Confessing love: when and how to show your feelings as a man

How should man confess his love

Every time you see this woman your heart throbs. You feel this infatuation and ask yourself: When and how should I confess my love to her without risking a rejection?? Is it even a good idea to show your feelings as a man so openly??

Whether you just met her, she’s your best friend, or you’re in a committed relationship:

In this article I’ll tell you when is the best time to confess love… and how to do it best!

Confessing feelings: How I wanted to show my love to a girl

When I was still a young vegetable, there was a really cute girl in my class. I was madly in love with her and desperately wanted to confess my feelings to her.

Only I had a real problem:

I had absolutely no idea how to show her that I liked her and wanted a relationship with her.

"Somehow or other, I have to get her attention!", I thought desperately (I was an inconspicuous guy at that time and believed that she simply overlooked me).

Time was running out, because I noticed how other guys were interested in her as well.

So at some point I took heart and put literally everything on one card. I bought a rose and wrote a cheesy letter with pink hearts to it. In it I wrote the text:

"I love you with all my heart and hope for your affection as well! Greetings, Andy"

With my heart pounding, I secretly sneaked into the classroom during a break and put my gift in her satchel… but despite my courage to have confessed my interest to her, I never got a response.

That’s when I had my first doubts: is it really a good idea to confess your love to a girl??

To confess infatuation – yes or no?

confessing infatuation, yes or no

Maybe you have already thought about revealing your burning feelings to a woman at the next date or already by letter / WhatsApp.

You want to create clarity and show her how you feel about her – in the hope that she will return your love and become your girlfriend (if she isn’t already).

It’s a race against time – because what if she suddenly meets another man she falls for? When he "snatches" them away for a relationship? Our fear of loss knows only one answer. The inner voice in my head screams:

"You have to tell her, make it clear, best immediately!"

And quickly a romantic-kitschy declaration of love is conjured up from the sleeve.

But should you put your infatuation so openly on the table, yes or no?

Oh man…The great fear of a rejection

At the same time, fear and doubt creep up on you like dark shadows:

"Should I really confess my infatuation to the girl? What if she turns me down and I look like an embarrassing jerk?"

The fear of rejection is huge for us men, I know that all too well from the past. Who admits his feelings openly, makes himself vulnerable..

And the doubts are not completely unjustified.

My experience: A confession of love can be very beautiful and romantic for a woman, and TROTZDEM a lot can go wrong here, if you catch the wrong moment in getting to know her.

So the question is not if, but WHEN you should reveal your love to the girl.

When should I confess my love to the woman?

Gooey Hollywood movies show you how it’s done: Men in love, dressed in suits, kneel down in front of their beloved on a date, hand over fragrant bouquets of flowers or throw plush teddy bears around – in the hope that the lady will fall around their necks.

To this you breathe a romantic "I love you forever Stephanie…"

STOP, head cinema off! If you have just met the woman or she is already your best friend (keyword: friendzone), I strongly advise you not to make such "flowery" declarations of love on the "date".

You should confess your love only when you know for sure that the woman loves you as well and an unequivocal confession of love is not necessary at all to get together with her. How that?

By the way: This is how you conquer her on a date!

You want to finally get the meeting with your dream woman and conquer her WITHOUT getting a rejection? Then you have to stick to one decisive rule!

But the shocking thing is: 97% of men have no idea how to set up a romantic date and get physically closer to the woman until the lasting affair or relationship.

This is why these guys end up in the friendzone as a "good buddy" or don’t even get a response when texting anymore.

If you want to get your beloved on a date quickly and seduce her..

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Love messages: The intention is crucial!

It’s about WHY you confess your love to the girl, for what intention and with what goal.

Do you do it with your long-term girlfriend in a relationship to show her respect and strengthen / deepen your partnership? Then it is completely okay. It is even really super.

Do you do it at the beginning when meeting or dating, hoping she will fall in love? Then it looks clumsy and needy.

Shocking realization? Maybe. But Hollywood is not the real life.

Why you shouldn’t reveal your feelings prematurely

Let me explain it to you in more detail, man to man. Why you should NOT confess your love in the getting-to-know phase or to the so-called "best friend" has 4 decisive reasons:

1. The cards are too open on the table now

You make yourself uninteresting for the woman with such an open-hearted declaration of love. Through this submissive gesture, she knows that she can have you in any case with a snap of her fingers – and thus you take the crackling tension out of the flirtation.

Women like mysterious men who are not so easy to get and who play a little with closeness and distance. It’s like a tingly shower that alternates between hot and cold.

2. Love confessions seem awkward

The woman feels that you are not able to show her your affection in a natural way by flirting. But the girls want men who know how to play the game of flirting and can send subtle signals of their interest (more about this: see below).

