Club fans vent their frustration

Club fans vent their frustration

while the players were talking up the defeat after the 0:3 in the basement duel against SC freiburg, many fans were furious. Three quarters of an hour after the end of the game, several hundred supporters, most of them ultras, were still loudly venting their anger in the north curve of grundig stadium. "I understand that the fans are angry, and I hope that we can win back their trust. I know however, that goes only over results", said gertjan verbeek after his unsuccessful home debut.

The new club coach faced the angry fans together with the team and sports director martin Bader. Situation seemed to escalate when supporters refused to let team captain raphael schafer have his say. The goalkeeper angrily tore the captain’s armband off his arm, threw it on the ground and went back into the dressing room. "The fan soul is worried, and the result has caused the mood to boil up. But one thing is clear: we can only work with the fans", bader commented on "sport1" on sunday the explosive situation at the traditional franconian club.

Ex-furth felix klaus scores

twelve days after the dutchman took up his post, the hoped-for effect of the change of coach already seems to have fizzled out. The disgraceful 0:5 defeat against hamburger SV, which led to michael wiesinger’s dismissal, was followed by another sobering home defeat on saturday. In contrast to their performance against HSV, the team from nuremberg made an effort this time and were undoubtedly the better team. But the Breisgau team, which had also been winless up to that point, made the most of their few chances, unlike the club, and went ahead after goals from Felix Klaus (57 minutes). minute), vladimir darida (79.) and admir mehmadi (88.) as a happy winner from the pitch. "I don’t know what to say. Since I’ve been playing for nuremberg, we’ve never dominated a game like we did today. That’s why this defeat is so hard to understand", said midfielder mike frantz shaking his head.

poor use of opportunities

as difficult as the defeat may be to understand, it is easy to explain. With their numerous chances, the players from nuremberg either lacked the necessary coolness or failed to score against the outstanding oliver baumann. the freiburg goalkeeper impressively made amends in his own cause after his three disastrous blunders a week ago against hsv and drove the club players to despair with his saves time and again. They were not lucky either, as makoto hasebe’s long-range shot (19.) hit the post, as did per nilsson’s attempt from close range (76.).

20 minutes outnumbered

despite verbeek’s increased goal-scoring practice in training last week, the nuremberg side were unable to overcome what is arguably the youngest back four in the bundesliga – christian gunter (20), immanuel hohn (21), matthias ginter (19) and oliver sorg (23) all hail from the freiburg soccer school. And also with their numerical superiority in the last 20 minutes (sorg had seen the yellow-red card), they knew nothing to do.

Despite the "brutal setback (bader) there is no alarm mood at the club yet. "The team believed in itself. This is the way we have to go on", said captain schafer. "If we continue to perform like this, we will be rewarded at some point", added frantz. coach verbeek also sees progress. "What we have discussed in training, I have seen today on the pitch. That gives me confidence." a look at bundesliga history also shows that it’s not yet five to twelve. the club is the first team in six years to go winless after eleven matchdays. Energie cottbus managed in the 2007/08 season then still the class preservation.

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