Flying with baby: 22 tried and tested tips from a frequent flyer mom

Then take the food away from the panic hamster in your head here and now.

But let me make something clear right away.

This is NOT your usual 10 tips for flying with baby post.

Yes, I’m going into hand luggage, ear pressure and all those questions in your head.

But you get additional strategies that work and give you security.

These are the exact strategies I’ve learned on 63 flights with baby and toddler, and I’ve improved them over and over again.

Is a relaxing flight with baby really important to you? Then you will love these tips.

The short bottom line for those in a hurry: If YOU stay relaxed, so is your child. If you keep these points in mind when flying with an infant or toddler, you’ll be fine:

  • Preparation gives you Safety.
  • Familiarize yourself with how everything works at the airport and on the plane with baby expires.
  • Be sure to equalize the pressure at the right time.
  • Don’t just pack everything in the Hand luggage what you need. Pack it also so that you have everything quickly at hand.
  • If your baby shouts, use the method STERNE-Check, which I present to you below.

In this article you will find many more tips for your RELAXED flight with baby.

Success-tested on 63 flights with baby and toddler.

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Children’s luggage Overview

Hand luggage checklist.

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0. Flying with a child in Corona times

For current occasion here a small insertion to flying in Corona times.

We have done 2 flights with different airlines with children in Corona times. I’ve written up our experiences for you under Flying with Baby in Corona Times.

The most important points for you in advance:

  • You will find information that says it is safe and those that say it is unsafe. You can only weigh yourself (you will find our criteria in the above mentioned article).
  • At Airport it was empty, there was disinfectant everywhere and spacing rules were well.
  • Airplanes were full. How the distance was regulated, was strongly Airline depend.
  • When choosing a destination, do not only think about the number of cases in the Vacation country but also think about tests at the airport
  • If you’re making the trip because of Travel warning Or Quarantine cancels or because of a COVID-19 illness If you have to stay longer in the hospital or in quarantine, a normal travel cancellation or travel interruption insurance does not pay. You need a Corona additional protection. HanseMerkur also offers a good all-round protection consisting of travel cancellation, travel interruption and Corona supplementary insurance.

But now on to the actual topic of this article: How to make your flight with baby now unbelievably stress-free?

1. How to get a SAFE FEELING before your flight with baby?

Make sure the panic hamster in your head goes to sleep and that you are relaxed.

Your baby will notice it. But how to do it?

I admit it. Your flight with baby will (probably) not be as relaxed as flying alone in business class. But with a little preparation, you’ll get it done.

Preparation is not your thing?

I have already worked for you ?

Whether you’re flying Lufthansa, Emirates, Ryanair or any other airline. Actually all of them have helpful info on their website (like here z.B. the video from TUIfly). You may start there.

And if that does not help you? Then you are right here.

What no one knows.

. is that I was also really afraid of flying with an infant. I was lying in bed in the evening next to two silent snorers and my panic hamster was riding a roller coaster.

Will my little one get an earache on the plane ride? Do they have hot water on the plane? How do you actually change diapers there? And when he cries?

Then I’m sure everyone looks at me like I’m the most selfish and worst mommy in the world too.

So I did what you should always do at 4 o’clock in the morning when you start to get paranoid.

I googled, read, bought online must-haves and – sent them back 3 days later. I was mega insecure

On the many flights we had things go wrong more than once. After a lot of trial and error over the last 5 years I finally found a system that works great for us. Please believe me when I tell you

Flying with baby is neither bad nor hard.

This does not give you a really safe feeling yet? Then read on.

After that you will already appear calmer and more confident by yourself. Your baby will notice. And smile back relaxed.

2. How to save money and nerves BEFORE BOOKING a flight with baby?

Before you take your Travel credit card to book it is important to know what you get for your money.

To avoid having to travel with hidden costs to fret around, look for the most important info on the airline’s website beforehand.

Extra Tip: For booking itself you often get cheaper prices at a flight search engine. We prefer to look via Kayak, because there you can see at a glance on which days before or after your desired date it might be cheaper.

But back to the important info on the airline website. What exactly are you looking for?

(1) Until when children fly free of charge?

A flight ticket for babies under 2 years of age, who do not have their own seat, usually costs ca. 10% of the airfare of an adult. Children over the age of two pay between 75% and even 100%, depending on the airline.

The latter also applies if you book a separate seat for a child under 2 years of age.

So the rumor persists. But children never fly completely free.

In order not to experience any unpleasant surprises later when booking, enter a flight directly on the website of the airline and see how much is charged for your child.

(2) What are the flight times?

Don’t just look at the price, but also at the departure, arrival and total flight time.

I try to take a flight around noon or afternoon if possible. There is hardly anything worse than a flight with a baby, for which you all have to get up at 2:30 a.m. to catch the 7 a.m. plane.

A Direct flight is super. This does not always work and is often too expensive. Then I see to it that I have a maximum of one Stay of ca. I have 3 hours. Then you don’t have to run at big airports and you have enough time to keep your toddler busy.

(3) Do you get a free crib (bassinet)?

Those baby cribs that hang on the front wall of the plane are basically only on long-haul flights. On medium-haul flights within Europe there is no.

If you want a baby crib on a long-haul flight, you can after your booking Call the airline and book it. Pay attention before, until which Weight the baby is allowed in there.

Especially if you’re flying long haul alone, it’s worth a lot to be able to put the kid down at least for a little while while you search or eat something. Even if it may not want to sleep in it and you have to take it out again in turbulence.

Unfortunately, most airlines now charge Fees for this. The cost is not for the crib itself, but for the front row seat. But for you it comes out the same. You’ll virtually have to book a seat with extended legroom, which can cost anywhere from 50 to 180 euros each way.

(4) What are the baggage regulations when flying with a baby??

The question about the luggage is usually a bit more complex. Because of course it is not only important if your child is allowed to take a suitcase, but also if a car seat or buggy counts as extra luggage and how much hand luggage you are allowed to take with you. With some airlines it will otherwise expensive.

