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Often I hear that women have difficulties to conquer a man. Especially if you are perhaps a little shy or not naturally as an extroverted personality can approach your prince charming. It can be very difficult to conquer the right man. You might not think so at first, but some men are very reserved and reluctant to respond to advances.

So it may happen to you that you are rejected, for a variety of reasons. But in this article I will tell you ways how to conquer almost any man you want to have. This list of course excludes all the men who are simply not into your type or are married/in a committed relationship. From these men one leaves then also simply the fingers.

In the following article you can read everything in detail and ask a few questions afterwards.

Draw attention to yourself

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If you have found someone who particularly appeals to you, then you should try to catch his attention. You can achieve this by standing out from the crowd. Bspw. a nice dress or nice accessories can attract the attention of the man you want to conquer. Just be yourself and stand out You so as an individual from the mass, do what you like. I’m sure you can capture his attention if you do it right and put yourself in the spotlight. Be yourself and be special

If you are different from the rest of the women, then he will also notice you subtly. Of course you should not overdo it with your outfit. A few well placed Eyecatcher like a nice but discreet makeup or a great necklace can often be enough to get his attention.

It is enough if he sees you for a short moment and memorizes you. Maybe you already know that he likes something in particular? Then wear something that attracts his attention with it. However, in this case you should then of course also know about this topic.

The right moment

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Try to wait for the right moment in a cafe for example. Approach Him when it just seems like he is not busy or has little to do. You should avoid hectic situations. This brings calm into the situation from the beginning and also creates a nice conversational atmosphere. If you wait for the right moment, he will immediately be ready to start a new conversation with you and will be happy to have a new interlocutor. The right moment is very important

Try to keep the conversation simple, make small talk first. And then, as you get closer to each other, you can touch on more profound topics. This will keep the conversation going.

If it is hectic or he is standing with other friends and speaks the conversation could very quickly fizzle out proceed. Too large is here the danger that crucial information was not communicated and the chance is wasted. If there is no other way, for example after a concert, and there is a possibility that you will never see him again, approach him and talk to him anyway. It can still become something. But in these cases, don’t forget to write down your number for him!

Nothing is more annoying than when you later say to yourself: "If only I had approached him, now I will most likely never see him again".

The first impression

Men and women take 90 seconds to form an opinion about the interlocutor to make. With our 43 facial muscles we can make over 10.000 different expressions, feelings and moods to convey. So pay attention to your first impression and smile at him cheerfully. To the best of your ability, act on it and don’t overreact to what he does.

It is very important what impression you give when you want to conquer a man. However, an artificial and unnatural behavior, highlighted by covering for example supposedly bad mood, most men recognize immediately and often seems unnatural, posed and not very likeable. It can ruin the whole mood if you are a bit bitchy and keep hitting on him. Nobody likes that. No matter where you meet, the first impression decides the whole conversation

After you have made your first impression, it is important to remain attractive and nice. Because you can’t hide certain emotions forever, so you better stay true to yourself from the beginning and show him who you are. This will make you more attractive and exciting.

Therefore, just stay natural and appear with a well-groomed appearance. Visual stimuli are for most men at the first impression very crucial. If you want to know more about it, I can also recommend " Advertisement The subtlety of a woman: Become a man whisperer".

Conquer a man with a smile

If you are in a good mood yourself, then smile. A natural, sympathetic smile, with which the man sympathy is suggested, acts very attractive. Hereby you can collect already in the first impression very many plus points. A friendly and cheerful face is always better than a bitter face. The first impression also comes into play here. You can see in yourself and others that people like to smile at each other and communicate with each other.

Conquering a man with a smile

Decisive here is the naturalness. If they don’t feel like smiling honestly and sincerely, then you’d better leave it alone. Nothing is more unappealing than an artificial smile. Approach him with your cards on the table, or if you don’t feel like it, don’t approach him at all. Trying is important, but if you can’t go about it with the right attitude, you may do more harm than good. Conquer a man with a smile


If you are then involved in a conversation with him, listen to him attentively. This will make it easier for you to start a new conversation later and pick up on the topic you have already discussed. The better you listen, the more you will learn from him, which is very, very important in the later course of the conversation or further dates. If you know a lot of information you can show off and show that you are interested in the person. Listen to each other, so then you will know what to say at the next meeting.

