Franziska giffey’s husband loses civil servant job – minister to be seen shortly afterwards without wedding ring

Federal Minister for Family Affairs Franziska Giffey

The husband of German Family Minister Franzsika Giffey has lost his civil service job. Against the court decision can still be appealed. The reasons for the official leave are hard to believe.

  • Franziska Giffey’s husband was fired from his civil service job in Berlin.
  • The partner of the Federal Minister for Family Affairs is said to have cheated on working hours and business trips. Whether Karsten Giffey wants to appeal against the verdict, is not yet determined.
  • Now SPD woman provides with an appearance even for sensation.

Update from 11. January 2020, 12.6 p.m: Only shortly after the Husband from Franziska Giffey lost his civil service job, the SPDFederal Family Minister to attend professional appointments again – however: According to bz-berlin without doing so Wedding ring TO BE CARRIED. This, of course, causes whispers and speculation in Berlin. On Friday, Giffey received carol singers and gave the foreword at a film premiere; in the evening, the New Year’s reception of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Chamber of Handicrafts was held.

In a dark blue costume, the 41-year-old appeared to the appointment. As jewelry she chose pearl earrings, but the wedding ring she left out, according to the report. For the family minister quite unusual, she had her wedding ring in the past at public appearances usually on the finger.

"I talk to you about everything, not about this," she told a reporter from What she meant by that is not clear from the article – but presumably the dismissal of her husband Karsten Giffey by an administrative court in Berlin. The veterinarian is accused of inventing and accounting for business trips and failing to record working hours correctly.

Franziska Giffey after cheating allegations against husband without ring

According to the report, Giffey took time for selfies, concerns and encouragement at the IHK’s New Year’s reception.

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Of one, however, rather not: "The thing does not help her," says Berlin Mayor Michael Muller (SPD) about the current situation of Giffey. The family minister is considered his biggest rival for next year’s Berlin election. Oliver Igel, SPD mayor of Treptow-Kopenick, shows more understanding. "A stupid story," he says. "Nevertheless, she would be a great governing mayor."

Franziska Giffey’s husband loses civil service job in Berlin – the accusations are enormous

First news of 10. January 2020:

Berlin – The husband of Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD), Karsten Giffey, lost his job as a civil servant in Berlin. The disciplinary chamber of the Administrative Court in Berlin have him "with judgement of 12. December 2019 removed from service", Said a court spokesman on Thursday the news agency AFP. Against the decision was Appointment possible.

According to the business magazine Business Insider was the Veterinarian Karsten Giffey at Berlin State Office for Health and Social Affairs Employed. He is accused of Working hours not correctly recorded to have. Moreover, according to the report Business trips accounted for that did not exist.

Franzsika Giffey: husband loses civil service job – accusations against vet

The court spokesman did not comment on the matter. He only said that the written reasons for the verdict were not yet available. Franziska and Karsten Giffey have so far also refused to comment on the accusations. „The minister does not comment on personal matters of family members", a ministry spokeswoman told Business Insider.

Franziska Giffey has been family minister since 2018. Already ten years before she married Karsten Giffey. In 2009, their son was born together. The Federal Minister for Family Affairs herself has also had to contend with professional difficulties in the past. So Giffey already had to face plagiarism accusations. In February last year, the Free University of Berlin examined the doctoral thesis of the SPD politician. The author herself had asked for this after plagiarism hunters from the website "VroniPlag" had pointed out irregularities in her work. There was even speculation about a possible resignation from the ministerial post. The audit was about whether Giffey had copied or not quoted correctly. However, the Federal Minister for Family Affairs got off lightly almost a year ago.

Giffey’s doctoral thesis was examined for plagiarism – but she only got a reprimand

The FU now concluded that there were deficiencies in the dissertation, but that the overall picture of the deficiencies found did not justify the revocation of the doctoral degree. The university presidium has therefore decided to give Giffey only a reprimand. But the 41-year-old was allowed to keep her doctorate and thus also her ministerial post. Her husband Karsten seems to have less luck now. However, it remains to be seen whether he will appeal the decision of the Berlin Administrative Court.

Kracher with the citizens of Berlin SPD – is now the way freely, for Franziska Giffey?

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