For a quick overview feel free to get my Luggage overview for children’s luggage the most important airlines. There you can see at a glance what you need for hand luggage, free luggage, strollers, car seats, etc. you are allowed to take with you. Or just read on.

3. Do you get with baby a HANDBAG extra?

Most airlines allow you to take an extra diaper bag and other stuff with you. But not always. Some airlines don’t allow you to bring anything extra at all. In any case, everything you take into the cabin counts as hand luggage, no matter if it is for the baby or for you.

To avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport, check with your airline beforehand. Like?

Find the baggage rules for babies. Just Google "Flying with child or baby" and the name of your airline – z.B. Flying with baby Lufthansa.

More on liquids in hand luggage in a moment in the section What goes on the hand luggage packing list with baby?.

4. Can you take BUGGY and CAR SEAT for free?

It depends on the airline. A foldable stroller or Buggy you can almost everywhere free with baby.

If you have a rental car on vacation (by the way, we find the best price-performance ratio in most cases via rentalcars), please contact you will also need a child seat.

With many airlines, you can actually take the car seat (or a crib) as a second free item.

But just not with all. And what if not?

Then counts a Car seat as luggage. And if you still have a suitcase, it counts as excess baggage. This can be really expensive.

Extra Tip: Also remember to order a suitable child seat for airport transfers and airport parking with shuttles (usually simply by email after booking or directly in the booking form).

5. Does your baby have a suitcase as free luggage?

Unfortunately this is also very different. Some airlines allow a baby without its own seat 20 kg of free luggage and others nothing at all.

Especially with low cost airlines like Ryanair you can assume that each piece of luggage costs extra. Baby or not.

Here’s a quicker way through the luggage jungle:

All-You-Need Shopping list

Children’s luggage Overview

Hand luggage checklist.

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6. From WHEN an infant can (and should) fly?

Most airlines allow healthy and on-time newborns to fly from 8 days fly, for some from 14 days (z.B. with Easyjet). If the baby was born prematurely, especially if it had lung problems or if it has an acute infection, be sure to talk to the pediatrician beforehand.

The more important question but is actually another.

From when is it makes sense Flying with a baby?

Of course you CAN fly with a 1 month old baby, but it makes sense to get used to the new situation first and to develop a feeling for your baby.

Personally, I feel comfortable starting from ca. 3 months to fly with a baby. But every child is different and it is best to listen to your gut feeling. If you feel your baby isn’t ready for air travel, he probably isn’t either.

7. How do you take care of the PRESSURE BALANCE when flying with infant?

The easiest way to equalize your child’s pressure is to use extra-long corn sticks Swallow stimulate. So try to get your baby to either suck on a pacifier or (even better) give him something to drink. If your child has a cold is, you can have the pediatrician check the ears again. In that case I give ca. Decongestant nasal drops 15 minutes before takeoff.

Like dangerous You can find out what ear pressure is for the eardrum and what else you can do in this expert interview: Equalizing pressure when flying with baby and toddler.

Why is pressure equalization more difficult for babies?

Pressure on the ears always occurs when the air pressure inside your ear is different from the air pressure outside your body. Do you know how this pressure compensation works?

I did not know. Here’s a super 2-minute video, which shows how it works with the pressure equalization in the ear.

With adults this pressure equalization happens approx. 1 time per minute. With babies only ca. every 5 minutes, when they sleep even less often.

Scientists therefore recommend equalize pressure during take-off and landing to stimulate itself.

When exactly should your child drink?

Don’t let your baby start drinking until the plane hits the gas.

Your baby should not be ready before the plane takes off ;-).

Extra tip for toddlers: Careful if you use a water bottle with a straw. The water in the bottle expands when flying high and is under quite a bit of pressure. Before snapping on, briefly turn the lid on and off again to equalize the pressure in the bottle. Otherwise you can splash the person in front of you full of water ;-)

Wann the ear pressure is the strongest?

From my experience flying with infant, the pressure is when landing generally more uncomfortable than starting.

Remember the take-off time and especially the landing time (the pilot usually says this before take-off). Look to drink shortly after takeoff and from approx. 20 minutes before landing the Stimulate pressure equalization.

By the way: Knowing the landing time still has a other advantage.

Go ca. 30 minutes (for long haul flights ca. 45 minutes) before landing, change the diaper again. the seatbelt sign will come on soon and you are not allowed to stand up anymore.

Extra tip for infants: Not only babies can have problems with ear pressure. Small treats that your child chews on for a long time work just as well as baby drinking to stimulate pressure equalization. Here are z.B. extra-long corn sticks super.

There are also earplugs for children from 1 year (and for adults) that support the pressure equalization and I find they actually help a bit.

8. What goes on the HANDBAG PACKING LIST when flying with baby?

You must be wondering what all you have in your Hand luggage when flying with infant need. Not only am I telling you this, but I’m telling you something that’s almost more important about carry-on luggage: Where to what you pack.

Before our first flight with baby, I had really tried hard. books read. Searching the internet, what you should consider and what you should take with you.

And then I stood with my baby on the plane toilet. The baby from top to bottom. "brown". All clothes "contaminated. And I had only diapers and wet wipes with me.

So, I packed everything back up. Went back to my husband with half naked baby looking up confused from his movie. "What happened?" Then came the feverish search for the replacement clothes. They were definitely in the bag. Only where?

None of the guidebooks and blogs had told me, that I should also pay attention WHERE I put the change of clothes.

That’s why I’m telling you now: When packing for flying with baby note 2 things:

  1. Pack everything so you have it quickly at hand when you need it.
  2. Pack so much that you can take care of your child for 2 days out of your hand luggage.

But what comes now purely in the hand luggage when flying with infant or toddler?

