every day, the colleagues are very close. Team spirit is king!

Small gifts as a thank you for your colleagues or your boss!

In the office you spend a huge part of your life. Sometimes work is fun and satisfying, sometimes it’s unbearable and tedious. Work and what it means to us can have many faces.

But if you know your colleagues in the office well and can judge them correctly, you are much happier! Isn’t it nicer to be greeted by a smile tomorrow?? Colleagues don’t have to become best friends – but at least very good acquaintances. To make it so, you should think of small thank you gifts.

Maybe your professional colleague helped you with a difficult task? Or on a sunny day your boss told you that you can leave early? Show them gratefully Are! Small gifts as a thank you sweeten every working atmosphere.

Reduce stress in the office with original gifts for colleagues

According to the depression starts for some of us already on Sunday evening! We are not sure if we are up to the demands waiting for us on Monday morning. Stressful moments are, of course, for all those who feel completely at ease in their place of work. Stress in the office can not always be avoided.

If you’re looking for an original gift for your colleague, a stress ball bearing the likeness of Walter White is a wonderful anti-stress gadget for any Breaking Bad fan!

Did the boss annoy your colleague the other day? Unfortunately, she probably couldn’t express her thoughts directly…Give her the adult rant coloring book so she can get rid of the tension!

Original gifts for colleagues make the workday look much more colorful right away.

Gifts for your colleagues as a farewell

Nowadays people often change their place of work. To find a right way is not an easy task. This is also to support our colleagues and say "goodbye" in a nice way.

A great little something as a thank you are personalized photo gifts. Instead of opting for a perhaps boring photo in a frame, you can give a personalized heart box, which is an original packaging for handmade goodies.

A thermo mug with your photo would also be very practical. If you want to get through a long and tiring day at the office, a sip of coffee is a real lifesaver.

An original gift for your colleague would also be a noble and loving writing accessory. When his picture is inside, no one will dare to steal the pen anymore.

Do you want to be funny? Among photo gifts you can still find quite extravagant ideas. A photo doll is a crazy but beautiful gift for your colleague with whom you have laughed a lot.

Gifts for colleagues at Christmas

At Christmas, the same question comes up again and again. What to give to my colleagues? You do not want to put your foot in it. Neither spending too much, nor too little money.

The best thing is an agreement within the team: How much money do you spend?? Give the boss a gift together? Does the secretary and the receptionist (and their male counterpart) get something from everyone?

If the team is too big and it would be too much of a burden for all of them Wichtel an idea.

How gift-giving works among work colleagues

  1. Fixed budget Set. Everyone has to stick to the framework
  2. Each name is written on a piece of paper. Whoever draws his own name throws back the slip of paper. No one reveals who they have drawn& must give a gift
  3. The day of the gift exchange is set (Christmas party, last day before Christmas)
  4. Important: The gift is wrapped – no one knows who the gift comes from
  5. Then the gifts are handed over!

The advantage: No one is excluded, everyone participates and guessing is fun!

Ideas for Secret Santa gifts

How about a doodle pad in the office? A plant set for bonsai trees would be suitable for plant lovers. If you love to cook, you will be happy with a personalized apron.

A little more impersonal is a massage cushion or anti-stress pills – quasi as a small gag.

Making gifts for colleagues yourself

Do you feel like making something yourself? If you really appreciate your colleagues, this is a good idea. Look you times on our Blog to the "gifts themselves tinker" at. Because there are also ideas for colleagues.

Via Homemade food the whole team is happy.

But also a funny saying on wood for the office, a cup warmer or a Bookmarks for file folders fits absolutely.

Wedding gifts for colleagues

A work colleague has a wedding? Like a Farewell gift it is best if you make the gift together as a team. This way more money is collected and you can fulfill a bigger wish for the bride and groom.

Take a look at our wedding gifts. Colleagues should probably give something more classical and nothing too personal. The best thing to do is to give the couple a wish fulfills. Something for the house or garden?

It’s best to ask – most couples write lists. Together you can collect money. Put up a box for this purpose. So everyone can give what he or she wants. After everyone earns a little differently, it is only fair if everyone gives what he can.

Are you the only one invited to the wedding reception? Then, of course, you have to give something individually. Also here applies – nowadays one fulfills desires of the list.

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