Building the shisha head perfectly – this is how it’s done!

Today we would like to show you how to build the perfect shisha head can visit. These instructions are intended primarily for beginners, to clarify frequently asked questions and to explain the general procedure of the head construction step by step. With our instructions, the shisha head will be perfect and you will get good smoke and an intense taste.

Shisha head building step by step

If you want to build a perfect shisha head, you will surely realize at some point that the steps involved are always the same. So you can be sure that eventually you will always build good hookah heads, because practice makes perfect.

Preparation: Everything clean?

But before you think about building a shisha head, you should first check if all utensils are clean. Does the tongs still have tobacco or charcoal residues?? If the tobacco head is clean? When everything is dry and the shisha is clean, you can start building the head.

Fill tobacco into the shisha head

Before you start filling the tobacco into shisha head, you should check the Stir the tobacco well once again. You can do this with tongs or a fork. Molasses often collects on the bottom of the tobacco tin, so we stir vigorously again to allow the tobacco to absorb molasses and become moist. Now you start to fill the tobacco into the shisha head. Take piece by piece of tobacco from the can and distribute it loosely fluffy in the hookah head. It is best to use a tobacco fork or tongs that have not been in contact with the charcoal. Alternatively, you can of course simply use your fingers for this purpose. Make sure that you do not press the tobacco downwards.

own picture

Now you will surely ask yourself, how to build the shisha head should be. To do this, you need to think in advance about the setup you want to smoke with. Depending on the setup and chimney system, the head build is adjusted accordingly.

  • Aluminum foil or chimney top: Tobacco to ca. Build 1cm below the edge of the tobacco head.
  • Heat Management Device: Tobacco can be built up to the edge.

In the meantime, you might as well put three coals on the shisha grill so that it’s on as soon as your shisha head is built.

Apply aluminum foil, chimney top or HMD

In the next step you take a square piece of aluminum foil. It is important that it still protrudes a few centimeters above the edge, so that you can fold it over later on. If you use armor foil, usually one layer is enough. With commercially available aluminum foil from the supermarket there should be at least 2 layers should be clean, because it is much thinner and therefore more heat is in direct contact with the tobacco.

Then you make with a pointed contrast, like bspw. a toothpick or a needle, holes in the aluminum foil. How many holes and how big holes you do it, is up to you and is Matter of taste. Here you should just try a little. We always build the hookah head with many small holes arranged in a circle. In the case of a phunnel, the center of the foil is not perforated in the process.

own picture

But there are not only the classic heads with aluminum foil, but also fireplaces and HMDs. When using a Fireplace or HMDs you just put it on the shisha head and you can start smoking.

Check draught and if necessary. optimize

Before you put on the charcoal, you can check if your head construction has a good draft. Blow loosely into the head from behind. So the tobacco is loosened a bit more and if necessary. Tobacco remnants removed from the hole. Now you can use the Put the ready-built hookah head on your hookah and check the draught by pulling the shisha. It should be easy to draw. If this is the case, you can get the glowing coals from the Shisha grill.

You have now built the ideal shisha head

Congratulations, now your Shisha head ready built and ready to smoke. In the beginning, you should start with three coals on the edge to attract the hookah. Later you can vary and if necessary. switch to two coals should it start to itch.

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