Deductible in the case of a maintenance obligation: how high is it??

How high is the deductible for alimony? You can find out more about this topic in our guide

How high is the deductible for a maintenance payment? You can find out more about this topic in our guidebook.

To ensure that a person liable to pay alimony still has enough money left over to cover his or her own living expenses, there is a so-called "deductible" (Selbstbehalt) Self-retention. This amount should subsistence level of the person obliged to pay maintenance.

The amount of the deductible depends u. a. according to the Necessity and ranking of the person in need of maintenance as well as according to the Gainful employment of the person obliged to pay maintenance. How much deductible remains for you if you are maintenance The following guide will tell you what the deductible amount is and whether it can be increased or decreased.

FAQ: Deductible in the case of a maintenance obligation

In the context of the maintenance the self-retention serves the Covering the cost of living of the debtor.

The amount of the deductible is calculated on the basis of the Dusseldorf table. Opposite minor children the deductible of the person obliged to pay maintenance is usually lower than that of a spouse in need.

The need control amount is used to distribute the income between The maintenance and the maintenance beneficiaries. That can concern with the child support then also several children.

What is the deductible?

According to the Civil Code (BGB) applies in Germany a Maintenance obligation for parents towards their children, children towards their parents, between relatives in a straight line as well as between spouses. However, if a person is a dependent, he must still have enough money to pay his Covering one’s own living expenses can.

To ensure that this is the case, the Self-retention. The obligation to pay maintenance is thus not unlimited. It exists only if the person who is to pay maintenance can easily cover his own living expenses. However, he is entitled to the needy maintenance debtor, who usually does not want to waive his right to maintenance. Parents, for example, are liable to their children equally obligated to support and must also ensure that this can be provided.

The deductible is measured on the basis of the Dusseldorf table

The deductible is calculated on the basis of the Dusseldorfer Tabelle.

The need and ability to pay are thus important points for the maintenance obligation. So that the person liable to pay maintenance not needy themselves and is no longer able to cover his living expenses, the deductible exists. Through him, the alimony payments are to a certain extent limited.

In plain language, this means that a person liable to pay maintenance must not become a welfare case if he or she has not paid his or her Maintenance obligations according to. The deductible thus secures his Minimum subsistence level and ensures that he can pay for rent, incidental expenses, food and clothing himself.

How high is the deductible according to the Dusseldorf table??

How much alimony must be paid and how high the deductible of an alimony payer is is legally not uniform fixed. However, as a guideline for the amount of the deductible exists the Dusseldorf table. This is updated regularly and thus adapts to current living conditions.

However, the deductible can also be adjusted if the person liable to pay maintenance is is not gainfully employed is and receives unemployment benefit or Hartz IV. The deductible includes, among other things, a share of the Rent and additional costs contain. How high the deductible is in relation to the different dependents can be determined using the Table the deductible:

Person in need of maintenancePerson obliged to pay maintenance (gainfully employed)Person obliged to pay maintenance (not gainfully employed)
minor or privileged adult children 1160 Euro 960 euros
children of full age 1400 Euro 1400 euros
Separated spouses 1280 Euro 1160 Euro
non-marital parents 1280 Euro 1160 euros
Parental maintenance 2000 Euro 2000 Euro

Example: Peter Muller has a adjusted net income of 2300 Euro. He has three children (3, 8 and 13 years) who live with his ex-wife. According to Dusseldorf Table he would have to pay 293 euros for the youngest child (390 euros maintenance minus half of the child benefit of 97 euros). The other children are entitled to 350 and 427 euros respectively.

Peters Deductible is 1160 Euro. He would have to pay maintenance in the amount of 1070 euros to his three children or. to pay to his ex-wife as a substitute. Since he is still above the deductible despite the alimony payments, he is fully entitled to the Maintenance obligation.

Necessary deductible for minor and privileged adult children

The necessary deductible applies to child support for minor children

For child support for minor children the necessary deductible applies.

Basically there are Different forms of the deductible. The deductible for the child support for underage as well as for privileged full-age children the deductible is 1160 Euro.

