Child benefit amount 2020 – how much child benefit is there??

The amount of child benefit in Germany does not depend on the parents’ income. However, not all parents receive the same amount of child benefit. Because the Child benefit amount The amount of child benefit depends on the number of children in the family. The principle applies: the more children, the higher the monthly child allowance. Child benefit is generally paid on a monthly basis. But how much child benefit is there per month?? If parents want to know how much child benefit they are entitled to per month, they can find out the amount of child benefit from the child benefit table. We have provided the current child benefit table for the year 2020 for you to view below. From this you can easily find out the amount of child benefit for the respective child of the very simple.

The current child benefit table – child benefit amount 2020

Number of children

Child benefit amount from 1. July 2019

Child benefit amount up to 1. July 2019

Each additional child

As can be seen from child benefit table, the amount of child benefit for the first child and the second child is currently 204 euros per month. From the third child on, child benefit increases to 210 euros per month. For the fourth child in the family, the Child benefit amount then at 235 Euro. The same amount is then paid for each additional child in the family.

A family consists of five persons. Mother, father and three children, all of whom are still under 18 years of age. In this case, the family will receive a total of 618 euros (204 euros + 204 euros + 210 euros) in child benefits each month. If the family had another child entitled to child allowance, the family with four children would even receive 853 euros (204 euros + 204 euros + 210 euros + 235 euros) child allowance every month.

Increase of the child benefit to 1. July 2019

The child benefit amount has changed the last time to the 1. July 2019 changed. Because just in time for the start of the 2. In the first half of 2019, an increase in child benefit decided by the federal government came into force. The amount of child benefit was increased at this time by 10 euros for each child. Before the child benefit increase, there were therefore in the first half of 2019 for the first and second child still 194 euros per month each. The child benefit amount for the third child was previously 200 euros per month. From the fourth child, parents previously received child benefit in the amount of 2225 euros per month. The same amount was also for each additional child. The following child benefit table shows the child benefit amount before and after the age of 1. July 2019 compared to.

Number of children

Child allowance amount from 1. July 2019

Child benefit amount until 1. July 2019

Each additional child

Amount of the child allowance 2020

As an alternative to child benefit there is also the child allowance according to § 32 Abs. 6 EStG. In contrast to child benefit, the number of children living in a family is irrelevant for the amount of the child allowance. In 2020, the child allowance is currently at a level of 7.812 euros per year per child for both parents. If the parents live separately, half of the child allowance will be applied to each of the parents. The child allowance was last increased at the beginning of 2020. Previously, the child allowance was at a level of 7.620 Euro per child.

The child allowance is a tax allowance that is deducted from the taxable income of the parents and thus ensures that the parents have to pay less tax. If the child allowance is claimed, however, child benefit cannot be received at the same time. Because one always excludes the other. The tax office automatically determines whether child benefit or the child allowance is the more favorable choice for the respective taxpayer within the scope of a favorability test.

When is child benefit available?

We were able to answer the question about the child benefit amount before by means of the child benefit table 2020. But now there is still the question of when and how long there is child benefit for parents. The child benefit entitlement begins with the birth of the child and exists for parents who live with their children in Germany until the 18th birthday of the child. Birthday without further conditions. Even after the age of 18. Parents can still continue to receive child benefit on their 21st birthday. However, certain additional requirements must be met.

If the adult child is unemployed and registered as a jobseeker with the Employment Agency, the parents will continue to receive child benefit as long as the child reaches the age of 21. Child who has not yet reached the age of 18. For an even longer period of time, parents have the chance to receive child benefit if their child is in training or studying. If an adult child is in training or studying, parents can receive child benefit up to a maximum of 25. Birthday of the child continue to receive child benefit. In the case of initial training or studies, parents receive child benefit regardless of whether the child is working on the side and how much income he or she has. In the case of a second course of study or training, the situation is somewhat different. If the child then works more than 20 hours per week in addition to training or studying, child benefit payments to parents will be stopped.

Also for children under 25. Parents of children under the age of 25 who are currently looking for a place at university or an apprenticeship will continue to receive child benefit. However, it is important that the child makes a serious effort to obtain a place at university or a training position during this time, otherwise the family benefits office can stop paying child benefits, as a recent ruling by the BFH shows (BFH, ruling dated 26 February 2009). August 2014, XI R 14/12). Child benefit is also available to parents if their offspring is still under the age of 25. years of age and is doing a voluntary social year.

Child benefit for children over 25

As a rule, the entitlement to child benefit ends when the child reaches the age of 25. The child has reached the age of 25, regardless of his or her current occupation. In one exceptional case, however, child benefits will even continue to be paid if the child is already over 25 years old. This is the case if the child is unable to support himself/herself by his/her own efforts due to a serious disability. However, the child’s disability must have already occurred in Germany before the child reaches the age of 25. The following events must have occurred before the child reaches the age of 65 in order to maintain entitlement to child benefits.

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