Corona: kitzingen community shelter under quarantine

After the Lower Franconian anchor center in geldersheim (lkr. Schweinfurt), a community shelter for asylum seekers is now also under quarantine: the facility in the innopark business park in kitzingen.

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The quarantine measures have been initiated by the health department of kitzingen, after 20 residents of the shared accommodation have tested positive. The government of Lower Franconia has announced that it is no longer possible to determine the individual surroundings of the contact persons in the facility as a reason for the complete quarantine.

Infected persons were isolated

The residents who tested positive are now being housed separately. A total of 262 people of different nationalities, mainly from Afghanistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Syria, Nigeria and Iran, currently live in two large buildings in the innopark community center in Kitzingen.

The affected residents have been informed about the outbreak of corona and have been informed about the necessary distance and hygiene rules, according to the statement. All would be tested for the virus as a precaution. A food supplier will now take over the catering of the affected persons. Medical care will also be provided. According to the government, the accommodation administration and the security service are available as contact persons for the residents.

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