Getting cell phone numbers from women – how to ask for their number?

Get cell phone number from woman

So you have managed to approach a woman and talk to her. You are surely aware: Without renewed contact by phone / cell phone it will be difficult to see this hot girl again soon and to spend more wonderful evenings with her. So you won’t be able to avoid getting her phone number. In this article, I explain how you can get women’s cell phone numbers without having to pushily ask them for them.

My horror as a young man: asking girls for their number

How do I get the numbers of girls? I often asked myself this question as a teenager when I was still at school. By clumsy and highly nervous asking for her phone number (cell phones were not so common at that time) I mostly got negative answers and was left without her number. My friends experienced the same fiasco at that time and therefore could not serve as positive role models for me.

However, when I was studying flirting intensively, I found out how to get women’s phone numbers better. Today this number exchange, which so many single men are afraid of, is no big deal for me anymore… and that’s why I want to let you in on my secrets. Let’s get started!

Keep in touch with women: Don’t make it a big deal!

Man asks woman for number

Actually, thanks to smartphones, we have it pretty good today: the wife no longer has to give out the sacred number of the "family telephone. Also you can save your phone number directly into your cell phone and you don’t have to scribble it on a beer mat in the pub anymore. And yet, many men make a big deal out of asking for the cell phone number at some point during the conversation, as if their lives were at stake here.

The woman naturally notices how important and at the same time unpleasant the whole affair is for you – and becomes skeptical. A negative response on their part is not uncommon in such cases. That’s why I advise you first of all not to make a big story out of it, then it’s also a small thing for the woman. Do not give too much importance to the change of contact, but let it happen casually. This way you increase your chances that the lady will gladly give you her phone number!

Getting numbers from women without asking for them

The second important rule is not to ask for her mobile number at all, because this way you risk more of a no than if you ask her for her phone number as a matter of course. Thirdly, it is necessary to provide a good reason for the number swap, because reasons help us humans to accept requests and pleas from our peers much more easily. The reason should be a planned date, of course, for which you will have to agree by phone at a later time… logical.

You could just say to her in the middle of the conversation:

"I was going to go play a game of billiards soon, if you want, come with me!"

"There is a wonderful exhibition in the city, which I will visit soon… it would please me if you accompany me."

Of course, this works for all topics. The focus is clearly on the planned activity, so you give her a damn good reason to trust you with her cell phone number. Finally, you have to discuss the date of the meeting in more detail, or call each other or. write a WhatsApp message, should one of you two still come in the way of something.

It is also important to have a self-confident body language: while you are suggesting the meeting (as in the example above), you are already pulling your cell phone out of your pocket and naturally asking her to dictate her number to you. With so much determination on your part, the woman can hardly answer "no"..

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The power of reasons in everyday life and flirting

In order to show you how powerful a reason can be in flirting in order to achieve one’s goals, I would like to introduce you to a social experiment. In 1978 a scientific study (by social psychologist Ellen Langer) was conducted. Here a copy machine was set up in a university. Since many students had to copy, there was a long queue.

Subjects previously privy to the experiment were at the back of the queue. Their task was to be let forward as quickly as possible by clever questions and requests. The following insight emerged: Those students who provided a reason were 50 percent more likely to be allowed to come forward than those who had no reason at hand. Exactly the same applies if you want to get the cell phone number of a woman.

Get the number: Help from the flirt experts’ bag of tricks

The advanced tactic is to look for a clue as to what your reunion is about. Common interests are especially suitable for this. Ask her what activities she likes to do and tie it back to that. For example, if she is passionate about swimming, you could later say that you would like to visit a new indoor pool soon and if she wouldn’t like to keep you company while doing so. In a hot bikini, of course..

As mentioned earlier, the focus here is on the undertaking, the swimming. The cell phone number becomes a means to an end and is no longer the main thing. Try it out! You will find out that the whole thing is not as difficult as you thought at the beginning.

How to get her cell phone number if she doesn’t want it?

Man gets phone number

She blocks and gives a no as an answer? That’s perfectly okay, after all, there are plenty of other women you can approach… Maybe she has a boyfriend, in which case you wouldn’t have had a chance with her anyway.

Sure, let’s not kid ourselves, it could also be that she is not interested in you. This can also be because you had a boring conversation and it just didn’t work out between you. If so, I recommend you my blog article on how to flirt properly.

Otherwise, it’s also possible that you just asked her for her number too soon, a common mistake with men. Women need a certain amount of time to build up trust in conversation. A short "Hi" and an exchange of words of 3 sentences are not enough.

I don’t get her cell phone number, but I get the Facebook contact, why??

This is very typical nowadays in times of internet. There can be many reasons for such an approach. However, experience has taught me that the women then usually have not yet built up enough trust in you. They can judge you badly and then push Facebook to keep you a little further at a distance.

Social networks like Facebook are not only more noncommittal, but also offer the perfect opportunity to recheck your first impression based on your profile. Of course, it could also be that she has had bad experiences with pushy men in the past and therefore wants you to be Facebook friends on the Internet for the time being. But no matter why she chooses this form of contact, use it! After all, you can only win.

I got their phone number, what should I do next?

First of all, pat yourself on the back. I know exactly how good it feels to get the contact details of a great woman. I understand that you don’t want to screw up now. That’s why I have a little starter for you:

  • Text her the same day how great it was to have met her. Here’s how to stay in her good graces.
  • Be different and flirt with her via SMS / WhatsApp. Tease her a little bit to challenge her and keep her interested.
  • If you want to call her, my article on flirting on the phone will help you out.
  • If you write via WhatsApp, you should not reply to her too quickly to each message. Who makes himself scarce, remains interesting!
  • Keep in touch and arrange a date in a timely manner.

What other tips you need to keep in mind..

You want to conquer your fears now and finally conquer the attractive women you really want to have?

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