Getting dog housebroken? Immediate help against unwanted urination

Housetraining is also part of dog training. Dogs usually learn housetraining behavior as puppies. Since they are exceedingly docile, it is usually not a problem to get the dog housebroken within a few weeks. If the dog does not do his business outside in adulthood, there are several possible reasons for this. Find out here what these may be and how you can get your dog housetrained. Reasons why the dog becomes unclean

Getting dog housebroken? Immediate help against unwanted urination

If an adult dog is not housebroken, there are various reasons that can underlie it. These must be explored first. If you can name the reasons, it is often not so difficult to tackle the problem and eliminate the causes.

A dog’s uncleanliness can be triggered by physical or psychological circumstances. If you suspect a physical condition, it’s best to take your dog to the vet right away to get it checked out. The vet will usually do a urine test first. If this does not yield a result, an ultrasound examination of the bladder, prostate and kidneys will be performed. Causes

Possible physical causes for the uncleanliness of a dog can be for example a bacterial bladder weakness, a kidney disease or even a tumor in the abdomen. Older dogs can become incontinent due to muscle weakness. In addition, it occasionally happens that a dog is no longer housebroken after neutering.

This can happen with both male dogs and female dogs. Bladder weakness also sometimes occurs as a result of surgery. When all physical causes have been ruled out by medical examinations, it makes sense to think about possible psychological reasons. Mental triggers for uncleanliness can be, for example, fear or stress, but also excessive joy, for example, when playing together.

If the dog is left alone more often for longer periods of time, uncleanliness can be a consequence. Dogs are herd animals and usually very attached to their humans. If you leave your dog alone for a long time, he suffers from it. Fear and stress can also be caused by insecurity.

Some dogs do not cope well with meeting other dogs of the same species and find this stressful during the walk. Dogs that have had bad experiences or just generally exhibit unsafe behavior are especially prone to this. Whether the reasons for your dog’s uncleanliness are psychological or physical: There are numerous methods to get your dog housebroken.

What to do if the dog is not housebroken?

Basically, if your dog is unclean, the first step should be to go to the vet to check and rule out any physical causes. Once this has been done, it is also advisable to observe the dog’s behavior.

In this way you can find out in which situations your dog becomes unclean and thus recognize and eliminate possible moments of stress. It is important that you always remain calm and deal with your dog patiently and gently.

Getting dog housebroken? Immediate help against unwanted urination

Dogs are clean animals that do not soil their homes under normal circumstances. If the dog is not house-trained, this is not due to negligence or malice, but it is an alarm signal that something is wrong.

Often much is gained by taking time for the dog. This will help you to get to know him better and to interpret his behavior. As a basic rule it can be said that the dog should always make its rounds within 5 to 30 minutes after eating.

Even after playing or sleeping, a walk is recommended. In no case should you punish or scold your four-legged friend if he makes a mishap. This only frightens and unsettles him and can sometimes even exacerbate the problem.

Get the dog housebroken with patience, calm and praise

Dogs have a very intimate relationship with their humans and a natural urge to please them. So praise your dog extensively when he does his business during the walk, so that this will be a positive experience for him. If the causes of uncleanliness are stress caused by encounters with other dogs, it may be sufficient to choose another route for the daily walk, less frequented by other walkers with dog.

If this is not readily possible, choose another time for your walk when it is a little quieter. So he can do his business in peace and without fear. With patience and affection, the dog will become housebroken because it knows it is safe with you. If the uncleanliness occurs in the house, remove the legacies quickly, thoroughly and calmly, without reprimanding him for it.

A thorough cleaning also serves to eliminate the smell, otherwise it can happen that the dog uses the same place again and again to do his business there. Take time to find out why the dog is not housebroken.

Treat with medication to housebreak the dog

Medication can help with both physical and psychological causes of your dog’s uncleanliness. If he is not housebroken as a result of neutering or bladder surgery, the veterinarian may prescribe hormone supplements for him. These ensure that the hormone level is rebalanced more quickly.

Dog lies on the floor - your dog help

There are also various medications and supplements for older dogs that work to combat and alleviate signs of aging. If stress or fear are reasons why the dog is not housebroken, there are medicines that counteract this and help to relax the dog. Because it is not always possible to spare the dog scary situations completely.

Here is an example:

The best example of this is New Year’s Eve, which is always associated with loud noises caused by fireworks and which is difficult to avoid, even if you stay with the dog in the apartment or house. Here hormonal medicines with pheromones, but also homeopathic remedies can ensure that stress and anxiety in the dog are reduced.

As an example, Bach flowers, which should help the quadruped to relax and calm down faster in unpleasant situations. With calming medication you can also make unfamiliar situations easier for the dog, such as moving, vacation trips or visits to the vet, which are also possible triggers for uncleanliness due to fear.

How to house train a new dog

Dogs that come from the shelter to a new home are sometimes unclean and not yet housebroken. If physical problems are ruled out here and you want to get to the bottom of the psychological causes, this is often like the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack.

Most of the time you do not know the dog’s history and what experiences may have led to the unclean behavior. In any case, talk extensively with the shelter staff and try to find out as much as possible about the dog’s past.

Sometimes you will already learn a lot of interesting facts. For example, if the dog was often left alone or confined by a previous owner? If one has not taken care of him sufficiently? From this you can often derive first tips and hints to get the dog housebroken and to avoid mistakes of former owners.

Dogs from the shelter are quickly unsettled by a change of environment. It is important that you take him for frequent walks and provide him with a structured, regular daily routine. This way he will quickly get used to you and to his new home, and the uncleanliness will soon be a thing of the past.

The right training to get your dog housebroken

Click training dog gives woman the paw - Deine Hundehilfe

The training to get the dog house trained is basically the same for an adult dog as for a puppy. Systematic training will help your dog to become housetrained, and without stress and pressure. Go out with your dog as often as possible.

Most important is the walk after eating and drinking, after playing and before and after sleeping. In addition, keep a close eye on your dog so you know how to spot the signs that he needs to go as soon as possible. Praise and reward him after he has successfully done his business.


Not only with words, also with a treat you show your four-legged friend that he has done it right and well! And if a mishap does happen: Keep calm, clean up the mess and take the dog outside, even if he’s already done his business in the house. In this way he creates the link between being outside and doing his business.

So it shows that with a little patience and attention it is often no problem to housebreak even an older dog. Many even recommend taking a few days off to focus on house training the dog. This is a little time-consuming, but is often rewarded by the fact that the dog becomes clean faster.

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Dog from the animal protection is not
house trained, he bites all people who do not belong to the house . I am at my wit’s end. Who knows advice? I would like to keep him.

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