Comment writing – structure and features explained very simply!

The comment belongs to the journalistic text types, just like the reportage and the letter to the editor. Surely you have to write a commentary in German class, right?? No problem!

… the Features of a commentary,

… the structure of a comment,

… and Examples for a comment.

What is a commentary??

Before you can write a comment, you must of course know what a comment actually is. Therefore we start with a short definition.

Comment definition – short and crisp

A commentary is a journalistic and opinionated text, which is often published in newspapers will. It refers to current topics or News. The author Relates in the text clearly state your position and wants the readers convince of your own opinion.

How to write a comment?

To write a commentary, you first need a Topic, refer to. Suitable for this are current news – it is best to simply newspaper and choose a suitable article.

Now look for the arguments in the newspaper article and think about the arguments you can use to support them refute can. To do this, it is important to support it with examples can.

Your commentary must follow a certain Structure follow and certain Features contained, so that it can convince the readers. Now we’ll show you exactly what the structure and characteristics look like:

Comment characteristics – you need to know these 12

When you write a comment, you can follow certain characteristics. It is important that these features are clearly recognizable in your text.

Comment writing - structure and features explained very simply!

These are the characteristics of a comment:

  • It is presented in the present tense write
  • and is subjective written.
  • Despite the subjectivity you must argue objectively.
  • The Arguments should well structured its,
  • your own opiniong clearly reflect
  • and with supported by examples .
  • The text is very written vividly
  • and contains rhetorical devices z.B. Irony,
  • to make an impact on the reader Emotions to arouse ,
  • since you convince of your opinion want.
  • It is in Introduction , main part and conclusion structured
  • and coherent in itself .

Comment structure – introduction, main part and conclusion

The commentary is, like most other types of text, in Introduction, main part and conclusion divided. Here we show you how these three parts should look like.

Writing a comment - structure

Comment example – how a comment can look like

Now you know what must not be missing in a commentary. But what does a finished commentary look like?? Here you can find three examples of comments published in a newspaper. Just click on the buttons and you will get to the examples.

In the last paragraph of Asterix the plagiarist you can clearly see how the car clearly expresses your own opinion, without writing "I" once.

The example Carefree hate shows you how lurid headline that encourages the reader to continue reading.

Using the example of Trees in permanent stress you can see well how the author is attacking the readers with her short and concise closing part thought provoking.

Writing a comment – frequently asked questions

How is a commentary structured?

A comment is divided into introduction, main part and conclusion.

Comment introduction: You need a Headline, animated to read on and put the Topic and your attitude in addition before.

Comment main part: All arguments are listed and thereby a red thread to recognize. The best argument you save for last.

commentary conclusion: the attitude is again short and concise and the Readers should be encouraged to think about it.

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