Child support – does a new marriage affect the child’s entitlement to support??

Child support in the case of a new marriage

People find and fall in love, get married and divorced … and possibly find a new partner as well. Particularly when children have arisen from previous relationships, one or the other may ask themselves the question, especially with regard to child support: "If mother or father remarries, do I have to continue to pay child support?" And what actually happens if a new child is born into the new marriage?

The most important facts in brief: Child support after remarriage

  • Is the single parent of the dependent child newly married again, the income of the stepparent is by no means to be taken into account when calculating child support.
  • Only the natural and adoptive parents are entitled to child support, so that the person liable for support does not have to pay the child support Taking into account the income of the new partner may demand.
  • In the case of child support, a new marriage on the part of the debtor also regularly nothing, since minor and privileged adult children always stand before the spouses in the maintenance ranking order.
  • A new child can, under certain circumstances, temporarily increased personal needs of the person liable to pay maintenance. However, this requires a comprehensive assessment of the individual case.

Detailed information on child support in the event of remarriage can be found below.

What influence does a new marriage have on child support??

Offsetting of additional income against child support in case of remarriage?

Your ex-wife is remarried: What about child support? Do you still have to pay?

Your ex-wife is remarried: what is the child support? Must you continue to pay?

If a parent of a dependent child remarries, this must inevitably result in a Influence on the maintenance debtor’s payment obligation have – or not? In the course of the remarriage of the other parent, one or the other person liable for maintenance hopes that the costs for child maintenance will now be reduced. After all, the income of the new partner would now also be included in the calculations.

But: This is a mistake! The obligation to pay child support always relates to the only applies to natural and adopted children. If the marriage is not accompanied by the adoption of the child, the new partner of the remarried parent cannot be required to assume the obligation to support the child.

For this reason, the Income of the new spouse and stepparent of the child after remarriage plays a role in child support no consideration.

However, the situation is different in the case of subsequent spousal support in the event of remarriage. If the person entitled to maintenance remarries, the obligation to pay maintenance passes from the ex-spouse to the new one. The former person liable to pay maintenance then regularly no longer has to pay maintenance to his former partner.

Child support in case of remarriage of the person obliged to pay support

What happens to child support if the mother remarries?

What happens to child support if the mother remarries?

But what happens if the obligor now remarries? Does the new marriage play a role in child support in this case?

In principle, the same applies here for child maintenance. If the mother liable to pay maintenance remarries, then the Income of her new husband does not play a role when calculating child support, since the obligation to pay support does not automatically transfer to the new spouse when the marriage takes place. The entitlement to child support therefore remains in its previous form in the event of the mother’s remarriage.

In addition, the obligation to pay maintenance to the new spouse As a rule, this has no effect on child support if this claim is on the side of minor or privileged adult children. Because these are always in the first place in the maintenance order. The new spouse may then be left behind.

Change in child support due to new marriage and new child?

If from a new marriage of the maintenance obligation new children are born, this can change indirectly affect the child support of the older children. The reason for this is that there is also an obligation to pay maintenance to them, which mainly takes the form of Alimony in kind is provided. This may have. is taken into account in the context of an increased deductible. Corresponding transactions, however, are not set in stone and require the Case-by-case assessment.

However, the following applies: The claim to Child support does not automatically cease when the father or mother remarries, if a new child is born into the marriage. Minors and privileged adults are on the same level in the order of priority. Thus, a new child does not automatically inhibit an older one’s right to child support.

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explained very simply . if a man is not a top earner, it is best not to marry and for God’s sake not to make children ! better explained, if so, then he should not divorce under any circumstances . . Many separated fathers have an income around 1600 Euro net/monthl.with income tax class I.! Congratulations . In addition two children ? This father will have to live on the deductible up to the point where his children do not earn their own full salary ! Are yes 1080 euros (Of which he pays his costs and rent to 380 itself) ! Too little remains to give the children presents or to make trips with them in an own car and too much to die . Should the father remarry, his own needs, due to the earnings of the new wife could even be reduced ! Unless he makes new children . By the way, most offices are not interested if the father already has debts or needs something or is otherwise in need if he pays child support . If the ex-wife, i.e. the child’s mother, has at least 50% more money per month than the child’s mother, then the father can try to get more money. earns than the separated father, it can be that the child support can be reduced!… But if the ex-wife/child-mother remarries, z.B. a millionaire, this is completely uninteresting, as far as the child support of the separated father is concerned, thus pay. Unless the millionaire adopts the children of the separated father. The separated father can try to have more money by working more jobs.. is deducted, which is in the strange DusseldorferTabelle ! And more jobs does not mean still having time for the kids! As a separated father should already before marriage and family planning, earn very well, so that after a divorce what remains! Do not get me wrong ! Children are expensive and they should also grow up well, no question! All too often, a divorced father is threatened in his existence and is ashamed to even meet his children without money!

