Forchheim district: corona crisis leaves first traces in the budget

The corona crisis is already starting to have an impact on the municipal budget. This was unanimously adopted by the vacation committee in neunkirchen am brand. However, the budget had to be changed once again beforehand. "I have changed the budget because the first deferrals and resets of the commercial enterprises have already arrived. We have therefore set aside one million euros less in trade tax", mayor heinz richter explained . The meeting was very different from others: the town hall remained closed. In the run-up to the inauguration, the municipal councils were asked in a circular survey whether they would agree to a vacation committee. The latter has the same rights as the normal municipal council. the vacation committee had been unanimously approved and accordingly, according to the regulations of the government and the bavarian municipal council, everything was prepared in the gymnasium of the elementary school: the tables were far apart, barrier tapes provided for distances and a face mask was ready for each council member. In addition, in accordance with the regulations, the number of speeches should be reduced and the meeting should be limited to the most necessary, i.e., to the resolutions that cannot be postponed. That was the budget. Here, too, the mayor and councillors dispensed with the usual budget speeches. The councils had had the figures long enough. The total budget for the administrative budget is 18.862.000 euros, the property budget is estimated at 9.690.000. Despite the one million euro reduction in trade tax revenue from three million to two million, no changes had to be made to the asset budget, since the municipality can finance it from reserves. New loans will also not have to be taken out. A great deal has been done in previous years. The outdoor pool was renovated without subsidies and the multifunctional square was built. During his twelve years in office, heinz richter was able to reduce debts by six million euros, so that at the end of the year the municipality had a debt level of 1.8 million euros. This will change in the next few years with the construction of the new elementary school. Moreover, the further effects of the corona crisis are uncertain. street lighting in the market town is to be converted to leds. The cost is 336.000 euros named. Mayor richter congratulated his successor martin walz (CSU) and all newly elected and re-elected council members, at least verbally.

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