Your packing list for hand luggage when flying with baby and toddler

    and wet wipes
  1. Change of clothes for the baby
  2. A change of shirt for mom
  3. Wound Protection Cream
  4. Nose drops
  5. Pacifier with chain and bag with spare
  6. Facial cleansing wipes
  7. Powdered milk in a portioner and water (hot/cold)
  8. bottle brush, washing-up liquid, sterilizing bag for the microwave oven
  9. Baby food/food for the child
  10. Baby spoon
  11. Baby Blanket
  12. Toys with chain
  13. Fever suppositories, fever thermometer (if necessary. other medicines)
  14. Deodorant wipe for mom and mini hairbrush

So that I have everything quickly to hand Have, I divide things up like this:

  • My Hoppediz changing max with diapers, wet wipes and spare underwear
  • My diaper bag with everything I need at some point during the flight
  • My essential bag with everything I need to have at hand on my seat, even if I am not allowed to get up sometimes
  • My small suitcase or backpack with all the reserves, z.B. for diaper changing, clothing, food, bottle cleaning, etc.

Do you want to know more exactly how much goes into which of the bags?? So that you can get everything in and have it quickly at hand? Then read here: Baby’s carry-on packing list – Much more than the obvious.

A detailed Hand luggage checklist (incl. quantities) and your All-You-Need Shopping list for Amazon and DM there’s ⇓

FREE in the Flying with Baby starter package for you:

All-You-Need Shopping list

Children’s luggage Overview

Hand Luggage Checklist.

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A packing list for toys, clothes and documents in the rest of your luggage can be found here: The thoughtful packing list for your vacation with kids

Extra Tip: Here not listed but always useful is a good travel pharmacy with children, of course, as well as a good International Health Insurance. If you don’t have one yet, I recommend the Hanse Merkur health insurance for abroad. We pay just 30 EUR per year for the whole family and have no deductible, can travel up to 56 days and have many additional benefits (such as. medically reasonable – instead of only necessary – return transport) included.

9. Are you allowed to take WATER with you on the plane for your baby??

Are you wondering right now how you’re actually going to get through the hand luggage checklist with the liquids in the Security check should come?

No worries. It is said everywhere that you are only allowed to take 100 ml of liquids in small transparent bags. But this does not apply to flying with baby. Water and baby food you are allowed to take as much with you as you need for the flight. Plus emergency buffer of course.

You just tell us at the security check that you have water for the baby with you. You are allowed to unpack all this and often it will be checked separately.

So just estimate beforehand how many times your baby will need to be fed in the time from arrival at the airport to arrival (at the destination accommodation)!) normally drinks or eats porridge. Take this much and some buffer.

Extra tip for packing: Pack all liquids for the baby in a small light storage box like in the picture above. You can take them out as a whole and don’t have to look for each bottle separately.

10. Do you get FOOD AND DRINK for babies and toddlers on the plane?

Powdered milk do not exist on airplanes, Porridge depending on the route already.

On a long-haul flight to another continent, you’re probably already getting a jar of porridge. On the flight to Mallorca with the cheap airline, I would rather not rely on it.

There is no free food on many short and medium haul flights. Neither for children nor for adults. You may be able to buy snacks on board. But they are usually not suitable for babies and toddlers.

Take all the food for your baby or toddler yourself, so you are independent.

As for the milk hot water from the plane do not use for baby milk.

Because the water is only heated to drinking temperature on the plane (for coffee and tea). That means it is not necessarily boiled.

More importantly, you can only get the hot water when the flight attendants are on duty Flight attendants just time have to bring it to you.

I have also experienced that they can’t give me any water at all for security reasons and it’s the same with porridge.

I have also experienced that they could not warm it up for me for safety reasons. On another flight they warmed it up for me, but it took ages and then it still wasn’t really warm. My son has of course made quite a terror in the time.

So if you don’t want to depend on the flight attendants but want to feed your child when they are hungry, it’s best to take a thermos of hot water and mix the milk yourself. Or a thermo container with warm porridge.

In this video I explain how to have enough warm baby milk for up to 12 hours with just a 350ml thermos and a bottle of cold water.

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Extra tip for infants: Keep track of your toddler’s normal mealtimes. Make sure you have enough snacks with you so that your child doesn’t go hungry (if applicable. before the food is distributed). Because otherwise the nag ninja will quickly come through.

Extra tip for wives: Take a snack for dad too. Hungry men tend to be harder to serve.

11. How much BREI are you allowed to take in your hand luggage for babies??

It is always said very vaguely baby food in appropriate amount. Of course, what exactly that means is up to the discretion of the person doing the checking.

I always take food and porridge (as hearty squeezies or jars) and etc. in your hand luggage, so that I recommend two to three days come there.

So you’re on the safe side if your suitcase gets lost or you can’t find a supermarket right away. So far I have always got away with it. If you want to take more, just put the rest in the suitcase.

Extra tip for the security check: When packing after the security check, take the 2 minutes to put everything in the right place. Because you’ll be looking for dead later when your child is screaming. Like my husband. The others will have to wait for a while. Mostly everyone is very friendly and patient if you have a baby with you. Also in countries where otherwise rather stress is announced ? Talk about stress.

12. Are you allowed to take the BUGGY or KINDERWAGEN with you on the plane??

A buggy or stroller is allowed on the plane in any case – in most cases even free of charge. Whether you use it until boarding may be able to keep, depends on the Airport (and sometimes even from the terminal in the respective airport). But don’t despair, there are only two options:

1. Possibility: Leave the stroller at the check-in

You hand in your stroller (by the way, the same applies to car seats) with the suitcases. He gets a luggage label like the suitcases and you usually have to take him to the airport afterwards Bulky luggage-Bring the counter. Sometimes you can drop him off directly with the suitcases. That’s what the ground staff will tell you.

At many airports there are now Rent a stroller (z.T. for 1 EUR deposit), where you can put your child afterwards.

But you can’t get them everywhere, and they’re not necessarily always suitable for babies either. So be sure to take a sling or your baby carrier with you so that you don’t have to juggle your child in your arms all the time.