The Higher Regional Court (OLG) of Dusseldorf measures this amount as the necessary personal needs for persons obliged to pay maintenance.

If the breadwinner is not gainfully employed is the necessary deductible for persons entitled to maintenance in the highest order of priority 960 Euro. This sum already includes 430 Euro for housing costs included. These consist of rent as well as additional costs and heating.

In this context, the small or necessary deductible is spoken of. The amount is so low that especially children who are still on the general school education can receive child support from their parents. Because in this stage of life they have not yet been able to meet their living expenses himself/herself.

Appropriate deductible for children of full age, parents, grandparents, etc.

Furthermore, the reasonable, large deductible. adult children who have reached the age of 21. Spouses who have reached the age of 18, are unmarried and are pursuing vocational training are generally entitled to maintenance. In this case, however, the person liable to pay maintenance is entitled to a higher deductible of 1300 euros vis-à-vis children of full age to.

Low deductible for spousal support

The reasonable or marriage-appropriate deductible rate is applied in the case of spousal maintenance during the separation year and after divorce or parents of illegitimate children. In the case of mothers and fathers of an illegitimate child, however, the appropriate deductible is only 1200 euros. This is independent of whether the child liable to pay maintenance is a dependent child gainfully employed is or is not.

In the 1200 Euro reasonable deductible are already 430 euros for accommodation as well as incidental expenses and heating included. The same deductible also applies to spouses. Thus, the reasonable deductible can be located between the necessary and reasonable deductible.

Is it possible to change the deductible?

The deductible in case of a maintenance obligation can be changed only in rare cases

The deductible in the case of a maintenance obligation can be changed only in rare cases.

The deductible is not a fixed amount that cannot be changed. Under certain Requirements the deductible may well change and, for example, be adjusted to adjust to new living circumstances. This can happen both in favor and to the disadvantage of the debtor.

This may be the case, for example, if the costs for the warm rent are unavoidably higher than those taken into account in the deductible. A change in the deductible is also possible if the person liable for maintenance is remarries. To what extent this affects increase or decrease of the deductible, you can read in the following sections.

The deductible can also be increased?

In principle, it is also possible that the competent family court may order the deductible of the debtor increased. However, this usually only occurs in two cases in consideration:

  • higher housing costs are unavoidable
  • the income of the parent liable for maintenance is more than 50 % higher than that of the other parent

If one of these points is present, in the Individual case decision can be made that the deductible will be increased. However, this is only possible in a reasonable amount possible. This may be the case, for example, if a parent liable for child support has a Warm rent of 400 euros children and the costs cannot be reduced, the deductible.

The parent with whom the children do not live is usually required to payment of cash alimony obligated. The other parent can pay his or her support obligations in the form of In kind pay. The German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) found in a judgment of 4. May 2011 [Az. XII ZR 70/09] an different decision.

In this case earned the parent with whom the child lives more than 50 % more than the parent who is obliged to pay cash maintenance. The person obliged to pay maintenance had comparatively low income. Thus, the necessary deductible of 1160 euros was changed to the reasonable deductible of 1200 euros raised.

When is a reduction of the deductible possible?

Divorce: The parents' deductible is important for calculating cash maintenance

divorce: Parents’ deductible is important for calculating cash alimony.

In principle, a Reduction of the deductible possible. In principle, however, this only comes in very rare cases in consideration.

Persons in need of maintenance Minimum maintenance However, if you do not receive the deductible, you often ask yourself whether the deductible cannot be reduced under certain conditions.

Here it concerns essentially lower housing costs than included in the deductible. In a judgment of the 11. March 1999 of the OLG Dresden [AZ. 10 UF 722/98] it was stated that a Reduction of the deductible because of lower rent costs does not come into question.

The debtor may decide for himself whether he wants to have a comparatively favorable dwelling seeks and the remaining deductible for clothing or other Expenses spends.

Reduction of the deductible if you remarry

The Deductible however, in the case of a maintenance payment to needy persons, the lowered if the person liable to pay alimony is in different living circumstances than when the maintenance was first calculated. However, this is only conceivable if the person liable to pay maintenance newly married is.

