Catalog of fines for “cutting down trees” – what is the fine??

Here you can find the current fine catalog 2022, which determines the penalty for tree cutting without a permit in the individual federal states:

Federal state fines for illegal tree cutting
Baden-Wuerttemberg (no information)
Bavaria 50 Euro to 50.000 euros
Berlin (no data)
Brandenburg 50 euros to 10.000 euros
Bremen 50 euros to 20.000 Euro
Hamburg 50 Euro to 50.000 euros
Hesse (no data)
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 50 Euro up to 100.000 euros
Lower Saxony 100 euros to 50.000 Euro
North Rhine-Westphalia 40 Euro to 12.500 Euro
Rhineland-Palatinate (not specified)
Saarland 50 Euro to 10.000 Euro
Saxony 50 euros to 15.000 Euro
Saxony-Anhalt (not specified)
Schleswig-Holstein (not specified)
Thuringia 500 euros to 25.000 euros

What are the reasons for cutting down a tree??

Important habitat: Cutting trees illegally can result in high costs due to penalties.

Trees and groups of trees are important components of different ecosystems and highly protective. This applies in particular to Forests and parks. Who invents to cut down a tree here, can be subject to a fine of several ten thousand Euro face.

Especially for wild campers this note is important. The fact that the forest is happy to donate wood to them to make a fire, for example, may even be true, but the Legislator sees it differently. Also, the direction of fall of large trees can become a serious danger to one’s life, because it is not easy to set the felling cut correctly.

This guidebook deals with Provisions in the Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG) on tree felling. In 39. Paragraphs explicitly talk about trees outside of forests and other "horticulturally used green spaces".

This is interesting for example for Homeowner, who ask themselves the question: "When is it allowed to cut down trees??" – for example, because there is a thick oak tree in the garden, the roots of which cost the Foundation of your building threaten. Also people, whose neighbors own a large woody plant, which is the own Property injured, are sometimes preoccupied with the question of how they can use the break a tree can. The law is clear here.

When is it allowed to cut trees?

The Federal Nature Conservation Act stipulates in Paragraph 39, Section 5, Sentence 2 the following nationwide:

It is prohibited to cut trees located outside the forest, short-rotation plantations or horticultural base areas, hedges, living fences, bushes and other woody plants in the period from 1. March until 30. September to be cut off or put on the sticks; gentle shaping and maintenance cuts are permissible to eliminate the growth of plants or to maintain the health of trees[.]

Tree protection is therefore comprehensive and includes many areas a. However, it is a matter for the federal states to restrict this passage to interpret. Therefore may not to give blanket be said whether in of your region also allotments or private land fall into these areas.

It is therefore generally to guess the Inform local authorities about the planned felling. Especially with the upcoming construction of a house, this step is inevitable in connection with obtaining a building permit.

However, the paragraph refers primarily to the public space. But it can happen that a tree outside your property makes life difficult for you. For example, its roots the soil of your garden take. Or its powerful crown blocks the sunlight for your plants. Then it is inevitable to involve the authorities. Because there are high fines if you such Cutting down trees without a permit to be obtained.

Also is from a certain size the Direction of fall of the tree to be thoroughly considered. Only professionals know the right Felling cut and can ensure that the tree is not wrong direction falls. Therefore, hire a company that will do this work. It then also takes care of the wood, which must be taken away.

Cutting down trees: In which season is it prohibited?

As before, many people are convinced that cutting down trees is in the period from 1. March until 30. September generally prohibited, so as not to disturb nesting birds. However, this is only true to a certain extent. Because in fact this regulation refers only to special measures for individual trees in public areas. Specifically, this affects trees in streets and avenues, as well as solitary trees in the open countryside.

tree care measures in the forest and on horticulturally used areas are in principle allowed all year round. However, it is still true, of course, that to cut down trees you need permission.

Cutting down a tree: When is a tree considered worthy of protection?

In some federal states there are various plants under a special protection. The list for this is extensive and can be this place are not reproduced.

However, we can state that large deciduous and coniferous trees from a certain trunk circumference are often specially protected, although fruit trees are usually exempted from this. A request for Tree felling in Brandenburg about is from 60 cm trunk thickness obligatory.

Disturbing tree: If the neighbor has no understanding

Simply cut down neighbor’s tree is not allowed, because it is private property.

It is not uncommon for Disputes, When there is no agreement among neighbors about the trees in each other’s yards. So again both the roots and the branches of the plant protrude onto their own property. Or the fruits of trees hang in each other’s garden. These fall to the ground and cause work. Here too Discrepancies arise.

So it sometimes happens that people ask themselves how they can can destroy unloved tree, without the neighbor noticing anything. Chemicals or Nails from copper should kill your neighbor’s tree.

But this often involves Resistance of nature underestimated. If you go too wild, you also risk harming the environment, especially pollute the soil and groundwater sustainably.

When it no prospect of a neighborly agreement give, you should not Poisoning of nature but to take into account the The way to the lawyer go.

FAQ: Cutting down a tree

As a rule, trees may be felled from October to March. Attention! The times may vary depending on the municipality. Trees worthy of protection may also not be felled without permission. If you do not comply, you could be fined.

You can report it to the public order office or environmental office.

It can be up to 50.000 euros if trees are cut down illegally (depending on the individual case).

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