2. Possibility: take the stroller with you all the way to the plane

Your stroller will then also get a sticker like the suitcases. But you can take him normally with you up to To the gate take.

When Security check it must be made completely empty and you must take the child on the arm. Then the stroller is folded and either screened on the conveyor belt or it is checked manually. Then you can put your child back in it and take it to the gate.

At the gate the airport staff will tell you where to put the baby (e.g. where to put the seat).B. at the stairs of the plane or directly behind the boarding pass check). A nice airport employee will come and collect all the strollers and put them in the cargo hold of the plane. And upon arrival?

If you were able to take the stroller with you all the way to the plane, you may still only be able to get it back at the bulky baggage or normal baggage carousel.

The best thing to do is to ask the flight attendants when you get off the plane, they usually know. If they don’t know, ask the staff at the baggage carousel.

Here in the flying with baby FAQ video you can see the whole procedure again.

If your Stroller broken on the flight?

Yay! Everything arrived intact!

You don’t know… I have flown 42 times with a stroller and so far it has always arrived in one piece. This is of course in case of doubt rather luck and no guarantee.

The strollers are not treated better than the suitcases. So it’s best not to take the super expensive luxury model with you – otherwise you might be annoyed afterwards.

Which stroller is best for air travel with baby?

There are travel buggies that fold up as small as a trolley and can be put in a bag. You can then take it into the cabin and stow it in the overhead compartment. But beware, they then count i.d.R. also as hand luggage!

If you go to the airport by car and take your car seat with you, I recommend a buggy with car seat adapter. There you can attach the Maxi Cosi with adapters directly on the buggy. Without having to remove any part of the buggy.

I can highly recommend it. Otherwise you will drag yourself to death, if you take a baby carriage and a baby seat with you. Besides, the i.d.R. at the check-in as ONE stroller which is disassembled into two parts. And this does not cost an extra piece of luggage.

13. Can you take a CHILD SEAT with you on the plane?

You may only take the child seat or infant carrier into the passenger cabin if you have an approved seat (more on this in the next point) and if you have booked a separate seat for your child.

If you haven’t, you may have a separate Car seat for vacation usually (after check-in) bring to the bulky luggage. You can take the foldable travel child seat Urban Kanga (for short distances on vacation) as a piece of hand luggage into the cabin and store it in the tray (it counts like a normal hand luggage bag).

For your "normal car seat can use a child seat cover to protect the cover. I would make sure that you can see that there is a child seat in it. Then maybe 20 suitcases don’t end up on it in the cargo hold. Sometimes the airline gives you a plastic bag for protection. But this is rather rare.

If you’ll be traveling by car a lot on vacation, read Keeping Kids Busy in the Car: The ultimate guide for all ages.

14. How to fly a baby in a plane (SEAT)?

If you just Flight with baby (or infant), then the baby has no own seat. It sits on your lap.

How the child is strapped in varies from country to country. In Germany, it is fastened with a small Baby harness, the so-called Loop Belt, strapped.

It is attached to the adult seat belt and then fastened for the baby, just like an adult seat belt. So the baby is practically hanging on to you (I’ll show you exactly what that looks like in the video).

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In other countries, especially in North and South America, the baby does not get an extra seat belt at all, you just have to hold him or her there.

You have also the possibility to buy for your baby a your own seat to book. This costs approx. 75%-100% of the adult fare.

In this case you can take a baby seat or for bigger children a car seat with you on the plane. This is the most expensive but also the safest option.

If you use a car seat If you take your child’s seat with you, make sure that it has the TuV Rheinland seal "For use in aircraft" has. Without this seal you are not allowed to use a child seat on the plane.

Baby seats that have this seal are z.B. the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus or the Maxi-Cosi Citi. For small children z.B. the seat Britax Romer Eclipse in group I an airplane certification. All TuV certified as "For use in Aircraft" approved seats you can find here.

If you book a separate seat for your child, you can alternatively use a Cares belt. This puts your child in their own seat, with a special harness system that also goes across the chest.

TuV Rheinland is critical of the safety of the Cares harness and says: "The only advantage we can see of the CARES harness is that it gives the child its own "survival space" in its own seat. This is all times better than the transport on the lap of parents."

Extra Tip: When booking your own seat, be sure to check with your airline ahead of time to see what the policy is for child seats and Cares harnesses in the cabin, and whether you need to pre-announce it.

An overview of which airline child seats in the cabin and Cares harnesses allowed findest has Mel of the blog KindimGepack created.

15. How do you get through the airport more relaxed with BABY-SCHLANGEN??

When checking in for your flight with baby, there are often no direct priority lines for families with infants or toddlers.

In any case, you can always ask ignorantly if there is a baby snake. At Check-in, at the security check and at the passport control. It’s best to do it with the baby in your arms – for the extra ooooh factor ;-).

I’ll put it this way: when we arrived in Montreal at check-in, there were already what felt like 150 people in line. My husband had gone to the toilet for a moment. At that moment my son (of course) started to cry. Murphy’s Law… I had the baby on one arm and with the other I struggled to maneuver our mega-heavy luggage cart in line. It didn’t take 2 minutes, when one of the nice ladies from the airline arrived. It got me past everyone to the business class counter. Now you may say "Ok, that was luck."

Believe me, you will have this luck from time to time :-)

Extra Tip: Especially with the low-cost airlines, you can now also get a Online check-in make. This makes everything a little faster at the airport. Some airlines even charge very high fees if you haven’t checked in online before. So just try it. If it doesn’t work out, you then just go to the check-in counter at the airport.

16. Does your infant need a TRAVEL PASS for the flight?

Even if you’re only flying from Hamburg to Holland, your child needs a passport to fly. For children, you can simply apply for a passport at your local citizen’s office Child passport which you can take with you right away (costs approx. 13 EUR).

For Flights to the USA (or with Stopover in the USA) you would need an additional visa with a child passport. This makes it easier to apply for a regular passport for your child, just like you would for an adult. It costs about. 37 Euro and takes three to four weeks.