P.S.One should already, if the ex marries only again, impose the new man (millionaire) at least a partial obligation! This marries yes the children also somehow with. And the separated father must remain simply something more. Does not help! I do not deny that single mothers have it hard … and should have more, only to them it is already made easier to get subsidies, tax better to stand and opportunities to use. Is so… Children should get and get, immediately for it! But as a separated father nothing more worth?

AMEN! I have nothing more to add. Unfortunately it is like this.

I also see so, too often I hear how mothers laugh about the fact that they have high costs, but live in a 4 room apartment with a new boyfriend and two children. The father can pay alimony, can hardly pay his rent as well as car what needed. The worst thing is that he is criticized for not doing anything with the children, well, he has to work all the time + a part time job so he can keep his head above water to pay child support. Even Hartz 4 people are better off, only with the difference they do not work so much to pay rent.

Nothing against children and the alimony, but fathers should also be supported as well as asylum seekers, Hartz 4 and the mothers.
1080€ for rent, food, clothes, car+repairs, children – gifts/ undertakings and even fulfill the life feeling. HAHA oh right and all without support because the earnings are calculated without deductions.

Hi my name is also sven, I just read your comments, they could all be from me too. I can put one more on top.
Find times in B. [City anonymized by the editors] an apartment for 380€ in which you 2. Children on weekends in peace can play so mind. 2 rooms. Have fun with the search. Further: I had last asked the mother of my children whether we could share the journey, because I drove on weekends 4x 60 km and that 2x in the month thus alone a tank filling went away only therefore. With the public the place of residence of the children is hardly to be reached thus I am dependent on a car+repairs. With re-will she now brings the children and I bring them home but as a thank you I got mail from the Youth Welfare Office for an interruption of maintenance at her request. So I am again the ass must pay more alimony because I have made last year many overtime to as already said above the children also what would like to grant. So what and how to do it more than 1080€ + 81€ monthly card does not remain. Ps a Hartz 4 recipient pays only 30 € for the monthly ticket. Oh I forgot to say the mother lives in a townhouse with 120 square meters and 2 children. Since I also wonder where the maintenance goes at all, just after the separation to do without anything.

So interesting to read the opinion of men about it.
Here as a single mother:
My ex has had his hours reduced, just so that he has to pay less (deductible remains the same).Now he pays for his 3 children only 300 € total in the month. In addition, there is currently still alimony advance.
So, now I have met someone. If we were to marry, the alimony advance would be completely eliminated. That is immediately would be imposed on my new partner to have to pay for the children of the ex.
Who please marries a woman with children.
My ex is now newly married. Child with the new one is on the way. The Youth Welfare Office already told me that he then has a higher deductible and me then much less (so practically NOTHING) can and must pay more.
So who is exploited there?
Besides, my ex doesn’t care about the kids at all. For 2 years no contact, no card … Nothing.
The little bit of maintenance that was calculated by the youth welfare office and then after his further education was curiously only half as much, was all that came from him. Now soon nothing more, when his new child is there.
For me it is not financially possible to marry again. This chance is taken away from me.
Which man can already afford for 3 "strange" children fully to provide?

Life writes many stories.
Here is one from my life:

@Ramona, I can understand you very well. The feeling "who wants you under these conditions still"…
To the maintenance: All his biological children are equal in the maintenance, so then what he can pay, divided between all children, just also your 3 children are entitled to… that you get nothing, is thank God not so. Child support is always a priority. A lawyer for family law (also maintenance belongs to it) would be perhaps helpful, and important to have at your side. And if you don’t have money for a lawyer: in any case you can apply for counseling/procedural costs/legal aid which will cover the lawyer’s costs if you don’t get on with the Jugendamt.
I wish you good luck for you and your children. Do not give up. Even if it is sometimes damn hard.

