Error message in windows 7/8/10/11: the path is not available

In this article, we will present you effective solutions for the seven cases of ‘The path is not available’ error on Windows 11/10/8/7. Identify the problem you encounter and then run the solution to access the disk, files and folder and recover your data.

What causes the error "The path is not available"??

"The path is not available. D:\ cannot be accessed. There is no recognized file system on the disk. make sure that all necessary file system drivers are loaded and that the disk is not damaged."

" The path is not available. F:\ cannot be accessed. Access denied."

Ferler message The path is not available
The path is not available

Did you encounter the error "The path is not available"? encountered? It means that the file system on the HDD is corrupted or RAW. If you check the hard disk properties, you can see that the hard disk shows 0 bytes available. What problems can lead to this error? We have listed some main reasons.

  • Connected disk is not safely removed.
  • File system (NTFS, FAT) is corrupted.
  • HDD power failure
  • Defective sectors
  • Encrypted files or folders

What to do? How to fix the error? In this article we have collected five solutions.

Solution 1. Recover data and format the disk

Applies to the problem: The file system on the disk is not recognized.

If you get an error message "There is no recognized file system on the disk", you cannot access the disk. Open the Windows Disk Management, you can find out, the file system may have become RAW. In this case you can convert the file system to NTFS or FAT32.

Before you start to repair the error, we recommend you to save your data on it first. Contact professional data recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, one of the best free data recovery software, offers solutions to almost all data loss problems and can recover data on RAW hard drives, USB drives, SD cards and other storage media on Windows 7/8/10/11.

Step 1. Recover data on the inaccessible disk

The data recovery software will scan the disk space to locate the existing data and the lost data. Save this data to another location before fixing the disk error.

1. Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Select the storage media that cannot be opened. Click on "Scan. As long as the storage medium is still recognized by the disk management, the data recovery is still possible.

select inaccessible storage medium

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will first list all the deleted files. After that, it will once again scan the entire hard drive to really find all recoverable files.

All the deleted files are listed

3. Look through the preview and select the files you want to recover.


You should save all recovered files to another hard disk to avoid that an error can overwrite the data after all.

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