In addition, the new spouse or life partner must earn substantially more money. In fact, this would ensure that the new spouse would be able to pay the debtor a certain amount of Spousal support must pay. How this affects the deductible and the maintenance can best be explained with an example:

Peter Muller has a Adjusted net income of 1300 Euro. According to Dusseldorf table he or she would have to pay child support of 476 euros for his or her 13-year-old child less half of the child benefit of 96 euros, i.e. 397 euros. His deductible is 1080 euros. This would be Lower alimony payments will be.

The deductible for child support may change in case of remarriage

The deductible for child support may change in case of remarriage.

In principle, the children from several marriages are also to be considered of equal rank with regard to maintenance. If in the new marriage you are working full-time for the care of a child you still have to make sure that other minor and privileged adult children can meet their Maintenance claim can draw.

In this case you have to pay able to pay his. If you fail to pursue an occupation, you must reckon with the fact that for the maintenance calculation a fictitious income is determined. This is an amount that you would have to theoretically earn could happen if you had a full-time job. In the first three years of life of the child the caring parent must however no gainful employmentt follow.

Thus the Family Court the possibility to order you to pay child support. The deductible also plays a role in the calculation based on fictitious income deductible a role. The disadvantage of this, however, is that the child support enforced if you do not comply with the payment. Also a enforcement of assets is conceivable.

If the deductible is undercut – deficiency case calculation

It is not uncommon that the Child support is not able to pay the minimum maintenance for his children. But what happens in such a case? Who will pay for the Alimony at? If the person liable to pay maintenance is not able to cover the maintenance claims for his equal children, this is a so-called deficiency case.

Example: The adjusted net income of the person liable for maintenance amounts to 1200 euros. His children are 3 and 12 years old, of school age and live with the mother. In the case of child support, the deductible of the person obliged to pay support is 1080 Euros. The distribution mass thus amounts to 120 Euro.

Now the maintenance is calculated on the basis of the Dusseldorf Table determined. The Payment amount (minimum child support minus half of the child support) is 257 and 379 Euro, in total 636 Euro. Now the pro rata maintenance for the two children is calculated by multiplying the payment amount by the distribution mass and dividing this sum by the maintenance of both children:

3 year old child: 257 x 120 : 636 = 48,49 Euro
12 year old child: 379 x 120 : 636 = 71,51 Euro

Subordinate maintenance beneficiaries Such as adult children who have reached the age of 21. In this case, the children who have reached the age of 65 or spouses are left empty-handed, since the low income and the deductible of the person obliged to pay maintenance do not even cover the minimum maintenance for the children priority maintenance beneficiaries can be paid in full.

Deductible vs. Need control amount: What is the difference??

The deductible plays a decisive role in the alimony payment

The deductible plays a decisive role in the maintenance payment.

For the Self-retention is there no separate column in the Dusseldorfer table. Often the mistake is made that the deductible with the Need control amount confused. However, the needs control amount is not the personal need of the maintenance debtor.

It is used to balanced distribution of the income between the person liable to pay maintenance and the children entitled to maintenance must be ensured.

If there are several maintenance obligations to be fulfilled, which ensure that the Need control amount is undercut, can for the Maintenance calculation the lower needs group could be applied.

This is mainly to prevent that the maintenance obligation is financially worse off is than the alimony. By the way, there is no need control amount for the first table group. Here is only the Self-retention decisively. Accordingly, the Dusseldorfer Tabelle does not include a maintenance allowance until the following table group Need control amount expelled.