My ex has built a nice new life for himself, and only pays what he "must" pay by means of a divorce agreement and with the help of my lawyer. And regularly comes of course from him disturbing fire … Of course, has no desire to pay.
He had with his colleague (18 years younger somehow "logical", or?), which itself earns very well, half a year a secret affair. Together they have planned his "departure" from our marriage, and have prepared an apartment for her.
Then everything went very fast: I had no idea, and no chance..
He simply "disposed of" me. From now on, I was completely indifferent to him, he had lost all respect, any inhibition towards me, treated me like a dirty rag .. .
Bottom drawer…, from the slander he had told others about me (lied: I had been verg***, that’s why he can’t be together with me anymore). Pig!), from his account embezzlement (almost 13.000, – Euro debts secretly accumulated with "her" – mind you on the joint account), his data theft (disclosure of my private data to third parties) not to mention.
Only I can’t report him, because then he would be able to use that against me (lt. Law as "directed against him…" what do I know??… which then makes my maintenance claim forfeit…), until I would be through with the court proceedings: until then he is considered innocent. And court proceedings can take a long time. So I can’t even defend myself here…
His last piggy bank, our common house, now only had to be slaughtered. He forced me to sell it, he did not allow any other option, he just wanted to get money out of it. And I could not pay him, unfortunately, from what also ..

We are now recently divorced.
He just got married again, his third wife, she "all in white.."(I could k**…, if she knew what is coming up for her?).
Have moved into a bungalow and now live there with "their" daughter together, with cleaning lady and ironing help ..
And have both together now ca. 8.000,- net! monthly household income That! was his goal, his motivation, this he has now achieved. Spot landing.
And now this *** refuses to pay me the disadvantage compensation I am legally entitled to because of the Annex U I had to sign for him. Because of 200, – Euro for the tax consultant, which I needed now (= disadvantage …) I must now again the lawyer trouble. He has to pay it on top… Everything by legal action, so unnecessary everything: it is clearly regulated in the law: only, he is not interested, he just thinks he can get away with it.
"I" do not know after 21 years of marriage how it should go on, have stupidly given up everything for our marriage, our sick child, he has made career. I have lost my savings, my job, and now an important part of my (his) family and many mutual friends because of him. Our daughter was often sick, is depressed again because of his "escapades", and suffers a lot from the fact that he also left her, needs my support now and then when she is feeling bad: I am the only family she has left.
As a mother you are responsible all your life, for the/the children there. The misery sometimes just does not stop.
But some "man" makes it easy for himself: simply disappears, because "no longer want" on responsibility. His own child, kick his ex in the barrel, grab ne younger with coal… "Great"
Dear men, do not take offense, it is often always bad for both sides, but it is a question of "how" to settle it.
Because "man" has mostly further his work, while
"Wife" plunges into unemployment because no employer will hire her anymore, let alone full time when she is approaching 60!! (if she is lucky, she might get Harz 4). I! have unfortunately no claim to it, because not on tax card worked …, shit mini-job to bring child and family under a hat, think of it too once!!), and later she inevitably slips into old-age poverty.
What is great about it please?
"Laughing EX?" I beg you. Mostly not.
And at the age of new partner? Wishful thinking from the men. You should know, who / which man wants a woman of the same age, or "older":
They have to be "younger" and financially independent. Nothing else is going on…
I feel like "rejects"…
And my "ex-husband"?:
Well, has done everything "right": still his job, now married his equally well earning colleague, will possibly adopt her 18 year old daughter (who by the way was raised by her father: not by her mother) (Happy New Family…), in order to have the chance to pay even less maintenance for his own daughter (and thus show her further how little she is worth to him). And henceforth lead a horny life. With vacation, sailboat, ect. "Great guy"..
I call that selfish.
And I? I can say goodbye to "life.
As Ramona described it: who wants a wife who then has to be "maintained" by the new partner… according to the law?
That is virtually impossible, that simply isolates you.
What please is fair?
So much is taken from many of us women…

Just put yourselves in our position, as a mother, as a woman, as a human being…

Unfortunately I have the same situation as described above.. Am child father, separated, 2 children, 1600 net earner and fought hard for it after the study. BAfoG repayment is pending, as well as K since thrown out in the middle of studies.
Immediately after her affair was discovered and I was kicked out, the child’s mother applied for UVS, tried to alienate me, tried to take away my ABR 2x in court, is planning to marry a rich guy (her affair) and lives in a big house with 2000 square meters.- WM. Overcontinental travel on vacation, of course. Children are miserable, have everything, but are not emotionally supported.
The gag? She is an educator/entrepreneur in [personal data removed by the editors].
This is Germany! Emigrate? Only too gladly!

