Children letters writing in elementary school> 13 tips

Here you will find Practical tips how children can write letters in elementary school and kindergarten.

When children write your Grandparents or yours Friends cannot visit, letters are a special way to stay in touch. The children can practice their writing skills and the recipients are happy. With our tips nothing can go wrong when writing letters.

Children letters writing elementary school

Our tips for letter writing for children

Which stationery for children’s letters?

For elementary school and kindergarten children it is good to have a stationery in the format DIN A5 to take. Since the writing surface of the paper is not too large and they do not immediately lose the desire to write. We have a large selection of stationery for you in the store.

Discovering cute children’s stationery

Stationery butterfly

Stationery crocodile

Stationery space

Who can children write letters to?

Nowadays, a handwritten letter is something very personal, so the recipient will be especially pleased. And the great thing is: I’m sure there is one Reply letter!

Letters to grandma and grandpa

Grandparents are especially happy to receive a letter from a grandchild

letters to grandma& Grandpa

The Grandparents you can write wonderfully what you are doing and how you are doing. But it can also be a funny Anecdote from everyday life written down by the grandparents in the form of the letter as a Reminder can keep.

The grandchildren can also write wonderful Letter for birthday to write from grandma and grandpa when you can’t visit them in person, or only from a distance. In this day and age, people often don’t write birthday letters anymore, so this is something special.

Letter to godfather or godmother

If the godmother and godfather live a little further away, they will surely be happy to receive a letter from the godchild.

Letter to school friends or kindergarten friends

Of course, you can also write a letter to your school friends. How about this? This would be a great free time activity and the German teacher will surely like it too ?

letter to Santa Claus

A wish list for Santa Claus is a great letter idea

At Christmas: Letter to Santa Claus

In the pre-Christmas period, children can make a Letter with the wish list Send letters to Santa Claus. If the wish list is sent to the following address, Santa Claus and his helpers from Deutsche Post will also send a Reply letter:

To Santa Claus
Christmas post office
16798 Himmelpfort

Letter to the Easter Bunny

During the Easter season, children can Letter to the Easter Bunny send. When the letter to one week before Good Friday When the Easter Bunny arrives at the Easter Bunny Post Office in Ostereistedt, the Easter Bunny (or his helpers from the post office) will send back a personal Easter letter. Here is the address of the Easter Bunny:

Hanni Hare
At the edge of the forest 12
27404 Ostereistedt

What can children write letters about?

There are many great topics for children to write a letter about:

  • Birthday greetings
    When it’s a friend or family member’s birthday, it’s a great occasion for kids to write a letter.
  • Experiences
    If the children have experienced something great, they can write the experience as a little story in a letter
  • Enrollment in school
    Shortly after starting school, the school child can write his first letters and describe or draw his first experiences at school in 1-2 sentences.
  • Invitation to a child’s birthday
    To invite special guests to a child’s birthday party, the children can write a nice letter.
  • Thank you letter for gifts
    Has the child received particularly nice gifts for his birthday? Then this is a great occasion to thank them for the gift in a short letter.

How children can design a letter?

Of course, it depends very much on the age and writing skills of the child how a letter can be designed. Here we have some suggestions for you.

Painting letters in kindergarten

In kindergarten you can already paint your first letters

Children’s letters in kindergarten and preschool

In kindergarten and preschool children can usually only write their own name. But even at this age children can already create beautiful letters. Here are a few tips for creating letters in kindergarten age:

  • Painting pictures
    Especially popular are pictures about favorite stories, the family or the events of the day.
  • Stamp
    Cute motif stamps can be used to embellish a child’s letter.
  • Sticker
    Children love stickers and have fun decorating letters
  • Small paper crafts
    Preschoolers can already make great things out of paper that can also be sent in a letter. Here you find beautiful paper handicraft instructions for children.

Letter writing in the 1. Class

Immediately after starting school, schoolchildren begin to learn writing. Most of the time children are very enthusiastic about their first letters and with the help of their parents can already write simple letters about your school experiences write. These first attempts at writing will later be fond memories of starting school.

Children’s letters in the 2. Class

From the 2. Class learn schoolchildren in the Cursive writing or Beautiful writing to write. In a letter the children can also try out and practice this new writing right away. This is a welcome writing exercise that is sure to be a lot of fun as well. Make sure that the stationery has appropriate lines to make writing easier.

Writing letters for children in elementary school

In the 3. In the 2nd grade you learn to write letters

Letter Writing 3. Class

In the third grade learn Elementary school students already know how to write a right letter writes. This is the best time to write letters to grandma& Write grandpa, aunt, uncle or friends and practice what you’ve learned right away.

The letter should include the following Elements include:

  • Letterhead (place and date)
  • Salutation (Hello Grandma, Dear Dirk / Hi Luisa… )
  • Letter text (actual message/content)
  • Letter deadline with greetings (love/ see you soon/ your /your ) and signature (Luis/ Lena/ your grandson Max)

Here you can find some tips for the Structure of a personal letter from children to relatives or friends:

  1. Address the recipient personally
    "Thank you for your gift"
    "how was your skiing holiday?
  2. Write about news with you
    "Yesterday I was .."
    "Today I .."
    "So far I like… best."
  3. Invite your recipient to reply.
    "What are you doing on summer vacation?"
    "How are you?"
  4. Send good wishes.
    "Still have fun on summer vacation."
    "Good luck with your soccer game."
  5. Put something else personal in the letter
    z.B. a photo of you and a nice self painted picture

If you don’t have colorful printed stationery, you can still decorate your letter beautifully after you have written it. You can paint small motifs on the edge, embellish it with stamped motifs or stick on a few funny stickers. granny& Grandpa or of course Aunt& Uncles will certainly be very happy.

Dog in the mailbox

Here someone is waiting for mail from you ?

We hope we have whetted your appetite for writing letters. By the way, Deutsche Post has published a great brochure on the topic of "Writing letters in elementary school and kindergarten", which you can download here.

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