3. You put the gun to the woman’s chest

But the most unpleasant thing for the woman is:

With a sentence like "I love you" (or another clear gesture) you take her by surprise as a man like a steamroller and force her to an unambiguous reaction.

She is now in the unenviable position of having to decide for or against you. Especially if she still needs time to get to know you better or is very shy, she feels extremely pressured by this.

Such a hasty confession of love is just blatantly off-putting, especially when the lady wants a cautious approach and still has to build up trust first.

And in no time the mood at the dating is in the bucket..

That’s the reason why many women give you a basket first, to get some air.

And if you explicitly give her the choice to say "yes" or "no" to you, many girls decide for the "no" despite tender feelings or withdraw without an answer, because they don’t want to get involved in an uncertain relationship hastily.

4. With best friend: chaos in the friendship

If you were only "good buddies" so far, such a declaration of love is of course a real whirlwind, which sweeps the friendship properly in disorder.

Remember: The woman probably sees you only as a best friend at the moment. As soon as she knows about your feelings, she will ask herself if the friendship can continue to work like this and possibly keep her distance.

Because infatuation is always poison for a friendship between man and woman.

Therefore, instead of a declaration of love, you should choose other strategies to escape this friend zone and initiate a relationship.

Please do not: confess love as a text (WhatsApp, SMS or letter)

Many men are afraid of a rejection on a date, which of course I can absolutely understand. You then pick out romantic sayings or think up a few lines yourself…

…and then write a text, which they transmit to the woman by WhatsApp / SMS or the old-fashioned way with a handwritten letter.

Do not do something like this if you have just met the girl! Even if it is well-intentioned, this is the worst attempt to win her over for you. It seems even more awkward than the flowers and chocolates on the date. After all, she will then think:

"Oh man, this guy doesn’t have the guts to confess his feelings to me in person."

So this does not go down well in the ladies world – at the Flirt mind you. But if you’re in a committed relationship with her, it’s a whole different story. Then this form of love message makes a woman’s heart leap joyfully (see below).

How do I show her that I like her instead??

Okay, now you got a lecture from me, what you should NOT do as a man.

Man shows that he likes her

So confessing love to an (almost) stranger or good friend you want to get together with is not a very good idea. But how else can you show her that you like her??

Put aside the bouquet and letter and get out the sword of Zorro! It is your task as a real man, when flirting or. Date to switch to attack and to set finer signals for your interest.

This includes for example:

  • Tease the woman playfully (not for nothing there is the saying: "What loves, teases itself")
  • Ask her out on a date
  • Write her funny messages on WhatsApp (but sparingly!)
  • Give her nice compliments
  • Make her laugh with humor
  • Elegantly sprinkle in sexual innuendos (without becoming obscene)!)
  • Slowly build up physical closeness and touch her in conversation – all the way to the first kiss

However, do not make submissive gestures such as expensive gifts or invitations to a 5-star restaurant on a date. Also you should not contact her all the time. For us men, it’s always about not showing our interest in such a pushy and obvious way…

…but to make the game of flirting exciting.

Compare it with a dog, which you hold the bone in front of the nose and quickly pull away again, just before it snaps shut.

As I said: If she knows that she has you "in the bag" for a possible relationship, you will be as uninteresting to her as the soggy buns from the day before.

The goal is always to build up an irresistible attraction, so that the woman finds you attractive as a man and desires you as much as you do her.

You can find numerous articles about this on my blog, click through this bag of knowledge!

With steady girlfriend: how to confess my feelings to her?

The art for us men is not to take the lady by surprise and to catch the right moment. Meaning:

If you know that she is also in love with you or you are even already in a relationship, you can of course confess your love to her. Such a beautiful gesture expresses appreciation, gives confirmation and can thus strengthen the partnership.

But how should you confess your affection to the woman?? Of course, you can do it with a text – here I have prepared for you a few sayings for a love confession. Classic love sayings are always well received.

You can send these sayings as a text via WhatsApp or write a love letter the old-fashioned way with a fountain pen. The latter is of course especially romantic – especially in today’s smartphone age.

However, if you’re short on time and just want to say an "I love you" in between, a WhatsApp message totally serves its purpose.

Instead of texts with sayings – more ideas..

Otherwise, in your relationship you can also let flowers speak or bring her a nice breakfast in bed, go to a romantic place for a picnic… Your imagination as a man is needed!

If the declaration of love is imaginative and really comes from the heart, your girlfriend will surely be happy about it. Good luck!

These tips are not all..

Do you now want to arrange the date in WhatsApp and get closer to the woman – from a kiss to an affair or relationship?

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