Earn money on the internet

More and more people are discovering the opportunities to earn money on the Internet with new business ideas, content and offers. In the meantime, all doubts have been removed that you can also earn money seriously on the Internet and be successfully self-employed.

Earn money on the internet


1. Alternatives to making money online

There are several ways to earn money on the Internet. The content-based variant relies on marketing one’s own website by means of advertisements or partner programs. In addition, there is the online store, through which you sell various products, goods or services on the Internet. Blogger, Youtuber or Influencer are typical occupations, which are connected with the Internet. However, this is far from exhausting the possibilities.

Who presents creative ideas, first-class contents or favorable offers, operates effective search machine optimization and ideally several sources of income builds up, can earn also already very much money in the Internet. In any case, the possibilities are very diverse and vary in success.

It would go beyond the scope here to present all the possibilities with their advantages and disadvantages. Some start with a hobby blog and affiliate programs, others with an online store. Very interesting are also the opportunities to earn money with e-books or apps for smartphones.

However, all business ideas and models on the Internet have in common that you have to reach a relevant number of visitors in order to sell your offers in sufficient numbers.

2. Find your own way to earn money

Every beginner, but also some advanced can only be advised to gather their own experience in earning money on the Internet and find their own way to success. What works on a website of provider A, does not necessarily work on provider B.

Each website has its own individual character due to its content and design, which appeals to a certain audience but not to others. In addition, there is the authenticity and persuasiveness of the person behind a website.

Just as I as a lawyer primarily offer business start-up advice and tax advice for small and medium-sized enterprises, another is a specialist in the programming of apps for smartphones or in the sale of accessories for the hobbyist.

3. Observe the legal framework

If you want to earn money on the Internet, you now have to observe numerous legal conditions in order not to expose yourself to the risk of a warning or liability for illegal content or offers.

In recent years, legislation and case law have developed countless new regulations that apply to doing business on the Internet. In first place is the Telemedia Act (TMG), followed by the information requirements for the protection of consumers.

The European General Data Protection Regulation has once again significantly tightened the legal requirements for websites and online stores.

4. Only long-term work pays off

No money without work. If you want to earn money legally, seriously and sustainably, you need staying power, sustained work effort and constant reaction to changes.

Although there are countless tempting promises on how to make money quickly on the Internet. But mostly it is only the providers of such "solutions" who earn money in the end. From my own experience I know that it takes a lot of work and knowledge to acquire the techniques on the Internet and you never stop learning. But it pays to have something to offer.

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Earn money on the internet

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Earn money on the internet

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Earn money on the internet

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