Design your presentation creatively: 5 tips for your presentation – put an end to boring lectures!

Presenting creatively


To make your next paper creative, here are a few tips for you on how you’re guaranteed to win the attention of your class.

A presentation is often only exciting for one person, and that is the one who is giving it at the moment. The rest of the class shuts down and wearily awaits the end of the presentation – but a presentation doesn’t have to be boring at all. Just get inspired by our ideas and make your next presentation not only fun and attention-grabbing for your classmates, but also for a good grade.

1. Visualization

Instead of simply chanting down dates and numbers or projecting boring tables on the wall, present your data as vividly as possible. The best way to do this is with infographics: About the Tool Charts Builder you can create diagrams within a few minutes, which you can then include in your PowerPoint presentation via HTML code or a link, for example. The tool offers you countless possibilities to create graphics. Even Youtube videos can be integrated into the graphics – just give it a try!

2. Gamification

Game elements can be easily integrated into any PowerPoint presentation – the whole thing is called gamification in technical jargon. The principle is simple: the games make your class enjoy your presentation. Thus your information remains better in the memory. You can find free game templates here.
On the page Quizly You can also quickly create a simple quiz and call it up via a link. Whether you have the class compete in teams or ask estimation questions of the entire group: If you involve your classmates, they will automatically follow you more attentively and remember your presentation better.


3. Dynamics

With the tool Prezi You can create great and creative presentations online, which are very different from the usual PowerPoint presentations. Prezi presentations do not consist of individual slides, but are structured like a large mind map. During the lecture, the individual points are zoomed in and examined in more detail. If the presentation is well thought out, connections can be presented very well. You can find an example of a Prezi presentation, which gives you some useful tips on the four learning types and the appropriate presentation methods for each one here.

4. Multimedia

To get your class excited about a topic, you can use a variety of media to add variety to the classroom experience. Whether you show a short video, pick a podcast with expert opinions, or play an appropriate song is up to you. It is certain that your classmates will be grateful if your presentation is creative and not too monotonous. But be careful not to overdo it – too many stimuli can also overwhelm your class and cause exactly the opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

5. discussion

Group discussions are very suitable for the conclusion of a presentation. To do this, you should think of a discussion question to ask your class beforehand. You can also have your class argue against each other in two teams, each of which you assign a certain position (pro/con). Then even those who think they already have a firm opinion will have to think about the topic again. Maybe the views of some of your classmates will even change during the discussion or during your presentation. That’s why it can also be exciting to show your class at the beginning and at the end of your presentation or. of the discussion and to compare the results.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your Creative and exciting presentation to design. In any case, you should make sure that you don’t integrate everything at once into your next presentation. Think about what makes the most sense for your topic and make sure that your presentation is not interrupted by too many media inserts or similar. Keep in mind that the attention span of your classmates is 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, your presentation should not be longer.

More tips and hints for preparation and Structure of a presentation we give you in this Article. If you want to improve your grades, here is the perfect offer for you.

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