Build your own pallet table

You can build a pallet table in different variations: Whether it’s a desk, coffee table or seating area – with a little creativity and our instructions, you can build exactly the piece of furniture you want. Here you can find out which variants are available, what you need to consider when choosing materials and what you need for construction.

How to build a table from pallets yourself?

While every piece of homemade furniture is different, the basic steps are the same when building a pallet table:

  • sanding of the pallets to avoid splintering.
  • If necessary. Sawing the pallets to the right size.
  • Screwing the individual components.
  • Painting the finished piece of furniture.

The most important thing is that you suitable materials and prepare everything you need before building the pallet table. If you build the furniture indoors, protect the surrounding area with an Covering foil from sawdust and paint splashes. More tips for building your own individual pallet table and information about the right material, Euro pallets and co. you will find below.

Now choose the right furniture pallets in the OBI online store and get started.

Which pallets are suitable for building furniture?

Euro pallets are pallets made of softwood with the dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm x 14.5 cm. They are designed for transporting goods, but can also be used for building furniture. For furniture construction should untreated pallets are chosen. Euro pallets, as used in logistics, can be polluted with harmful substances. Therefore, it is advisable when building pallet furniture instead of to Europallets to Furniture pallets to grab.

Pallet furniture – simple construction, rustic look

The Furniture construction with pallets not only ties in with the upcycling trend, but also turns out to be particularly easy, since the pallets are already prefabricated elements pallets are available, which, depending on the furniture, only need to be cut to size and screwed together. As a result, pallet furniture is also suitable for beginners and building costs less time. Instructions are therefore usually hardly necessary or kept very simple. The finished furniture are can be individualized in terms of color and bring a rustic look.

Pallets are used for various Uses available. For the construction of beds and other furniture for the interior, where untreated wood should be used as much as possible, are suitable sawed furniture pallets, whose wood is not chemically treated against pests and weathering. For the use of such pallets in the construction of garden or balcony furniture is painting with Weatherproof paints Needed to protect the boards of the furniture from environmental influences. Planed pallets you don’t have to grind so thoroughly. Do you already use pre-painted palettes, you no longer need color.

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