Does santa claus really exist? – what do you answer your child?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Around Christmastime, they’re popping up everywhere again, the nice older men dressed in red with white ruffled beards and long hats. Everywhere you meet Santa Claus. Whether at the Christmas market, in books or numerous represented as decorations. But at some point, children ask the question of all questions: does Santa Claus or the Christ Child actually really exist? Tips for the answer can be found here.

Does Santa Claus really exist?? – What do you answer your child?

"Look mom, Santa Claus"

The little ones get a gleam in their eyes when suddenly a tall man with a red jacket and black boots stands in front of them and asks them in a raised voice if they have been nice and good throughout the year. Apart from the long white beard, the face is hardly recognizable and yet every child knows: this is the Santa Claus they have been waiting for so eagerly. And to the presents of course.

"Does Santa Claus exist at all?"

At some point, however, children reach an age when they begin to question the fairy tale about Santa Claus. How does he do it all in just one night? Bringing presents, listening to poems and driving once around the world in a flying sleigh?

And where is Dad actually always when Santa Claus appears? The voice of the good old man also sounds very familiar to the inquiring ears of children. Now good advice is expensive for parents, who are usually just riddled with these and similar questions.

Which is better, enlightenment or excuses?

At some point a child wants to have clarity and put an end to the fairy tale stories. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enlightenment, if you package the truth properly. Of course, you could explain to your child that Santa Claus doesn’t really exist, that he’d be stone cold by now, after all, and that the child has got that right.

But why then the masquerade every year? Because it’s just a nice custom and it’s especially nice for the little ones to have something to believe in. Regardless of whether it was real or just an act. If the detective child has younger siblings and can keep quiet about his latest findings in the case of "Who is Santa Claus?", he is now one of the grown-ups and will see how great it is to watch the younger ones stare longingly out the window on Christmas Eve and wait patiently for the arrival, while in the next room the transformation of Dad into Santa Claus takes place.

The big sibling will see the little ones standing wide-eyed with joy before the bearded man and realize that it really is a great custom. Especially when the big kid, now in the know when it comes to dressing up, stands right next to Dad and sees he can’t be Santa at all!

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