If you don’t have three to four weeks, you can get an express pass within three days. The costs then however approx. 70 Euro.

There are only very few countries that do not accept the child passport.

But to be sure, it’s best to check the State Department website first. Just Google your destination country and "entry requirements. The foreign office is always one of the first hits and there it is clearly listed with which documents you can enter the country and whether you need a visa.

If you alone with a child When you fly, check beforehand if you need any other documents to leave Germany or to be allowed to leave your country of destination.

If my husband as a Brazilian alone with a child who also has a Brazilian passport, wants to leave Brazil again, he needs z.B. my notarized consent. That’s why our children have only the German passport and not a Brazilian one ;-)

17. What else should you do BEFORE BOARDING with baby?

When you have passed all the checks, look for a cafe. But why?

It’s simple. Ask them to drop off your thermos of fresh hot water Water for the baby to fill up. That also costs nothing. Ready. Anything else you should do? Yes!

Use shortly before boarding again the chance the Diaper change with a little more space. Fill up the diapers in the Wickelmax again, so that you don’t have to go to the reserves in the plane.

It is usually colder in the plane than you think.

Also put an extra layer on the baby and take something thicker with you. Undressing always works ?

As a rule, families with small children board first. However, this is not the case with low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair.

Extra tip for infants: If your child is very active, it might be a good idea for dad to go ahead with the luggage (so that he can find space for it right next to your seat) and for you to play with the child for a while and then board the plane last.

18. What is the PROCEDURE on the plane with a baby??

You already know how it works at the airport. Here’s the quick run-through again:

  1. Check in online if possible
  2. At the check-in counter the luggage
  3. Stroller/car seats either hand it in, bring it to the bulky luggage or take it with you on the plane (depending on the airport)
  4. With baby and liquids through without any problems Security and passport control go
  5. All over again fill up and provide for movement.
  6. It’s a little faster with Baby snakes

But what happens as soon as you get on the plane with your baby??

There is hardly anything that causes more stress than uncertainty.

Knowing what’s happening on the plane automatically makes you a little more relaxed. And this is how it works:

When you’re boarding, you can’t take your stroller fold it up yourself and put it where the ground staff says it should be. It is possible that the first people WITHOUT BABY will overtake you again.

Before you sit down.

Take the essentials bag out of your carry-on and put it in the Seat bag In front of you. Place your hand luggage in the luggage rack so that you can easily reach the opening. It’s best to put the diaper max right in front of it. So you can quickly grab him with one hand.

If you have brought a child seat, just strap it on. If not, in Germany a flight attendant will eventually bring you a loop belt around the baby buckle up.

But where is actually the booked baby crib?

The bassinet will only be mounted when the Travel altitude has been reached. When the seatbelt sign goes on, you have to take the baby out of it as well. Since this happens more often, the comfort of having your own bed is limited, even with a sleeping baby. The baby crib can therefore be a curse and a blessing at the same time.

If your kid is like mine, he’ll have a diaper full a minute before he gets in the car. Exactly then, when you can not use it at all. But it doesn’t help, then you have to change the diaper quickly.

How do you imagine changing diapers on board??

In every airplane there is at least one toilet that allows you to go down to the toilet foldable changing table has.

Dad probably won’t fit in the lavatory as a helping hand, but at least it’s tight enough that your child can’t fall down either. You can get an exact picture here in the Flying with Baby FAQ video.

Extra Tip: The changing tables on the plane are relatively narrow, so don’t pack your changing mat quite so full. The Wickelmax can be filled on one side only and then you can lay your child on it.

19. What do you do if your baby CRIES while flying??

When you have a crying child in your arms, you sometimes forget the simplest things.

That’s why I present you my STARS check before, with which I think of everything. With the initial letters you can remember the individual points better.

If you want your Do not soothe baby can, ask yourself these six questions.

S Pain: Does something hurt him?
T Temperature: Is he cold/warm?
E Food: Is it hungry or thirsty?
R Rest: If it is tired?
N New diaper: If the diaper is full?
E Entertainment: He is bored?

You’ve covered 99% of the common problems. If you want to learn more about each of these issues, read 6 Reasons Why Your Baby Cries and How to Never Forget Them here.

Make the STERNE check your mantra. Make it your automatic response. As soon as your baby screams longer, Than you would like. Let’s face the facts.

Your baby WILL cry on the plane. Do not expect anything else.

That’s what babies do. You might even walk around the kitchen with your baby in your arms like a caged tiger. Up and down. Shady. Desperate. Alternately dodge restroom doors and flight attendants. At least that’s how I felt.

I had already done everything: fed him, changed his diaper, sang to him… And still the little one didn’t stop crying… Then my husband said flatly "Maybe he is cold!"It was as if he had just hit me in the face with a frying pan. Yes of course! Extra blanket over it and 2 minutes later my son was asleep. So simple.

And still I didn’t think of it in the stress. This won’t happen to you anymore (and not to me either) – with your STERNE-Check.

Want to hear more about what other parents are thinking on the plane?? Then read 10 thoughts every parent has on a long-haul flight.

20. How to keep your baby comfortable on the plane?

At very small babies Keeping them busy on the plane is not yet a big issue. They drink and sleep a lot.

But if your child is already a bit bigger and more active it is a HUGE issue.

On a long-haul flight, kids are usually given something to Play from the airline. Whereby these are sometimes only small crayons and a coloring book or also times an inflatable ball (with which one cannot do in the airplane so correctly much)

Always have enough employment material with me.

For older kids I’ll tell you in this video 4 simple (but ingenious) tips to keep your kid busy on the plane and on my equipment page you’ll find lots of game ideas on trips and books to keep kids busy.

21. Why TIME is your secret weapon?

With baby, you don’t really make it through the airport anyway. So arrive with a little more buffer.

Take your time and start the vacation already relaxed instead of hectic.