Listening helps but also not only in the first acquaintance. On all dates and on all occasions you should pay attention to what he tells you. Conversely, of course, he should listen to you while you are talking about yourself. It is important that he gets to know you, with all your facets.

For example, if he mentioned a knee injury or a party over the weekend, the next time you meet him, you can easily ask him how how his knee is doing and how it was at the party. So you have a good start to involve him directly in a conversation which also interests him. Show him that you are interested in him!

Give compliments

Now and then a small compliment can also give you some plus points. Just do not overdo it. Too many or maybe even false compliments seem unnatural and rather off-putting. If you want to give him a compliment, always be honest. You like to hear compliments, and men like compliments as well. Make him a compliment to something that is individual about him. For example, his style of dress or his hair.

Other examples would be something that he may not have heard that often before. If he has very strikingly beautiful eyes, then tell him that he is very funny and has a great sense of humor. With such little things you can already stand out subconsciously. This simply means that probably every other man says to him, that he looks great, the eyes are stunning etc. Give him a compliment that comes from the heart.

Let the compliment naturally flow into the conversation to maybe get it going or just let it flow in that way. In any case, you will immediately see that it pleases him and puts him in a positive mood towards you.

Conquer man - make compliments

Advertise Compliment him once in a while

The wavelength is decisive

And I don’t mean your hair. If you want to conquer a man, You should see that you are on the same wavelength with him. Often it is said that the chemistry must be right. The chemistry is right, however, only if you have similarities in certain areas.

Therefore, try to find common ground. For example, if he loves to ride his motorcycle, then you could mention that you also have already ridden a motorcycle and it has given you a lot of pleasure. If you find a lot of common ground, this automatically creates sympathy and trust. Therefore, try to find out what interests he has by asking specific questions. Read more about this in my book " Anzeige Vertrauen aufbauen und wiedergewinnen – Leitfaden fur eine erfullte Beziehung". Being on the same wavelength means understanding each other

People who tell a lot about themselves automatically feel comfortable. This gives you additional plus. The other way around, if you would tell all the time, you will not learn anything about him. But make sure that the ratio is right and that you tell him about yourself in equal parts.

The sympathy is also very important when you talk to each other. By this I mean that you get along well right away. If you don’t find much in common, it can frustrate you very quickly.

fire your imagination

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If you’ve known each other for a while and maybe even talk on the phone occasionally, you can also just consciously fire his imagination a bit to be able to conquer this man. When you are at home, you can also just call him when you are in the bathtub and tell him about it. Most men find this very exciting. Spark your own imagination and find ways to blow him away!

You can also include other little things during a phone call or during a conversation. Play gently with a strand of hair. Bite your lips. This will draw attention to your face.

If you prefer to see them in other places, then you play with it with your hands. This will draw the man’s attention and gaze. Then his imagination can do the rest all by itself.

Address him directly

How often do I hear the words "would have" and "would" from women?. Many simply think and act too much in the subjunctive. In certain situations you just have to go on the offensive to conquer the dream man and help yourself to a little happiness.

It is important not to always wander around in the comfort zone. Especially if you want to conquer someone, you have to take action and dare to do something. Make sure you get out of the comfort zone, to the panic zone. Do what you have always wanted to do and ask him. This is the only thing that will give you an answer, nothing else.

If you are honest with yourself, you have nothing to lose. In the worst case you get a rejection. And you can easily survive this. Everyone gets a rejection once in a while, women as well as men. It will not end the world.

In the best case you address your future husband. Imagine what could happen, if you only address him! As the saying goes:

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Conquer man - less is more

Just try it. It is time to act. Less is often more

exchange phone numbers

Very important when you meet a great man: Give him your phone number! Almost nothing is more important than this, because how else is he going to reach out to you later on?

If the communication takes place directly online or you have for some other reason his phone number is definitely already very good! Because this way you can continue the communication whenever you want. You don’t have to arrange something in the context of a date or free up extra time. Without the phone number, you may never speak to each other again!