Hello everyone, it’s bad what you read here, but the law has now changed for the better for single mothers.
They now receive until 18. They get an advance on child support from the state before the children reach the age of 18. Z.B. for a 14 year old child ca. 270,- EUR. the state then tries to get it from the father somehow.
So Ramona and Lizzy can surely get something out here.

However, I myself am one of 25% of the stupid people in Germany, who are hardworking and always pay the child support without skipping once.
I have two children for whom I had to pay alimony for a long time. That was about. 800,- EUR per month. My daughter now earns herself and I only pay for my son.

I am married again and my wife also has two children whose fathers do not pay, because they allegedly have no money, or rather they have no money. turn it so that they have none on paper. But they drive fancy cars.
My wife sued and won against both of them and it didn’t bring anything. They turn and bend it so that they are always below the deductible.
And the hammer is, the great son is now asked after his education by the state to pay back the legal aid to pay back.
Hello, what is this? The father has lost the lawsuit and the child must now pay? Why doesn’t the father have to do community service if he has no money??

My wife has almost never, except for a few bucks through account garnishments, received child support from the fathers.
Only from the Youth Welfare Office in each case the first 6 years, because at that time was not paid longer than 6 years.
And that was just a drop in the bucket. Now she gets nothing even after the new regulation because we are married. Great!
I did not adopt their children and I have to pay child support myself. My wife is now indirectly punished because we are married?
Poor Germany! Where is the justice here? The fathers are laughing in their faces and we have to take side jobs.

Injustice exists on both sides. I have been divorced for two years and pay alimony for my sons who live with their father. I work 39 hours a week and earn 1.600,- Euro net. As already written above, what is left is too little to live and too much to die. My ex-husband earns twice as much, his partner as well. I have no contact with my children because my ex-husband influences them (proven by expert opinion). Justice looks different.

how does it behave, however, if the person obliged to pay maintenance marries again and has another child, if the new wife is a housewife?
Then 2 maintenance receivers come in addition.
Goes then the maintenance in a lower level for the 3 children from past EHE?
Thank you

Heyy guys I hope you can give me some advice. I am the father of a wonderful daughter, who currently lives with her mother. The mother has fucked me from beginning to end and exploited and now she demands maintenance … I myself am currently in an education, where I get only 320 € per month … is it then possible to demand maintenance from me? I currently live with my parents. (I am 20 years old)

The mother also tries to accuse me of crimes, so that I have zero chance of custody … I’m really at the end with the nerves … we were not married either. I would appreciate any advice :)

Now I have read through all the stories and I could also start to write my own, even more excellent story!
But I have seen yesterday again a report about the starving children of our world and must tell you: WE JAMMER ALL ON HIGH LEVEL!

I sit here now before my yellow letter of the department for family, whereby I may make myself immediately again naked…, and before your remarks..

It’s a shame that people, regardless of gender, can’t get it together to agree (without offices. ). In the end, everyone is only concerned about himself and his supremacy. The world could be a better place for everyone if we left this comfort zone. By the way, self-pity causes cancer. But the partner is also to blame.
And don’t expect the authorities to investigate "fairly", for heaven’s sake, they would be busy. A table must be enough, which is the reason for the whole misery. Think about it.

I have in any case made my peace with my life. Sure, little money, until the children are 21, forever yellow letters … So what?? It has come so and I take the responsibility. Basta.

And on we go towards the sunset. Hurrah I live, I have water for that I must not run 8 KM – it does not rain me on my head if I sleep. I am satisfied. Thanks

Hello dear ones .
I have there times a concern and indeed it is so that I would like to marry next year and I then take 4 children with the marriage .
Now I still get alimony advance because the father does not want to pay whatever.
My question is if I marry next year and the maintenance advance is omitted, is I then at all still maintenance to I must then Einklagen or how must I do what?.
P.S the father also does not want and is not allowed to see the children because the Youth Welfare Office does not allow through a few incidents .