Extra tip for toddlers: At quite a few airports there are little play corners for kids. Unfortunately they are often a bit hidden. Just ask directly. This will relax you and your toddler.

And also gets off the plane: Take your time. Pack your things in peace (still put them where they were before)!) and go.

Ask the flight attendants where you can get the stroller. Sometimes you have to wait for it right when you get off the plane. Sometimes he comes on the regular baggage carousel. Sometimes at the bulky luggage counter (which then takes even longer anyway).

22. What do you do about JETLAG in kids?

Babies who don’t sleep through the night for a long time, usually don’t have a big problem with the time change. They wake up every few hours anyway, day or night.

Also older children, who already sleep through the night, often have less problems than their parents. But if you all fall asleep standing up in the afternoon from tiredness, here are 4 quick tips, that help:

  1. Eat the Main meals at local time and in between only small snacks and lots of water.
  2. Explain bigger children that there is a confused cuckoo in their head that needs their help.
  3. Make it really dark at night. Using a portable blackout blind if need be.
  4. Stay outside as long as it is lightIs or at least makes it really light inside.

I wrote up exactly what the cuckoo is all about and what you can do if your kid wakes up at 4 in the morning for the blog A Daily Travel Mate: Jet Lag in Kids: These 4 tips really help

23. CONCLUSION to flying with baby – your safe feeling

Your baby is definitely different than mine were. But your panic hamster is definitely related to mine.

With these tips you know what you are doing and feel much safer. The panic hamster no longer runs through your head as if stung by a tarantula. And your baby will feel your security and will also be more relaxed.

The only thing is, how are you supposed to remember it all? Here is again your Summary:

  • Get a safe feeling
  • Check before you book hidden costs
  • Get one Passport for your child
  • Check the Baggage regulations for your flight
  • Care for Pressure equalization at the right time
  • Pack everything in the Hand luggage for the baby easy to reach
  • Take enough snacks for infants with
  • Have Do not be afraid of liquids flying with baby
  • Get one Stroller with car seat adapter
  • Always ask Baby snakes
  • Fill Diapers and water before boarding At
  • Know the Procedures at the airport and on the plane
  • Make the STERNE check when your Baby cries
  • Make sure enough entertainment to have
  • Let yourself Time. A lot of time

And as much as I wish it for you: Of course I can’t give you a guarantee that your baby won’t make a sound on the flight.

But I can guarantee you one thing.

The travel time ahead of you will be very special.

You’ll be eating this up for a long time. Finally have some time. For your baby. For your partner. For you together. As a family. This experience is irreplaceable. Find a vacation accommodation suitable for children in which you feel really comfortable and enjoy the time.

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Children’s luggage Overview

Hand luggage checklist.

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Hello Eva,
thanks for your tips, they are super helpful!
We are flying soon for the first time with our 4 month old daughter. The flight is short, only an hour and a half. But what worries me is the stroller (frame+carrycot, we don’t take a stroller since we don’t own one). Should you pack it, and if so, what’s the best way – is just rain cover enough or should you wrap it in bubble wrap? Is it better to hand him over at the gate, or already at check-in? Where is the chance greater that he survives? Do you have to split it at the gate and fold it up too (at least the frame)?
Thanks for your answer!
Love greetings

Dear Ani, we also flew with stroller (frame + tub) on our first flight. The procedure is the same. If it’s possible, I would always leave it at the gate, as it is less likely to be transported there and therefore has a greater chance of arriving in one piece. But that depends on the airport, if that is possible. D.h. you don’t really have a choice and just have to do it the way they tell you at checkin. The car you have to take apart then (whether checkin or gate) in the 2 parts. I would just take a protective cover for the tub. So far I have never had a stroller or buggy break on a flight. This is of course not a guarantee, but packing in foil is at least extremely impractical when dropped off at the gate because it takes way too long.
Love, Eva

Dear Eva,
we flew yesterday from Frankfurt airport with Lufthansa. We were allowed to take the stroller to the gate, there we took it apart, covered the tub with rain protection. We had him right when we landed and he survived! The staff was very friendly, I must say. So everything went great. :)
Best regards!

Wow! I am SO THANKFUL to be able to find this information here. I am thinking about flying to Guatemala (my home country) with my little Eva (6months) in October. My husband could come a few weeks later. …but
-First time with baby, 22hrs on the road, in covid times… ‘alone’. I worry about underestimating the whole thing. (Have flown alone several times, now this time the whole thing is new and apparently more cumbersome.. that already makes a lot in the head!)

What do you say? – Love thanks again for so many valuable hacks! <3

Dear Michelle, sorry for the late reply. It is definitely feasible to fly alone with baby. Mostly the seat neighbors or flight attendants help out for a short time. Just be prepared for the fact that it may take some time. difficult will be to eat and have enough cereal bars o.a. you can eat with one hand ;-) The baby sleeps then yes. And instead of watching a movie, use every free minute to rest and doze a bit. With the tips on the website you will be well prepared for a long haul flight. Best regards, Eva

We are flying to Mallorca in 3 weeks with our then 6 month old son. I am totally worried that he will get an earache from the pressure. Have already read a lot and know that it is best to drink/swallow. He is still breastfed and is unfortunately finished after a few minutes. He does not drink from a bottle. Mostly just chewing on it. What can I do if he has already finished drinking before the takeoff and/or landing process is over?? In your experience, how long do earaches last in babies?? Are they gone after a few minutes? Or can it last longer? When exactly to start breastfeeding?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Kind regards

Love Anita,
if you don’t know it yet, I would like to recommend this article about pressure compensation when flying with baby and toddler, in which I interviewed a hearing expert.

Most children have no difficulty with pressure equalization, but that is of course no guarantee. Therefore I can understand your worries well. What you can do is to nurse him when the plane starts to accelerate. So right at the start itself. If he finishes quickly, take a bottle anyway. If he chews on it, that also stimulates the swallowing reflex, so that would not be wrong either. Otherwise you could also take a fruit teat with you (try it at home beforehand to see if he likes it) or just a teething ring. In short, something he likes to chew on at the moment. Because of the stimulated salivation one swallows automatically.