You can talk to him whenever you like! And also about whatever you want. And the more you talk, the more topics of conversation will also come up.

Also let him fidget

You should not give the impression that you are running after him. This is more of a deterrent to men. On the other hand, you should not ignore him completely to prove your independence.

If he has written you a message and you are actually already very excited about his next one, stay calm and write from time to time just later. Most men think similarly and would also like you to write back immediately. So you can make him squirm a little bit and stir up his curiosity. You know the tension of waiting for the other person’s answer. A little distance can do some people good!

If you don’t write him back right away, you’re putting him on the rack a bit and he’ll be even happier about your message afterwards. But also here you should not overdo it.

If you don’t write him back for weeks, he might lose interest at some point. Now and then a little waiting has never harmed a man. I am talking here from a few minutes to a few hours. If it’s already evening, you could drag out the answer until through the night.

If you want to make it especially clever, do not read the answer at all. That shows him, that you are not constantly on your cell phone. But if you read it without writing back, he sees that and thinks you are ignoring him.

Naturalness: less is more

Very important if you want to conquer a man: Stay natural. Often less is more, Like the classic Bauhaus style. This is especially true for women who often go overboard with their appearance. You don’t have to be more thunderous for him. Remain as you are, that comes best. Be natural! This will help you!

Just don’t overdo it with your makeup, perfume and looks. At the latest after you have been swimming together for the first time, the facade will be noticed anyway. Just stay yourself, This way you have the best chance to conquer the right man. He should fall in love with you and not with her appearance.

You can also get more info in my book. Here you can have a look at the book.

Respond to him

This point goes hand in hand with listening. You have to give the Lord of Creation the opportunity to tell him about yourself. Listen to him attentively to find out interesting details and to learn things from him that might be important later on.

Conquer man - (13)

Because as soon as you know what makes him go around, you can also enter him. I mean that you can understand his worries and fears and explain to him that this is all right for you. Try to understand him. Show him that you understand him in every facet of his life!

Show that you understand and perceive his motives and actions and that this is not a problem for you. Responding to men means that you do what is often simply forgotten in society: Men have feelings too And also need confirmation of the same. So be the woman who does not tell him "Get over it!"but be responsive to him and explain "That’s okay, I accept you as you are!"

Get to know his friends

Meet the friends of a future partner has equal two, great advantages! His friends are the ones who know him best. So you can also find out about them how he is, what he likes to do and how best to conquer him! This has of course enormous advantages! Who does not wish to have a source of information that you can use right away just like that? Getting to know his friends has two advantages: they will be on your side and you will learn more about your dream man!

And the second point is that men are often in the Circle of friends talk about women and how you would do as a future partner. If you know his friends and you can present yourself well to them, then they will tell your chosen one that you are a good catch. And that it’s worth it when he "conquers you". But be careful! There are also downsides.

You Should do not flirt with the friends or in any way show interest in you. If possible, never meet them alone, but always in a group. Otherwise one of his friends will think that you tried to conquer him. And that is really not your goal.

Touching him

conquer man - (12)

The last point I would like to make is touching their swarm. Touching has the function, that you are already physically closer to him. It should suggest that the two of you are already close. In addition, most men get through it only really that you want something from him. So touch him lightly in different places and make your message clear. Make it clear to him that you want something from him, touch him!

Ideal places to touch and to pat are of course the shoulders, the Elbows or forearms. You can touch all that just briefly, sort of brush over it, or you can really touch him for a few seconds.

You should not hold him for several minutes, but for a few seconds it is certainly not a problem. It will please every man if you paw him a little bit. Pay attention to his body language and what he likes about it and what not. Avoid things where he pulls away and repeat gestures where he gets closer to you.

Conclusion to conquer man

My conclusion is this: After reading these tips up here, you can surely conquer any man you want to get. It simply applies that you are yourself, approach him at the right moment. And of course that you win with the right dose of charm and friendliness. All this is possible if you jump over your own shadow and address it. Because let’s face it, that’s the hardest thing to do.

If you have any questions below, feel free to leave me a comment there. I will answer this as soon as possible.

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