Free g suite legacy edition: there is still hope

by caschy Jan 27, 2022 | 45 comments

We reported a few days ago that Google wants to get rid of non-paying customers of the first G Suite hour. Quite a few years ago Google offered G Suite to its users for free, for example you could link your domain to the service and give members their own mail addresses under the Gmail umbrella. Relaxing thing for many families and clubs, which was gladly accepted.

Since the 6. December 2012 there is this free version for new customers no longer, so for over 9 years only existing customers hang on the service and cause probably effort for Google. The old, free version of G Suite has been discontinued as of 1. May 2022 no longer available, so Google.

However, since the announcement on 19. January will probably face some headwind. Google would certainly have to know how many customers use the free offer – and they were certainly aware that there will be criticism.

However – quietly and secretly, a survey has now been posted on the English support page on the topic (here is the German one). Whoever logs in there with their G Suite account can perhaps tip the scales when it comes to deciding what will happen in the future. The last word is apparently not yet spoken, because one knocks off on the part of Google, how then the free variant is used. Maybe soon they will have some special offers for families or other groups that are not currently in the G Suite pricing tiers. The survey can be found here. Google writes:

We know that some customers do not use the free G Suite Legacy Edition for business purposes. Please fill out the form below if you have 10 jobs or less and are interested in receiving updates on additional options for your non-business legacy account in the coming months.

You need to fill out this form with your G Suite Legacy Free Edition administrator account. By submitting this form, you agree that Google may use this information to send you customized updates and special offers for your free G Suite Legacy edition.

It’s also worth taking a look at the Google Community, where you’ll find answers on how to move purchases to a private Google account and more.

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I find a little questionable. Google will probably not have attracted that many customers with it. You could just let this go on for eternity. Especially for residential customers, who are probably only moving there because Google still can’t be bothered to recycle old and unused mail addresses. I have to laugh occasionally when I get addresses like [email protected] accommodate. I rather pay for a domain and connect it with Office365.

You know the product?
Even though I "only" administrate one family here, I don’t want to miss out on the functionality.
You have only one domain and don’t use distribution lists or one or the other alias?
Then have fun with M365 or iCloud. Personally this is not enough for me.

Microsoft 365 lets you add just one mailbox per account, with no catch-all.
I privately use hundreds of mail addresses in my domain, but only one mailbox that catches all mails.

Now at iCloud+, the features there are enough for me. Domain move works great, old email copied via imap, that’s it. This also settles the fact that the next devices will be Android again.

"Cut into its own flesh, Google has."

That’s how it goes for me too. I am withdrawing from more and more Google services. What has kept me there so far has been the convenience of GSuite. Now, however, and also due to the other closed products, it pulls me further and further away from Google. Data is just backed up locally, a cloud backup is searched and then the last thing to go is the pixel. Google is not doing itself any favors.

Above all, they also offer no alternative and the current is with 5€ per month and user simply much too expensive for the private customer. Either selfhosting or combined with iCloud+ and then Google has got rid of me as a customer/product altogether.

I also moved to iCloud with my own domains. Use 200GB version for the family anyway. I am really positively surprised by icloud. Google I will also cancel the storage upgrade. This doesn’t play a role in the turnover balance of the company, but I used the opportunity to expand my Nextcloud to leave my data more and more with me.

iCloud+ unfortunately doesn’t offer a catch-all mailbox, you can only have three aliases and they can’t be too short.

I have another (short) domain for Catch-all which I don’t manage via Gmail (and in the future also iCloud+), and forward it to my main address with personal domain. I think this will work well with iCloud too.

Moin D1ng0: small question: in the support document from Apple it says that I can create 3 mail addresses per own domain. Does this apply across all family members or can each family member set up 3 own mail addresses under the own domain used (so quasi aliases)?

Yup, went to icloud too+. Everything worked out easy.

… and last night I upgraded to the "Workspace Basic" model. I am currently annoyed "very little" #shit

Because of this (and because I don’t know if billing will start right away when I switch) I set myself a reminder in April.

About billing:
Until 26.07.2022 I pay nothing, until 26.07.2023 there is a discount i.H.v. 50% (so 2,60 € per user) and after that I have to pay the full price (5,20 € per user).

Thanks for the info. With 9 family members already a lot of money.