To be on the safe side, you can also talk to your pediatrician about giving him decongestant nose drops. That then best as soon as the doors are closed from the plane, as they act after a few minutes. This also helps the pressure balance quite well.

As I said, most babies have no problem with this at all. Be prepared but don’t worry too much and distract him well with activity. Then it will work for sure ;-)

Love greetings,

Hi Anita,
we are also planning our first vacation with our little daughter.
At the end of July it should also go to Mallorca. Then she will be just under 7 months old.
We are also very excited :D I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

We are back from vacation today with our 8-week-old daughter and are already planning our next upcoming trip when she is 10 months old. The flight now was super relaxed with her, but the flight was still quite manageable with almost four hours. Because when she is 10 months old, it should go to Mexico and that is of course already a bit further.
Your blog has already helped me a lot and I will read through the posts a few more times and take the checklists into account.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Dear Naly, oh that makes me really happy. Where were you on vacation? Do you have contacts in Mexico or has it always been a dream destination for you?? The flight is a little longer, but you can do that too. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Best regards, Eva

thanks for your answer!

We have friends in Mexico who are celebrating a wedding in December. I have already looked for flights today and in the best case we take a direct flight, but that already costs twice as much as a flight with a stopover… in total that would be in the best case 12 and 10 hours flight and with a stopover around 16 hours of the trip. One would like to save of course actually every hour, but also our wallet would like to save LOL

It’s quite funny, in between I’m like "Yeah! In any case we fly!"and then in the next moment I get a little panic again. Is it perhaps too selfish of me??

Regarding your question: We were in Turkey and that was not necessarily as relaxing as before, but relieving, because with all inclusive I didn’t have to cook or clean up hehe

(I miscalculated the age of my daughter in the first comment, she will be 9 months old in December hehe)

a mexican wedding sounds like an experience in any case :-) The flight time with a stop is of course longer, but a stop also has the charm that the kids can really work off again. And then the time passes faster than you think :-)

That you sway back and forth is quite normal. Of course you can only decide for yourself. We for us noticed that the kids are fine when the parents are fine and they have no problem with traveling at all. On the contrary, they now even ask when we travel again and look forward to it. If flying with your daughter has been relaxed so far, she doesn’t seem to have any fundamental problem with flying, I would say. ;-)

Also, that it is not quite as relaxed as before is completely normal. For that, the older she gets, the more new things you will discover that you would never have seen otherwise ;-)

Hi Eva, thanks a lot for the great info! One question I would have: do you book a flight for you adults on eg. momondo and then book the baby crib and the seat reservation directly (usually only 48 hrs. before). before departure possible) with the airline, or how do you do that?? When I enter 2 adults and 1 baby in the flight search engines, I get the full 3 airfares instead of the discounted price for the baby. And directly on the websites of the airlines it is much more expensive :(. Would be glad for your help to book here. Thanks and LG, Laura

Hello dear Laura, for us the prices on Momondo actually always fit. But the presentation takes a little getting used to. They take the total price for 2erw.+baby and then divide that by 3 people. That is shown as the total price. If the flight costs 300 EUR per adult and 60 EUR for the baby, then the total is 660 EUR and Momondo shows 220 EUR as the price per person. On the website of the airline you see the 300 EUR, because that is only the price for one full payer. I hope you understand how I mean that. Is that also the problem with you? You can usually add the baby crib by phone only after booking (but only on long haul flights and often costs something).
Best regards, Eva

Hi Eva, thank you very much, that’s exactly how it was with us, have seen it only now after your explanation that the price is simply divided by 3 then. May I ask who you book the baby crib with (airline directly or third party who issues and sends the ticket)??) and still important would be, whether the baby then has its own seat, if I book for 3 or that is just the price, so that it may sit with us on the lap? Exactly, we would need it for long distance flights (to Mexico) . Thanks for your tips! :). Kind regards, Laura

Thanks for this great blog. Was very interesting to read.

In Febeuar 2021 comes our 1. I have just had my first child and landed here for "research purposes" :-D
We hope to fly to Italy next year on parental leave if Corona doesn’t shut everything down again.
Thank you for your detailed experience! Really great that you share them with all of us !
Keep up the good travels, LG!

Thanks for this great blog. Was very interesting to read.

Thank you. You’re very welcome :-)

Dear Eva,
thanks for the informative post and the great blog.
We also want to fly soon with our little one in the context of parental leave to New Zealand and are quite curious how the flight will be.
For me as a dad, the "STERNE" tip was also very helpful^^

Dear Sebastian, I am glad that the STERNE check has helped you. Have a great time planning your parenting trip. I hope, until then normality has returned in the travel life ..
Love, Eva

very great blog – thanks for this. We are flying to Crete in April (baby will be 8 months old). Tap water should not be used boiled for the milk bottle, but is there normal water in the supermarket which is low in sodium?? How did you always do it?
Lg Eileen

Dear Eileen, the composition is actually written everywhere, so that you can choose the best variant. We have always used regular still water from the supermarket. If you have to be extremely careful about low sodium water for your baby for health reasons, talk to your pediatrician again first to see what is acceptable. LG, Eva

Hello, I came across your blog by chance and had to smile when the panic hamster was mentioned ! The runs namely also with me in the head around with the thoughts with my baby to travel ?

My little one will be 4 months when we would start the trip next month.
My hamster is on a roller coaster at the thought of traveling with her UNvaccinated ! We have decided to have the little one vaccinated later we will postpone it until she is ca. becomes one year old.
Now the cause of my panic hamster can I do it at all if she is unvaccinated? The trip if we book would go to either Istanbul, London or Paris.
How was it for you ? Was your baby vaccinated ? And when was the very first flight with the little rascal?

the fear that something could happen to the baby on the way is a consideration for most parents when traveling. I know the panic hamster well too….

