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Earn money online? Get fast money – without any credit at all

You need fast money and are looking for important tips on how to make money fast? Then we have the right solution for you. We have gathered tips and info on how you can get fast money without problems, quite legally, even without getting borrow money a Online loan To be taken out at a bank. Giromatch shows you the secret tricks how you can earn money online seriously. Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than before to earn quick cash from the comfort of your home – or even from your laptop.

We have summarized the best tips

  • Simple: Conveniently from home, with smartphone or laptop
  • Fast: The same day or in a few hours
  • Anonymous: Whether with or without Schufa

Make money fast: 7 tips that work for you

Many people ask themselves: "How can I get money quickly??" and for many this is a problem. But there are different solutions how to earn money easily. Today we will show you 8 tips how to make money fast.

Tip 1: Borrow money quickly from private individuals

No credit, no bank, no effort. If you want to borrow money quickly, that is Borrowing from private individuals a simple solution. It can be worth asking friends, family or relatives for a cash injection for short periods of time, as they are the most willing to help out. This makes it possible to earn easy cash without having to run to a bank.

So-called "peer-to-peer" marketplaces are also a solution. These providers have backers who give you a cash injection in a short time, without having to wait for days, as is usual with a bank loan. This can be an interesting way to raise money quickly.

Tip of the month for fast cash: Pfando Cash and Drive

  • Quick: Get instant cash for your car
  • Simple: Taking the car back directly
  • Uncomplicated: Branches all over Germany
  • Discreet: SCHUFA? We are not interested!

Tip 2: Earn money online – it is possible on the Internet

Instead of borrowing quick money from private you would rather earn money from home? Then you can earn money on the internet – without having to leave the couch. The so-called "Digital Nomads" have shown the way: a group of people who earn money only via the Internet. You have built successful online businesses and work from all over the world via the Internet. You can do it too, with these solutions:

Start an affiliate program: earn money while you sleep

Start your own affiliate program and promote products from vendors who pay you a commission. Affiliate programs are based on promoting products, testing or writing reviews on your website or social media channels, for example, to attract users. For customers, who buy the product, after they became attentive over your testimonial to it, you get a juicy commission of the product offerer..

The whole thing works for example also with Amazon, Where to find it all. or from Cosmetic providers, which you may already be using, or from Steam for video games and and.

Filling out surveys on the Internet

Many market research institutes are desperately looking for people to fill out surveys. Besides research institutes, (marketing) companies or universities are also looking for interested parties. In addition to a small earnings, you also provide added value for everyone.

The top 3 providers:

    € 1.00 – € 2.50 per survey Rewards and vouchers if you assess trends, rate brands or test products The most popular platform: share your opinion, fill out surveys, become part of the community

Other providers in Germany and Austria:

  • TrendsetterClub: money for surveys + chances to win individual prizes
  • Loopsterpanel: Between € 0,70 and € 3,50 per survey
  • MOBROG: Between € 0,50 and € 3,00 per poll. Payout from € 5 on Paypal
  • mysurvey
  • OneOpinion
  • Norstat

Write texts and produce content

Many websites are looking for people to write texts for their website and prepare new content. In addition, there are specialized sites where aspiring writers can sell their texts. The payment per item can also be over 100 euros. This payment depends mostly on the number of words, as well as the quality of the text.

  • Register, answer content requests and write texts. Between € 0.02 and € 0.15 euros per word
  • Textbroker: write texts online, blogs, landing pages, reviews. Between € 2,00 and € 15,00 Euro per 100 words

Browse classifieds in newspapers or on eBay

Tip 3: Neighborhood help – in a few minutes to hundreds of euros

The Neighborhood help is a good solution if you need money fast. To do this, you either look in classified ads or look at the local newspaper. Many people are looking for help for small matters, bspw. Mowing the garden, or even setting up a website. Especially with internet services you can easily earn money from home by creating websites.

Tip 4: Earn money online: sell old items

Whether clothes, old games or the old computer: many things that you no longer need have a value with which you can earn hard cash. Look around your house or basement and find the items you haven’t used in years but YOU can continue to make money with. Many people have valuable rarities stored in the basement (trading cards, an old Playstation or similar), which can lead to cash for the right buyer.


You have something to sell?

Rebuy makes you an offer for your items in just a few steps. Cell phones, tablets, books, movies or the old console!

Rebuy buys all kinds of electrical items. Whether Cell phone, iPad, iPod or an old laptopSimply make a short non-binding request online and you will immediately receive information about what rebuy can pay you based on the information provided. Rarely has it been so easy to get fast money and to do something good: No electronic waste!.

A small selection of the offers. Just click on the picture to make a non-binding request yourself

Look in the cellar, the closet or on the attic storage

Do you have an old cell phone? An old tablet? An old computer? Certainly!

Everybody has a lot of things that are no longer needed, for which others still pay a lot of money. a old watch, a old bicycle, a old cell phone, a old laptop – for everything there are people who pay a few more euros for it. Whether flea market or classified ads – With this you get money fast!

  • Buys cell phones, laptop, tablet, reader and much more at a fixed price
  • Price proposal according to ca. 60 seconds, you only have to give a few details
  • No delivery fee, rebuy pays directly and sends a label
  • Simply send in and receive money, takes a total of ca. 3 – 8 working days
  • Platform to sell all kinds of products or services
  • Worth it from EUR 10 value
  • You can also sell services
  • Hardly any fees, little effort
  • Recommerce platform that directly buys all kinds of products
  • Price suggestion after ca. 60 seconds
  • Even for tools or old navis; electronics preferred
  • Hardly any fees, little effort
  • Quickly sell used at a fixed price
  • Worth from EUR 10 value
  • Send in for free
  • Secure payments

Vinted (before Kleiderkreisel)

  • Sell shoes, clothes, accessories, beauty products or decoration
  • Sell from € 1,-, post for free
  • Super simple and versatile
  • Swapping is also possible

Tip 5: Pawn valuable items – go to an online pawnshop

The pawnshop is our fifth alternative, with which you can get money fast. If you pawn valuable objects, you can literally get money within a few minutes 1000 Euro in cash have in hand. The pawnshop is the right place to get money easily – without any lead time or long processing times.

Some online pawnshops allow you to speed up the process and get cash faster – without credit or red tape. Just search for the nearest pawn shop. A noble watch or gold jewelry can bspw. can be pawned without any problems. Some pawnshops even offer you deposit for your Playstation. How much pawn you get for a Playstation (PS3 / PS4) depends on the pawnshop.

Tip 6: Cash for your car at a pawn shop

If you have your own car, you can get cash very easily. In addition, there are special sellers such as Pfando. Here you can borrow a car and drive on. How does the pawnshop of Pfando work?

Pfando works like a car pawnshop, but instead of pawning the car, you can pawn it with "Cash and Drive" take it back directly and do not have to give up money or your car.

  1. Bring the car to one of the many stores in Germany
  2. You get the cash immediately on your hand
  3. You drive home with your car and the cash again

What makes the offer of Pfando easier than a credit? Since Pfando is not a bank, it does not matter what the Schufa says. Thus, you can get money from Pfando even despite a Schufa entry, because the important thing is the car, and not any files. The same is true for people like self-employed people, who are also often rejected by banks just because they act financially different from employees.

Tip of the month: Pfando Cash and Drive

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