I would be happy if one could answer my question at the moment in front of a big riddle.

towards common children the legal parents are regularly obligated to the maintenance. The obligation to support does not pass to stepparents (unless there is an adoption, which then determines the legal parenthood).

as far as I am informed you will continue to get maintenance advance for your children, because your children are entitled to it and it has nothing to do with your husband.
Nice that you marry again. All the best and best regards from Mrs. S. which also has four children

Hello Nathalie,
unfortunately I have to disagree. You are of course entitled to child support from their father, even if you marry – as long as the new man does not adopt the children. But it looks different with the state paid maintenance advance. This falls away with renewed marriage immediately. Information from the youth welfare office: the new man takes over the responsibility with the marriage and the knowledge about the children. Hurray for Germany! The biological father of the children is out of the number if he is not able to pay. LG Heike

Hello all together,
I would also like to say something about it, four years ago my then still wife left me with two underage daughters and a son who had just started his education.At that time I got the tax class 1 after my ex had moved out, because my son allegedly also had an income as a trainee.2017 I got then maintenance from youth welfare office, my ex of course also got a letter from office that you would have to pay back sometime.Thereupon she has said that she will not pay us a cent and also lets herself go on sick leave again and again.In the meantime my ex lives from Jobcenter.And what is the coolest thing in this whole story: the job center now demands that I pay the alimony of my ex… I ask myself, no I scream WHERE IS JUSTICE?.

Hello, vllt can help me here briefly someone.
My boyfriend and I would like to get married, he has 2 children from a previous relationship and we both have one in common. He counts for the 2 big only a part of maintenance, the rest is UV to the mother. We still live in separate households. If we marry now, my money will be counted as well? Everything? I have wages, Alg2 allowance, child support and additional income (2. job) all in all more than the partner. Falls then the UV away and he must pay the full rate according to table? Should this be so … Since one passes yes the marry :(

If you have made children and separate (or the woman is looking for a new one) you are simply completely screwed.. For a very long time.

According to youth welfare office there are there 2 gaaanz simple solutions (y)
– The new one adopts the child and you have nothing more to report and also pay no more alimony
– or you just look for 2 jobs to be able to pay the child support and not only feed yourself with bread and hear from the ex that you are not doing anything with the child

Runs but everything super for separated fathers in this country

The bad thing is also when the couple separates after more than 20 years in friendship and in memory of the very nice times that you spent. If one agrees on everything. The welfare of the only child under 18 is demonstrably regulated. The authorities do not care. It is probably also about competence wrangling and power. And that also the Landenfinanzamter cooperate with the youth welfare offices is a wishful thinking of incompetent politicians. Rather thereby still more authority fight develops, because none of the office leaders wants to be taken away its work. Mutti gets of it nothing with, but father has alternately both offices on the phone and everyone wants that Papi transfers to him. In addition the arising form war, because both alternately the disclosure of the income requires. I don’t even want to talk about the wording of these letters. Mom is always amazed when dad tells her about it during the weekly phone call.

So I’ve read a lot here, I’m 2 years separated father of 2 children, pay every month at that time 482 euros minimum maintenance I remained less than the deductible because honest debts are present, I remained 150 euros over after paying all costs, from these 150 euros I kept my job and have my children still tried to be a great dad, I see my children regularly have fought for 1.5 years with jugenamt family help etc, which has caused considerable costs, see my children 3 days a week adjusted to my working hours so 7 days mom 3 days dad, since I work on Konti shift 2 early 2 midday 2 night then 4 days off, I have my children also during the week, drive them to school 1 drive 15 km so as kindergarten etc , it lives of Jobcenter which of me now 644 euro demands thus one takes me the last 150 euro also still away, my job is Gefardet my passenger car falls from all naten have me advised according to lawyer I can pay grade times 78 euro Mangellfall under it the change model was not considered my additional costs etc, one rips itself the a… and is gutted like ne whole, I love my children very much but my ex-wife lives on h4 has nothing but 4.5 room apartment I have just 1.5 room, she has just bought new iPhone 11 shortly before still new sofa new car and finally new bike but Jammert rum has no money for clothes for the kids, which I also then still bought, since my car as good as broken I drive I with the bicycle 50 km to work much sleep does not remain to me any more however more I cannot afford since I neglected before the autowartung by the high maintenance . As I said I don’t want to shirk but as I said above the 1160 Selbbehalt is h4 rate plus 20% because you have to pay gez etc, sogesehen the 200 euro berufsbonus, find it great but Selbs I say already with h4 it would go better to me because I would have the 400 euros to live what I do not have now .

