Convert dog years to human years: how old is your dog really?

This simple chart will tell you the actual age of your four-legged friend! Learn how to easily convert dog years to human years.


Have you ever wondered how old your dog really is?? Are you still under the belief that 7 dog years equals one human year? This is simply a lie! Why it is important to know how old my dog really is? With our table you can quickly find out in which stage of life your dog is and how you can best support your four-legged friend. If your dog is already a senior, you can find valuable tips for this phase of life here. Find out now how to convert dog years to human years:


How do you correctly convert dog years into human years??

Dogs age faster than humans: While a biped is just reaching puberty at 14 years old, dogs are already considered seniors at this age. The years to be calculated depend on various factors. Weight and size play a big role.

Rule of thumb: Large and heavy dogs age faster and unfortunately do not live as long as their smaller counterparts.

While big dogs like Great Danes have already reached a very old age of 6-7 years, for a small dog this can be just the prime of his life.

Large dogs have the disadvantage that their cells divide faster, making them more vulnerable to tumors.

Comparison: calculate dog years into human years

Overview table Calculate dog years in human years

Here’s how you converted dog years into human years in just a few seconds. Your dog is probably older than you thought. It is important to remember that older dogs have different needs. They perceive the environment with their senses differently from young dogs. Senior dogs

  • Have a reduced quality of vision,
  • may already be somewhat deaf and
  • Have a sense of direction that is no longer as pronounced.

How old can your dog get?

The maximum age of your dog depends again on several factors. Pay attention to the following things to guarantee a beautiful and above all long dog life:

You would like to document the activity of your dog exactly and find a comparison to other dogs within the same breed? Tractive’s activity tracking helps you do this.

Dog playing with small boy in summer meadow

How to make sure your dog lives as long as possible

To estimate how many years your dog can enjoy, you should take into account several factors. It goes without saying that a healthy lifestyle with sufficient exercise, as with humans, is the key to success so that your dog lives a long and happy life. Here are some more things you can do to help your dog live a long and healthy life:

  • Pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet
  • Introduce regular exercise in everyday life
  • Do not neglect claw and nail care.
  • Pay attention to regular visits to the vet
  • Ensure your dog doesn’t get into trouble with activity tracking
  • Cuddles, affection and lots of love – it’s as simple as that!

Try to integrate these things into your daily life and let them become a matter of course. You can also use the GPS tracker to measure the time your dog spends active and set fitness goals for him – thanks to activity tracking.

My dog is adopted: how to find out how old he really is

If you’ve adopted a dog and his age is unknown, your veterinarian can help by using the

  1. teeth
  2. Bones
  3. Muscle
  4. organs and
  5. the nature of your animal (z. B. gray hair)

estimate the dog’s years precisely.

Your dog is older than you thought, after you converted the dog years into human years? In this video you will get the best tips on what special needs older dogs have:

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