I always try to see it in comparison to home. Do I take a risk with the trip that is greater than if I stay at home?? And if so, how high is the risk really. You guys decided to postpone the vaccinations here in Germany. So I would ask myself the question – would I have made the same decision in London, Paris or Istanbul? Or would I have seen there other risks, which I would have estimated higher and therefore vaccinations before made. So would you see different risks in London in terms of vaccinations than at home for example. If I proceed according to this principle, I also make a decision that I can well represent ;-)

Without having a closer look at the dates, my gut feeling would estimate the risk for Paris and London similar to here, for Istanbul I would look again. Your pediatrician or a travel doctor can of course give you more detailed information on the risk assessment of the destination itself.

To answer your question: We were traveling for the first time when my son was 3 months old. There we were in Canada. We started our trip around the world when he was 6 months old and the first big wave of vaccinations was over. We were with both children at the age of 6 months and 1 year in countries like Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Alaska and Canada. We have the travel starts in each case so that they were vaccinated according to the STIKO recommendations.


Hello my son is 5 1/2 months when we want to fly. However, we have to fly with a stopover to my parents-in-law, there are no direct flights there. So I have some concerns. Since my son is very sensitive I have concerns about the pressure on the ears as he reacts to it ..

Dear Melissa, I keep my fingers crossed that your son is not bothered by the pressure on the plane. If you say that he is very sensitive anyway, I would check with the pediatrician before – so he can check the ears again. If everything is okay, just try to support him somehow to equalize the pressure (pacifier, drinking, maybe already a fruit teat …). You can do it! Kind regards, Eva

Great site, thank you now I can sleep more calmly. Although we are not flying yet I am more relaxed now. As we have a 12 hour flight to Grandma’s and our little one will be about 10/11 months old then.

Dear Michelle, I’m glad that you are a little calmer with it. We also have a 12 hour flight to grandma’s house… So I can understand it well! You can do it! Where are you going??

Hamburg airport also has rental buggies that you can leave at the terminal.
Evtl also other airport?

Dear Sandra, I know from Hanover, Dubai and Frankfurt that they also have rental buggies. But in Frankfurt they are not easy to get everywhere. Berlin Tegel has none. I will ask around ;-) LG, Eva

Very cool tips, thanks for that! In September we are going on vacation with the mouse for the first time with the plane – Crete beckons! Since we can use all this well… ?

Thanks for this post Eva! as soon as I get jitters before the trip again, especially when Babyboy has bad days…. I read these lines and think to myself . super easy… off you go :-)

you have helped us a lot with this! :-)

Hey Ulli! Gosh, I am glad! I know that when the kiddos have bad days, you get all the more respect for a long flight! I had also just ;-) But the flight will be over sooner or later anyway and with a few tricks it won’t be so wild :-) Once arrived you will be rewarded for all the stress :-) Where are you going? Best regards, Eva

Hello Eva,
am by chance on your Blogg stumbled… Super. Thanks for all the tips. Our mouse will be 3 years old in October and we now dare our first flying vacation to Mallorca. First of all short distance :-). I have only one question… That one may take the hot water etc. with babies is clear to me. with babies is clear to me, but does that still go with toddlers? Our mouse drinks god-thank you very much and I would like to take her a 0.5l bottle of water for the flight, so we are independent of the service. Is that possible without further ado? We have already had the experience – even without a child – that after checking at the gates or. on the way there, not always the possibility gives to buy still such drink bottles. Sometimes it also depends on the flight times… Therefore I would like to take something from the beginning….
LG and thank you for your answer.

Hello Silke, I am glad that the site helps you! :-) as for the water, they usually ask at the safety check how old the child is. Up to 3 years you are allowed to take water. But in case of doubt it is in the hand of the examiner. My experience is that they are rather tolerant. With our 4 year old I was always allowed to take water with me. So try it in any case what to take with you. Maybe even in a children’s bottle and not a normal PET, then they are perhaps even more relaxed ;-) I wish you a great time on Mallorca! Kind regards, Eva

Hello dear Eva,
great how you took the trouble to write all this down and take away the "fear of flying" for us moms :-) ! On Sunday we fly with my daughter 3 years u. our little man -5 months- from Hannover airport. He still needs the bottle of course! My question& Fear is but> I come with my thermos bottle of hot water for the baby through security to the gate.
Everywhere I read always only liquid at most in 100ml size. And what about the return flight from Spain??

Very dear greetings

Hello Jenny,
you are allowed to take as much water for your baby as you need. That will be if necessary. but extra checked is allowed.
For the return flight, simply have the bottle filled with hot water in the hotel or in the cafe at the airport. You will definitely get through the security check with it! I wish you a great vacation!
– Eva

Hi Eva, THANK YOU for the great, helpful tips ?? We are flying next week the first time with our little man 4 months. My question :we have a normal stroller with a bassinet. You can separate the stroller into two parts, but of course you can’t fold the bassinet. Do you think that could be a problem? Glad to read from you.
All love Hannah

Dear Hannah, we flew with a big Hartan stroller on our first flight. That was not a problem. But to be on the safe side, check the regulations of your airline again. Some only allow a small collapsible stroller. Ask people to put a luggage label on both parts when checking in. Then both can be assigned to you in case they get separated. Otherwise I would fold it when simply quite tightly lash, evt so a suitcase strap o. a. around it, so the baby tub just stays inside and therefore protected. I wish you a great vacation! Love, Eva

Halli Hello, my mouse is 4 and flies now for the first time. I wonder if she can already look out the window? Or if there are blankets on board to put under her bottom? Would be a shame if she only sees the wall and seat and not what it looks like outside.
Love greetings

Hi Chrissi, our son is about 1.10m and he can only look out of the window when he kneels on the seat. So if she sits strapped in at take off it will be hard to see more than the sky. Putting blankets underneath or something, the flight attendants don’t allow it for safety reasons. But during the flight she can then look out in any case times, if the seat belt signs are off ? I wish you a great vacation!

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