It’s sad that it’s always about the money here.

Before one gets children, one should make oneself nevertheless first consciously…can I provide my child/children also alone?

If not then take care of your well being first!

This is the only way to make serious relationships without conditions.

And that should be for the good of the children!

I have transferred for my ex 20000 for future maintenance because I have very bad diagnoze and I was sure that I already need a place at the cemetery. But against chance I live and is me much, much better. My wife was so mad at me that I did not gestirbr that we have divorced. But now i am severely disabled with neurological history. Now I have new family, my wife at present is in language school (I know that I need also) which I must pay myself. She also has three children( can pasiren).
And now:
Jugendamt seizes my account and I have 1050 Euro, my wife gets child benefit with child supplement, then in addition we have 2050 Euro.
Jugent office has me abzage geschikt that I, or my wife bekomt no alimony. Theoretically exactly as in law. But this means that I can not survive.
600 apartment (60m2) with additional costs
150 gas
80 electro
50 car insurance1
60 car insurance 2
180 drives to work
240 language school
20 internet
600 Euro per month *$21

My partner has 2 children for which he pays the minimum maintenance and he is left with the deductible. The ex wife lives from the JC.

Now we get a child and he would like to go on parental leave. What about the support for the 2 children?? Is he allowed at all? His parental allowance is 560€ and mine is 900€. Can I be prosecuted?

Uffff when I read all this.. Let’s make like a self-help group here. Hello I am a father of a little sunshine which is now 9. After a bad on off relationship that took 9 years of my time (she was / is borderline ill) said KM has now sought that far has moved 500 km away has remarried and had a fourth child. I don’t know how important it is to mention that it’s the fourth child of the fourth one, actually I just wanted to see how it will work out. After she stole my money for my studies and threw me out the door in a rather planned way, a downward spiral of the finest kind began. Now after meanwhile 4 years I am back on my feet again.. And have through vitamin B a good job and good money in prospect.. But I know what she is doing or has done with all the maintenance of the then still two and with my little meanwhile three.. It was definitely not in favor of the children. Left the state because she often hit the children, it is now no longer so difficult for them to outplay the Youth Welfare Office all accusations are gone like smoke as if nothing had ever happened. Since I her face and her voice gar 8hre person no longer bear must the small without me grow up, too big is the hatred that she destroyed me my Bechalor my money robbed and me thus also the good job like master destroyed has. When I read all this.. I really ask myself why should I go to work?.. Or better why… I will get a very good salary and throw it into a pot where the money but not for just that most important is spent.. Namely my little… After all your stories… I’m just sad now.. It means just.. I can do what I want.. But I will never get my own home.. Do what I want.. But I am always worse off.. Work like dumb.. But will have nothing left at the end of the day… Really makes you wonder what for. And also why eigtl I hope for most that it will go better for you soon.. And think about how I really want to continue now.. All good.. Stay healthy.. My condolences

You poor, poor men! But it goes also sometimes the other way around!
When I separated from the father of my children, he did not pay child support. Unterhaltsvorschuss from the office there was a maximum of 6 years and at most to the 12. Year of life. Today, the advance on child support is paid until the child reaches 18. Lebensjahr paid if… yes and here my tip for those who take care of the KInd/the children after separation/divorce: If child support is not paid, the parent with whom the child lives should not remarry under any circumstances. In this case, he/she can not apply for child support advance at the office. The new partner pays for the stepchild, even if he/she has not adopted it! Who does not believe it, can read through the leaflet for maintenance advance. Here – fixed in the SGB IX – a basic right is violated!