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My son gets 800,00 € unemployment benefit and 300,00 € child support will be deducted from it. He lives with seinet life partner and is not in the lease, so the employment office can make this, they say.
His life partner in is ill with cancer, receives only little sick pay and must pay something in addition for the chemo. She previously worked in care and now the supplements fall, so she has little sick pay.
Now he could take up a job, which he would like to accept, he has applied there himself. But now he lacks the money to get there and also to feed himself because he would lie out for the week. He would net 1.200, 00 € but has signed a title at the JA, that he has to pay a monthly. 300,00 € must be paid. He would like to have this changed. Is it so without further ado? It can’t be that he gets into poverty resp. beautiful is only because of the child support. He has regular contact to his child, loves it and is also ready to pay appropriate maintenance if he is not impoverished by it. But he is already. I can no longer help him, since I receive disability pension. What can he do, child support to pay, but also still be able to live?
Thank you in advance, because we can not afford an RA.

for legal advice, persons who do not have sufficient financial means of their own can, if necessary. apply for a Beratungshilfeschein. For the examination of the claims of the child and your son, the legal advice is recommended. We can not give a legal assessment at this point.

If he gets ALG 1, he can apply for additional benefits and deduct the alimony, among other things.
If he receives ALG2, he is not obligated to pay KU despite title!

my husband gets sick pay and the health insurance automatically deducts child support every month and the youth welfare office gets that. His daughter is now 16.5 years old. He has written an email to the Youth Welfare Office and asked whether it is checked whether his daughter has started an apprenticeship and whether he would then still have to pay alimony. Unfortunately, the Youth Welfare Office does not respond to his question. What can we do now? Does he still have to pay alimony if his daughter goes into the apprenticeship?? And how could we find out?
MfG Gabi

as a rule there is a mutual obligation to provide information. If necessary, contact. directly to your husband’s daughter to ask for information.

my son lives with a live-in girlfriend (mini-job) with whom he has 2 children (4 years and 6 years), but has with 2 other women 1 child each (10 and 12 years).He works for a company where he earns a NET salary of approx.1200€ has.My question: How high is his deductible??To come to the Arebeit he maintains a small car! – Rept-costs -fuel costs insurance and taxes for it as well!
The JA but is also the opinion he should look for an additional job!At the job he is now doing he is from 5.30 o’clock to approx. 17 o’clock from the house!
Would thank me in the direction to get notice.
Thank you very much.
With kindest regards

the deductible towards underage children is currently 1.080 euro.

Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to ask if my deductible will increase if I have to take care of another child of my own in the same household despite having to pay alimony. So far the law speaks, resp.the Dusseldorfer Table only of the deductible for the person liable to pay maintenance alone.
Yours sincerely, A.

as a rule, the deductible is based on the dependents. Occasionally circumstances of the obligor can justify an increase.

Dear Sir or Madam, I have already read a lot, but I have not found the right answer yet. To the matter: I am responsible for the maintenance of 2 daughters, 13 and 15 years. In October I married my new wife, who is also liable for maintenance, for 2 children, 8 and 11 years. We live together in one apartment and all 4 children visit us regularly, even for several days, without the ex-spouse contributing financially, although they receive child support from the Youth Welfare Office plus child support. Now the question: How high is our deductible?? I would like to have this explained in detail, but understandable.
Thank you Mike

you can see the generally granted deductibles in the table in the text above.

Good day
I have a daughter and pay income has been sufficient to pay the full alimony.I had to be operated and was a little over a year on sick leave and have received sick sickness benefit is lower and accordingly lower should also be the alimony.about.200euro less per I have received mail that I am in arrears at maintenance place is permissible ?they have added up the shortfall over this one year and want me to pay it.

I have two children from a previous relationship for whom I pay alimony. In
my current marriage I have two children again. My wife is taking care of our youngest child and is therefore unable to work. Can it be that my deductible is only about 1100 euros. I must also pay for my wife, since she has no income of her own.

Hello John,
I know the problem, with me it is so far the same situation.
In this case your current wife has to live on air and love, because the biological children have priority. So in a way it was told to me by the JA and confirmed by the lawyer

Hello, I should lt. Letter from the district office to pay alimony for my mother, who was placed in a nursing home. Therefore, I must provide information about my earnings and expenses. Of course it does not matter that I have no contact with her for more than 10 years. I myself am 63 years old and work hard in a 3-shift system. Now my question, how high is my deductible if I deduct all expenses. I live alone in a rented apartment. What about the supplements such as 50 and 20% for night and weekend work?? Are these included or deducted in the calculation? I would be very pleased about a quick answer. Thank you very much!

the self-retention of those obliged to pay maintenance to the parents is usually 1.800 euros. Please contact if necessary. to a lawyer, in order to let examine, how high a possible maintenance requirement could be.

