Dog anxious on new year’s eve: what to do??

New Year's Eve Dog Tips

For many dog owners the New Year’s Eve a delicate subject. Not every dog puts the Firecrackers without further ado away. Many dog owners are already thinking about how best to get through this day, actually days, as before and after New Year’s Eve also already the Firecracker are to be heard, with its dog comes. Because many dogs are too New Year’s Eve a pure bundle of nervesEvery walk becomes a gauntlet. Some dogs refuse this completely.

The turn of the year thus becomes absolute stress for dog and owner. There are many means in the specialized trade, however so really one does not see through there. Also not every means helps with each dog to New Year’s Eve and thus one is each year before 31. December anew in search of THE remedy.

Noise CD

Such sounds CDs are for training and for the Desensitization thought. These are available with different themes, for example with sounds of New Year’s Eve, thunderstorms and more. Mostly one can download these noise CDs liable to pay the costs directly in the Internet. A training with such Sound CDs should start already weeks before the actual event.

Bach flowers

Named after their discoverer Dr. Edward Bach. For New Year’s Eve there are different Essences, which are best mixed together by a veterinarian or animal healer. These should be given two to three weeks before New Year’s Eve. Furthermore there are various Globules (homeopathic pellets), which should also be adjusted by a specialist, exactly to the own dog.

D.A.P.® (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)

D.A.P. is a synthetic replica of the Calming pheromones the bitch. Calming pheromones are odor messengers that are formed by the bitch 3-5 days after the birth of her puppies on the uterus. D.A.P.® is available as an atomizer for the socket, as a collar or as a spray. The exact use should be read on the respective product.

TTouch and TTEAM® (Tellington Touch Every Animal Method)

With this method (founded by Linda Tellington-Jones) one works with special attentive touches with the hands (so-called Tellington-Touches) on the entire body of the animal, in order to release so tensions, which are Self-healing and thus establish a trusting bond with the animal. Furthermore, body bandages are used with the animal for better body awareness, so as to provide a sense of security, stability and balance. TTEAM® also includes special ground work. To learn this, one should go to designated centers or trainers.


Thundershirt dogs test

The Shirt for dogs, consists of solid sweatshirt fabric and 10% spandex. Through a system of Velcro, the shirt can be tightly fastened around the dog’s body. Due to its special cut, the shirt exerts on the chest and mid-body, a gentle and continuous pressure. This has on most fear dogs a calming effect. The Thundershirt is available in seven different sizes.

We have tested the Thundershirt and published the result in a detailed article with video and pictures.

Sedation / Immobilization

There are various Medication, that completely knock out the dog. If at all, this should necessarily with a veterinary surgeon before exactly clarified as many medications increase the sensitivity to noise. Above all, some drugs simply make the dog immobile and he gets the banging in full, but can not move, which ultimately the Fear of New Year’s Eve would only intensify and you have an absolutely panicked dog afterwards.

Alcohol (eggnog)

You read correctly. I have heard many times that some Fear dog with a small sip of alcohol (eggnog is liked by most dogs) gets through New Year’s Eve well. And if one panic dog every year on New Year’s Eve has, one tries out nevertheless so some things. We are not talking about a glass, which should be given to the dog, but a guideline of one to two tablespoons for a 20 to 30 kg dog. Depending on the fear behavior, you should use the eggnog already around noon of 31. Decembers give and if one notices that the "effect" decreases toward evening/New Year’s Eve, still something to give.

Whether you want to give your dog alcohol or not, of course, everyone must decide for themselves. And of course the dog should not be made so "drunk" that there are problems elsewhere. No matter which means one uses. Basically, you should do the following with a fearful Dog on New Year’s Eve note:

Tips for dogs on New Year’s Eve

  • The dog on these days Do not put the dog on a leash under any circumstances. Too big is the danger that he could run away because of a firecracker and not find his way home again. In the worst case he could run over a road and get run over.
  • Goes at times where not so much Geknallt is. At some point you have developed a sense of when just outside is busy, or when a slightly quieter time is. Try to fit such "breaks" so that the dog has as little stress as possible.
  • On New Year’s Eve the darken windows, so that the dog does not see the light flashes. This can already reduce the anxiety a little. To drown out the noise a little, you can also leave the TV on during this time. But please do not set it so loud that it blows your ears off. And also pay attention to the transmitter. Many show the fireworks at midnight, which would then be counterproductive for the dog.
  • For some dogs who are not yet too stressed or scared, it also helps to have very special Treats to get. So you can also "feed nicely" New Year’s Eve. But this really only works if the dog is still able to eat something and the treat is something very special for him.
  • It also helps some dogs if you put them in a Wrap blanket and simply sits with them. But cautionToo much pity, worst of all with a miserable sounding voice, can make the dog even more fearful!
  • Helpful can also be a darkened box, or be another means of retreat. Often it is enough to let the dog on the sofa and in the bed to be close to his person.

You just have to try out what exactly helps with your dog and what might even increase his anxiety.

Dogs on New Year's Eve

It makes sense in any case, if you have already been with the Dog before New Year’s Eve with a training under competent guidance, so that one can experience the turn of the year, as relaxed as possible, together with the dog.

Who specifically Firecrackers and firecrackers (it is recommended to start with firecrackers) should get them for New Year’s Eve, because they are only available at this time of the year. However, this training should really be done under professional guidance, as you can see with Desensitization can do a lot wrong. If anyone has any tips and/or experiences, please feel free to share them using the comments section below. Author: Melanie Weber-Tilse

Following we have listed products to buy, which we mentioned in the article about dog and fear on New Year’s Eve:

Please no fireworks on New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve fireworks dog

On our Planet Dog Facebook page, we have started a "Please no fireworks" campaign on New Year’s Eve. We’re asking for your support: + Share this article + Link to this article on your homepage or blog. Thank you very much!

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