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With these food costs per month you have to calculate for a family

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By Jasmina | Last Update: 11. October 2021

If the goal is to live a little more frugally, to get a better handle on expenses, or to generally get a look at one’s own spending, we very quickly end up with the question What food costs per month for a family actually reasonable Are. Let’s spend too much? Is our food budget in order? Should we perhaps plan differently?

What is the grocery cost per month for the average household to?

To get an idea of the situation, let’s take a look at the statistical data. On the one hand we find this statistic and learn that the share of food expenses (incl. beverages and tobacco products) in an average German household by 2019 approx 13-14% of consumer spending made up. In the corona year 2020, there was a decent increase here to 15.5%.

But how much is that in euros? Let’s take a look at the average amount of consumer spending per household in Germany and find out: Okay, so the average household spent 2 in 2019.574 Euro for consumption. However, it should be noted that 890 euros on average are spent on housing alone. Subtract those and we end up with 1.684 euros per month per household for actual consumption. So if we count housing costs as part of consumer spending, the share of food costs per month is about. 13,8 %. Excluding housing costs, this share is approx. 21%.

The pure Food costs per month amount statistically therefore to 356 euros each Household. The breakdown of other consumer costs in 2019 was as follows:

Statistics: average amount of consumer spending per household* per month in Germany by purpose in 2019 | Statista

You can find more statistics at Statista

What do you need& your family?

Now is this a good guideline for you and your family’s? First of all, the whole thing is pure statistics and at best an interesting point of reference for you. Should you orientate yourself exclusively on these values? No!

What are your food expenses per month, whether the Costs reasonable or too high is a very individual matter.

There are families where everyone in the daycare center, school or job eats out during the day and you only come to the table together for dinner and on weekends. Then there are families where every meal is eaten together at home and families where this varies from time to time. Using a statistical figure as a guide here can cause confusion.

Also, not every household is the same size. Per more heads, the higher also the food costs. In addition, represent families with regard to food different ideas and values. For some, food costs per month of 356 euros can be a lot. Others might just get away with it for 2 weeks.

What should you look for instead? very simple: on your individual situation.

How are your family finances doing?

Should you now wonder how your financial situation actually is and how you can improve it, here I have a solution for you: I have a small Test developed, with which you can test, how well your family finances are set up are.

I put you in it 11 questions and afterwards you will get your personal& free family financial roadmap from me.

family finance roadmap teaser mobile mb families financial roadmap teaser mb

How do you find out how much your grocery costs are per month?

Very simple: by keeping a record of it. Like? With a budget book.

If you don’t already keep one, then take a look at my talers planner. The Thaler Planner is a Excel Budget Book Template – especially for families and couples.

With my budget book you will get an overview in no time about your finances. You can record your expenses in super simple overviews and need little more than 15 minutes per month. You’ll get graphical evaluations and learn about a new financial structure for your family. On top there is a small video crash course, in which I show you your new financial structure and the Talerplaner. Let’s go

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