Good day,
I have to pay back to the youth welfare office alimony, which was paid here in advance, when my children were still minors. My salary is net at 1440.00 €. I am newly married and have a minor child. I am now told that I should pay 80.00 € per child (a total of 160.00 € per month) to the office. My offer was a voluntary payment of € 50,00 per child. Now I am threatened with a salary garnishment according to § 850 d ZPO, if I do not pay the € 80.00 per child per month.
My question is now, I am not under the garnishment exemption limit with my salary? I am told here that if I refuse, the garnishment table according to § 850 c ZPO does not apply here, since the district court then determines the garnishment exemption limit individually.
But if I make a voluntary payment of € 50.00 per child, they can then still? And where is the garnishment limit…?? My family must also be allowed a subsistence level?
With kind regards
K + M.

please contact a lawyer to check your case. A clarification of the facts is not possible here.

Hello, my husband is obliged to pay maintenance for 2 children and we have a common child. Furthermore, I have 2 children brought into the marriage that do not get support and must be provided by me, I earn less than my husband can you count my salary to grant his 2 children more support or do I have with the two children a "protection limit" that must be respected.

a claim to child support arises as a rule only the legal parents.

I have 2 children from two different men. My daughter lives with me and sees her father every 2 weeks. This pays alimony for them.
My son lives with his father. I pay monthly half for the after-school care and his music lessons and he comes at least 2 days a week to me.
Is the alimony and child support I receive for my daughter also counted as income? Increases my deductible by the fact that I have a dependent child living in my household?
Or does the deductible remain at 1080€?

For a short answer I would be very grateful.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I, mother of a daughter who is not of age, have an adjusted net income of 1 euro per child for a 30-hour week.300 Euro. I already receive basic alimony from my examen for our common daughter.
How much deductible is due to me: z.B. in the calculation of the liability shares for additional needs?
My ex-husband has an adjusted net income of 2.300 euros. How much deductible is he entitled to?

Thank you very much for your help,

Good day,
I am divorced for 10 years and have 3 children from my first marriage at the age of 20, 16 and 15 years. My 20 year old son started a dual study program a month ago, where the tuition fees are fully covered by the company, and in addition he gets an allowance of 315€ and he lives with his mother. In 2011 I got married again and now I have 2 more children at the age of 4 and 6 years with my wife, who is employed marginally (450€). My daily distance to my workplace is 58km one way, and I work in an office where I have job-related expenses such as dressing up, cleaning pants and shirts. My average monthly income incl. of all allowances and vacation pay is 3578 unadjusted. I have high rent costs, 1250€ warm, high travel costs to work (300€ monthly) etc.. So far I have paid monthly 992€ alimony for my 3 children from first Ehebezahlt, which was set several years ago. How does the amount for the maintenance of my 3 children from my first marriage change with the start of my son’s studies, and what may remain for us, since I am also obligated to support my wife and my new 2 children?? How high is the adjusted income and do I have to pay maintenance to my son who is studying, he still has a job and earns some money on the side.

Thank you for a quick answer.

My friend has two daughters, 18 and 19 years old. Both live with the mother. He pays so far according to a written agreement without further details about the duration, 400€ for both children and had so far a net income of previously 1500€, today 1600€. He also voluntarily paid 400€ extra annually until 2018 = 50% of his Christmas bonus in November.

The older daughter earns about 750€ net since August 2018, the younger one dropped out of her first education in February/March and will only start a new, school education in August without remuneration.

I am of the opinion that my boyfriend only has to pay maintenance to his younger daughter. But he continues to pay 400€ to the mother.
For fear of conflicts. He also pays the cell phone bills of the children and one installment each for gifts for the 18th birthday.

Question: Can he reduce the maintenance despite the agreement from the divorce period to an appropriate amount for the younger daughter?? He thinks about 200€ per month.

Communication has currently been broken off for about four months.