Unfortunately me too. I hope there will be the possibility to switch back from the basic in case Google moves again. Unfortunately Workspace Basic doesn’t have the same functionality.

Well let’s see. In the end, at best a 10 USD/month offer for up to ten family members..

My initiated Degoogle project will certainly not stop it. What a difference a few days can make…

Also to icloud, went smoothly but three mail addresses / aliases are just little (for 5 domains, wtf Apple?) if Google would reconsider I would probably switch back.

About iCloud+: 0,99 Euro per month is a fair offer. You can only use one domain per account though, right? Catch all exists?

See above you: 5 domains, 3 aliases, no catchall.

No you can use up to 5 domains per Apple account.
Per domain you can then set up to 3 email addresses.

I don’t quite understand yet with iCloud+.
So I can have 5 domains with 3 independent user accounts? So domains: monkey, donkey, horse, dog, cat
Below z.B. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Can I then as [email protected] still have aliases? Z.B. BEER [email protected], [email protected]?

You can create a group/family with Family-Sharing.
There you can invite 5 more iCloud accounts (in total. 6 users). In total 5 domains can be added. Each account can have three aliases.

So yes, your above constellation goes. Note, however, that each is a separate iCloud account that is invited into the family.

OK, thanks. Understood. And what do I do now, if the dad alone has 28 aliases *DOH*

Is this really an official survey? Not that someone there diligently taps e-mails.

The creator of the form is really unrecognizable. Anyone can create such a form. Is there the official Google page through which you can reach the form?

Read the text again? You can also reach the survey I linked via the English page of Google& LG and have a nice WE!

I was wondering about that too

Since one comes over the Admin Console Support to the form it should be no fake to collect email addresses. Unfortunately I have the problem that I can’t fill out the form. Keep getting the message that I need to be logged in even though I am. Tried various browsers. Same result…

I also had with two little used accounts. You have to make sure that "Drive and Docs" is activated in your GSuite account, at least I was able to log in afterwards.

Great, that was the reason why it did not work. Who can guess from the error message that it is because the service is not activated. Now I could fill it. Thank you!

Also switched completely to Tutanato for 1€ monthly….

I am curious whether this moves in a good direction.

About my account I have 3 family members. For them I pay in the future 200€ per year.

I myself use an account with catch-all on my own domain. This alone is a must-have criterion for me and should be covered by a competing product. Since we are an Android family, there are of course also the Google Play accounts and Google Pay on it also. This can be financially weighed against each other and certainly comes to a point where a change after x years is still cheaper. But honestly, the stress of switching is too much for me.

So if Google doesn’t come up with another solution I’ll pay the 200€ per year and won’t complain much, considering the 10 years I could use the thing for free now.

However, if I’m honest, I only use a fraction of the features of this workspace account. I don’t need to centrally define for my three users which Google services can be used or not. A personalization with company logo of text and tables I also do not need necessarily and in the e-mails a deputy regulation also not.

So I would have no problem at all if Google would reduce the free edition by (almost) everything that you don’t have with a regular Google account either. As long as my domain remains and the catch-all account I would be happy.

In return, of course, it doesn’t have to be free either. From the gut, the following would taste pretty good to me:
* The tariff may well be limited to 5 or 10 accounts (currently I have 100 and need 4)
* I don’t want it for free, 20€ per user and year would be in it without any problems.
* For this would be supi, if per user 100GB storage would come (50% of what you get for the same price Google One)
* I do not need any domains, only one.
* The rest of the features can be trimmed back to what regular Google accounts can do.

May be that looks different for you, and whether Google really moves anything is anyway in the stars.

I have a total of two domains in two separate G Suite Lagacy accounts. I had not received any announcement from Google since the official announcement that the offer will expire. Until now I always hoped that somehow not everyone is affected. Today I had then with one of the two accounts a notification.
However, I had noticed that the account _with_ notification apparently has another "expansion stage". This is from February 2013 and in the subscription management I am shown 100 possible users. My second account without notification is from March 2013 and has "only" 10 possible accounts.
Has anyone also observed this phenomenon with itself? I always thought the "lifetime free" G Suite was limited to the 10 accounts back then?

I remember that you had to specify how many accounts you need when you set up your account. It is also different for me. Have 3 accounts.

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