Free e-mail – set up e-mail addresses for free.

Create your free personal email address quickly and with just a few mouse clicks.


Secure free email address from Germany. Encrypted data transfer. Large mailbox.

4 GB email& Cloud storage

Cloud storage for every need.

The free e-mail address

With eclipso Mail& Cloud, you can quickly and easily set up your own personal, secure and free e-mail address.

The free e-mail box for the whole family. Simply register and email immediately and securely!

Free e-mail address

A free e-mail address is nowadays more than just an online mailbox!

The E-mail (free or paid) has become almost like a substitute for the postal registration address for many people today. An easy to remember and memorable e-mail address E-mail address can be printed on business cards, looks good and also says something about the owner of the e-mail address. A free e-mail address from eclipso offers exactly these advantages. Short, concise and effectively staged, eclipso’s free email address stands out from the crowd of mail providers.

With other email services, you pay a lot of money for functionalities that eclipso provides for free.

The free e-mail address from eclipso is quickly set up and immediately usable.

Anyone who has used e-mail before knows the advantages of e-mail services that offer free e-mail offer addresses. they are set up quickly and can usually be used immediately. Experts advise to use reputable and secure email providers in most cases.

eclipso is a German e-mail communication company, our servers are also located in Germany. Germany has the world’s best and most secure data protection laws. This benefits you as an eclipso customer, because we attach great importance to data protection and data security.

Create e-mail address – free of charge

Our services include, in addition to the offer to set up a free e-mail address other forms of communication, such as SMS or letter post. For individual product descriptions please refer to our pages.

If you want to use e-mail with your tablet PC or smartphone, you can also do this with the free e-mail account from eclipso. Already in the freemail package the retrieval of e-mails via POP3 is possible. Free e-mails are sent via SMTP protocol, provided your smartphone or tablet supports these functions. Most devices now also offer wizards for setting up an e-mail account.

eclipso can be used on mobile devices but also easily with the web browser. A web interface specially adapted for smartphones provides most of the functions you are familiar with from using the eclipso desktop.

You do not know eclipso yet and would like to inform yourself? Sign up now for free and register your free e-mail address!

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