He does not want to initiate a lawsuit of his own accord. He thinks z. B. by reducing the child support would have to become active themselves yes.

Hello dear team,
my case is a bit complicated :-)
On the one hand I am obliged to pay maintenance (son, 16 years from 1.marriage), on the other hand I am (resp. my 2. son / 8 years old) as a single parent (new civil partnership) maintenance.
The Unterhaltsvorschusskasse represents my first son and justifiably wants alimony. Due to the new partnership, my deductible has been reduced by 10% to 972€. I myself am full-time employed and can not cover the care times without my partner anyway. In addition, I incur professional expenses (travel costs and day care fees) which are not fully offset.

To my question:
– Is it right that my deductible is also as a single parent only at 1080 €?
And can this be reduced even though living space (room for my son) had to be rented.
– If Ichnachweisen can prove that my professional expenses exceed the lump sum of 150 €. Why are these not taken into account?

I would be very grateful for a quick advice!

please contact a lawyer to check the calculation. We can not assess your individual case at this point because we are not allowed to give legal advice.

My younger son 4 years lives with me in alternating model. I receive only child support more not. Now comes the Unterhaltsvorschusskasse and says they have only a deductible of 947 euros, is that right?? I have to pay for my big son maintenance and I have 947 euros deductible plus pro rata the child support of my little son. Although there are many court decisions on the Internet that there is an increased deductible in the alternating model to protect the child from poverty.
The office threatens meanwhile already with seizing. If I pay that I live far below the poverty line.

How high is my deductible with the alternating model?? I can of 947 euros no child finance clothes eat and still ne large apartment ..

In the meantime I don’t know where to turn anymore. The alternating model is simply not taken into account and no one is interested.

the usual deductible for underage or privileged adult children is currently 1.080 Euro resp. with non-employed maintenance debtor at 880 euros.

My case is as follows. I have 2 children 12 and 16. The 12 year old lives with me the 16 year old lives with my ex-wife. The 16 year old is a father since February. He still goes to school. Now the youth welfare office wants a salary information from me, whether I am liable to pay maintenance for my grandson. How much is the selbstbebehlt for me as a grandpa, since my son lives with me.

I would be grateful for a quick answer.

The appropriate deductible for a maintenance obligation to grandchildren (relative maintenance) is currently 1.800 €. It can be increased in individual cases.


I have the feeling that the Jugendamt cannot accept that I am a deficiency case and demands the full maintenance from me without taking into account the deductible.
My life is totally ruined financially by this fatal decision of the JA and I can only cover my fixed costs with a side job. physically I go to the limit, because even the 48 hours are no longer enough to keep me afloat.

Not to work is more worthwhile than what I do. How sad is that!
My data:
My salary (including converted Christmas and vacation pay) 2230€
I pay for 3 children (11, 9 and 6 years), which is currently 909€.
Next year there are 2 increases and 2021 again.
Unfortunately, my salary will certainly not increase 3x in 15 months.
Bank debt mtl. 317€ due to the expulsion into homelessness (I was disposed of by an extremely dubious protection against violence from the common apartment – this was later immediately revoked in the oral hearing), of which the Youth Welfare Office unfortunately accepts only 125€.
Rent 645€ warm (+45€ underground parking)
I am the sole tenant, but now live with my new girlfriend.
My workplace is exactly 20km away from my home.
I work full time

Do I have a chance that they finally keep my deductible and may I still go to work besides?

Here is a brief history:
I have found out that I have paid several times over min. I have been cheated on for 9 months in my marriage.
In the following months, my ex-wife made a plan with a list to get rid of me and to make me look bad in the environment in order to get the child support and to ensure that I can no longer come back.
Then, in a simple dispute (over her cell phone costs), she resorted to the highest possible instrument of the court: The injunction of the protection against violence.
The tip came from her good friend who happens to work at the youth welfare office.
With lies sworn under oath!

My second question: After this has been cancelled, how should I act?? Counterclaim, even after more than 2 years?
As I understand it, this is an outright process fraud.

I am very grateful for your comments/answers.

please contact a lawyer for clarification of your questions. We are not allowed to give legal advice at this point and therefore can not give legal assessments on special cases.