Hello I am the Michel ,
I am divorced with 2 children, have remarried and are still 3 children were born. My ex has earned a lot very good job + real estate and has been put on short work in the pandemic . Since no longer had any desire to work 100% or 80% has gone to 50%( even higher salary than mine ) and to have more free time and even to complete a degree . I and my current wife have to work 100% and 80% so that I can pay partially. Me after deductions rent, loans, remains only 150 euros in the pocket . So no more vacation possible with children, I can not buy it, I even have to fast so that money is saved. It is unfair that my big ones have the opportunity to attend private school and vacation in Queen mary . Were my little ones will have no chance , not even children course , vacation , training / study without having to go shovel themselves . I have traded my whole life in equality but still it can not be . This system is so outdated and would not surprise me why so many people go as hard 4 . The system will kill you and your whole existence.

Hello I have there also times a question I have from my ex 2 children 10 and 12 years he has now found a job net 1600 euros since four years

But now he has remarried and has with this woman 4 children and she has brought another daughter into the marriage, he must now for my 2 still pay alimony or goes his family now before weis of a f
Friend that they come with child support and side job his wife on about 3300 euros a month rent they pay 900 euros a month please help if he now has more allowance or it remains so that I get alimony

Huhu the maintenance will most likely change that he has to pay less, because the other children also have a right to maintenance even if they live in one household

Knows one yes the whole single, working mothers the millionaires pick up and marry. Sorry but, when please happens such a thing then please?
Just as a side note, these women have much less pension, because they do not go to work full time, because they take care of children. Unlike the fathers who pay alimony but can also pay much more into the pension fund because they can do 40 hour weeks. WIrd gladly forgotten, this small but fine aspect.
Apart from that, every man can also strive for a change model in which he does not have to pay alimony, because the children are then also with him…half the time. But for that he would have to do the job that the mother of his children does every day: educate children. Do the men nciht to themselves to make 180 days in the year this so simple job. After all, he is totally overpaid when you read this. If paying alimony is so crappy and you want to spend more time with the kids anyway, it’s a good thing.
The women educate here children and clean no cars. The job that thousands of single parents do is essential for our society: raising children to be decent, social beings, showing them values, love and understanding, raising them to be self-confident, helpful citizens. A few hundred euros of alimony is still total underpayment.
PS: Father and mother can be gladly exchanged, because it’s not always the mothers who do just this job…there are enough great single fathers…so my Kommenatr is in no way gender specific. I have just for the sake of simplicity sketched it as a "case: single mother/wife, father/husband pays alimony".

The worst thing I find, this pigeonhole thinking that everyone thinks of everyone only the bad, is pulled over each other (the women about the men, the men about women) just sad ..

This is exactly the kind of thing I mean:

"Apart from that, every man can also strive for a change model in which he does not have to pay child support, since the children are then also with him… half the time. But for that he would have to do the job that the mother of his children does every day: raising children. Do the men not dare to do this 180 days a year, this simple job?. After all, he is totally overpaid, if you read it like this. If paying alimony sucks so much and you want to spend more time with the kids anyway it’s a good thing."

My one son would like to live with me and I would do everything possible for it, reduce hours, work differently etc… But my ex-wife doesn’t want that, among other things because then I earn less money and can pay less alimony for the second child who wants to live with mom. The Youth Welfare Office also stands in the way of my older son, since he is only 10 years old. I would make everything possible for it and also let both children live with me to the argument of the JA not to tear the children apart, but I do not have to decide that alone.
And that’s exactly what makes you so sad, as a man you are degraded across the board, not to be able to commit to it or not to want to do without other things. And even with those who do it, it is often the problem of pride to say that they do not want to do without anything.

Since me and my ex-wife live only 2 km away, it is fortunately not so dramatic, so that my children can see me often, quasi when they want, provided that the mother plays along (that is rather the problem that they are not allowed to call me etc.).)
I would set heaven and hell in motion to make it possible for him to live with me, it is not that I want him to live with me, but to make it possible for him to have this wish.

With the alternating weeks model it is not as easy as you think, despite this one must have the cap on for the important things in life, doctor’s appointments, etc., one person has to bear more responsibility than the other for a regular routine and this person is therefore also entitled to alimony

Have a question my friend has a child and pays child support now he wants to marry me and my children must he continue to pay child support to the mother of his child

Good morning, my income is low, I have a daughter who lives with her mother and I’m with a new
Partner married, the job center asked me there for my information. And my partner’s information, my question is … Will my partner’s income be taken into account?? Am I obliged to give out personal data about them?? Without your consent? If I am unemployed I must prove that I have looked for a job, even if I do not receive any allowance? Thank you

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