Burn calories fast: 5 exercises

Burn calories fast With these exercises you will burn 100 calories fast

You know: When losing weight it depends mainly on the calorie balance. Because sport burns calories, you increase your need, so you can eat more, this also applies to strength training. Up to here a simple calculation.

But what if you don’t have time to slave away for hours on the cross trainer to boost your calorie consumption?? The solution: these 5 extremely effective fat burner exercises burn 100 calories in less than 20 minutes. Because studies show that strength training very well helps to burn fat.

Burn calories fast: 5 exercises

  • Training plan
  • Suitable for beginners
  • No equipment necessary
  • 26 fat-away exercise in picture and video
  • 27 pages PDF, accessible on all devices
  • Training plan
  • Suitable for beginners
  • No equipment necessary
  • 26 fat-away-exercise in picture and video
  • 27 pages PDF, available on all devices

Weight loss is a much-discussed area of fitness, with all sorts of strange theories floating around – that’s why we’ve made it our mission to give you an understandable insight into this world of training. With the help of the combination of theory and many practical workouts you can reach your weight loss goals!

We’ll also give you an introduction to the 8-week plan, explaining its structure and execution. One thing in advance: Our workout program is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. Because only with a motivating start you will stay on the ball for a long time. And that’s exactly what makes for lasting success on the bottom line.

Take your personal goal into your own hands: Reach your feel-good weight. Go straight ahead and download this fat-away training plan for beginners!

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Which exercise burns the most calories? The Top 5

The question should rather be: Which muscles burn a lot of calories? And there the answer is quite clear: the big ones. Because the larger the muscle area used, the more will be burned. So the exercises are good fat burners that involve large muscles, i.e. the legs, especially the thighs, the buttocks, the back. Studies also show: Leg training burns more calories than upper body training.

Of course, at this point we must note that calorie consumption is different for each person. This is not only related to weight and height. Above all, the load intensity with which the exercises are performed also plays a role.

That’s why we base the calorie data in this article on the values of the average German woman: she is 1.65 meters tall and weighs 68 kilograms. You are taller, shorter, heavier, lighter? Not bad. The deviations will not be too huge.


1. How many calories can I burn with burpees?

So some: in 11 minutes about 100. Burpees – what almost sounds cute is actually beastly strenuous and super good for burning 100 calories in a very short time for that very reason. And this is how it works: Burpees are a dead weight exercise with a combination of push-ups and jumps in direct sequence. Explosively jump up from a shoulder-width stance while swinging your arms toward the ceiling. After landing, you smoothly transition to the pushup.

The important thing here: go low! then push yourself back up from the arms and pull the legs with momentum towards the chest, then come back to standing position. Don’t stop, keep going, start over again.

This fat burner exercise is sweaty and nasty, but really effective. Especially for beginners, pauses are extremely important, otherwise the circulation quickly breaks down.


2. Is barbell cross lifting really a good fat burner?

Yes, indeed. Barbell cross lift – also called deadlifts – sounds like an exercise for muscle smackers. But it is also great for fat burning, as studies show. After about 15 minutes of concentrated workout are the 100 calories gone. Advantage: In addition to the fat burner effect, barbell cross lifts also strengthen back and leg muscles.

So grab a barbell and stand in front of it, feet about shoulder width apart. Grasp the barbell in an overhand grip, push your buttocks back with your back straight and tilt your upper body forward from the hips. Your back should always be slightly arched and your head should remain in line with your spine. Now it’s time to tense your buttocks. As you stand up, bring the barbell close to your body and exhale as you do so.

Barbell cross lift is one of the most effective fat burner exercises. But how do you calculate the optimal weight for the barbell now? As a beginner you should start without any weight at all – after all, the barbell bar already weighs between 15 and 20 kilograms and the technique is not that easy.

Perform the exercise until the muscles are tired. This should occur after 12 to 15 repetitions without a break. If this is not the case: add weight.


3. Can I burn calories well with barbell squats?

Oh, yeah. This is one of the best exercises for fat burning – bubble butt included! Barbell squats primarily work your thighs, glutes, calves, core and shoulders. And burn about 100 calories in 15 minutes.

Position yourself below the barbell for this exercise, with the barbell resting on a rack. The barbell should be at the level of the shoulder girdle, only then you can lift the barbell from the rack.

From a hip-width stance, now push your butt back and bend your knees as far as possible. Important: always push your knees outward while doing this, don’t bend them inward. Now push yourself explosively from a squat position back into a standing position.

The upper body should remain as upright as possible throughout the exercise and the elbows under the bar.

4. How many calories can I burn with lunges?

Not so few: 18 minutes of lunges burn 100 calories. This fat burner exercise makes toned legs and is a pretty good calorie burner to boot. Whether with or without weight – walking lunges are highly intensive.

From a hip-width stance, put one leg forward to do this with a wide step. While doing this, bend the front leg and bring the knee of the back one as far as possible to the floor. The upper body remains upright.

Then press back into a vertical position and start again with the other leg. When it really pulls and burns nicely, you can literally feel the calories going bye-bye.

5. Can I fire up the fat burning on the leg press?

Yay. Perfectly suited for beginners and therefore one of the favorites among the fat burner exercises is the leg press. If you’ve ever tested these, you know: Here you will not only train all the leg muscles, but also a crisp buttocks along the way.

The movement sequence is simple: sit on the seat cushion, lean your back and place your feet hip-width apart on the footplate. Toes, knees and shoulders form a straight line. Now pull yourself as close as possible to the plate and release the safety catch. Important: Never start or stop at a 90-degree angle. Depending on the device, you now push yourself away from the slab or the slab away from you.

Caution: To avoid unnecessary stress on the knee joints, the legs should not be fully extended at the end of the movement and the knees should also never fold inward, as in squats.

By the way: The leg press can be used to work different muscle groups depending on the position of the feet. Place your feet shoulder-width apart on the top third of the footboard, working your butt and leg biceps in particular. Positioning the feet in the lower third of the plate results in an increased load on the quadriceps. Within 18 minutes, you’ve easily burned 100 calories with this highly effective exercise.

Burn 100 calories can be done quickly and effectively with the right exercises. So instead of spending ages on the treadmill or cross-trainer, invest your time in a short but intense workout.

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