My friend has two children with his ex-girlfriend.
He pays alimony for both children and his ex.
Since he does not have much left of his salary in the month, we would like to move in together.
To what extent does the deductible change etc?. If I now take over half of the rent?
Many thanks already.

my husband has two daughters from a previous partnership. He works self-employed, net he has an average of 1200 euros / month. The mother of his children earns about double.
Now we are married. I earn significantly more than my husband. Now the question arises whether his deductible shifts upward as a result.
Can you help me with this question?
Thank you very much and kind regards!

Hello I have a question,

I have a child from a previous relationship, the mother is newly married to a well-earning man.

I am also newly married, we have a child 2 years, and there is a new pregnancy, so my wife can not go to work.
Does this increase my self-support?

One of my two children, my almost 16 year old daughter, has moved to him in November by manipulation of the child father.
Now I should pay the alimony logically to him.
So far I had only a 28 hours job, could increase this by 2 hours. More goes but unfortunately not there. I’m already trying to get a mini-job or another job, but that does not work so quickly.

I have an adjusted NEK of 930 €.
I calculate on fictitious full 38 hours, I have an adjusted NEK of 1200 €.
If I look for a mini-job instead of my part-time job, it is still 1380€ adjusted NEK.

Does the deductible of 1080 € count for me or do I still have to pay the full minimum maintenance of 374 € or from 2020 395 €?

How do I behave now correctly? I also do not want to make myself liable to prosecution. I am just a little overwhelmed with the situation, because it all came as a surprise. I can not talk to the father of the child, I do not have a new partner.

Thank you very much for your help.

please contact a lawyer to check the maintenance claims. An estimation is not possible at this point.

I am in a "benefit for participation in working life", inter-company training as a tax clerk. I receive z.Zt. 1215€ transitional allowance from the German Pension Insurance and I am responsible for maintenance ggu. of a child.
The Office for Social Services now says they make the full maintenance claimed, 220€, as long as the title exists.
How can I invoke my deductible?? Only by changing the title? And runs the difference, which would take over the Unterhaltsvorschusskasse then, as debts on?

Hello together,
I have only one question According to Dusseldorfer table may keep mann 1160 euros and there is warm rent 400 euros or 430 euros I ask all the all Cheapest rent is at least 650 euros Warm more favorable apartment gibst unfortunately not for 1 room or 2 room apartments or even old building Costs already at least 600 euros and there is still electricity bill other bills in addition or still installment payments example as I how should I live must eat every day noodles may I not eat a day what else ?
5 months ago I married a 4 room apartment we moved in together the whole furniture and the installments runs all over me I could not take what but simply leave the apartment and I still continue to pay the whole bills I find unfortunately really 1160 euros too little …
Kind regards Kaan

my question is: I have 2 children 12 and next week 18 years.
My daughter starts from 01.09.20 a training and has net about 800 euros. Until 01.09 it lives also still together with my other child with me u moves out only then.
My ex pays alimony but would like on 01.07 the maintenance of my daughter give although she still lives with me u would like that I pay her also maintenance.
My net salary is 1700 Euro u have my underage son still living here.

How is this calculated for the months she still lives here u when she moves out and earns herself?
To the Selbdtbehalt there is surely also an amount for my 12 year old child that lives with me?
About help and quick answer I would be very grateful
With kind regards

when a child reaches the age of majority, he/she is responsible for the enforcement of his/her maintenance claim against both parents. From the general claim are own income of the child regularly to be deducted. If the child is able to cover his or her maintenance needs independently – for example, by earning a salary from training – the child is not usually entitled to child maintenance from his or her parents.

How high is the personal need of a 67 year old pensioner who in 2020 suddenly has to pay maintenance for a 40 year old child who was previously financially independent.
Thanks for answer.

the deductible towards non-privileged adult children is currently 1.400 €.

My partner has 3 children. One child we have together. Now the youth welfare office has calculated his deductible to 1040 Euro, because he lives together with me. Is this legal? I am currently still on parental leave, our son is 15 weeks old.

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