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I dream for a long time to build an airplane myself (had eigendlich before me a kit to buy, which is too expensive). Now I had thought about whether it would be cheaper to pick out a plane (preferably a UL) for which you first only need the construction plan and gradually buy the parts for it. Maybe someone can tell me if there is something like that, if you need an extra training for it or if you can just build it.

Thanks in advance,


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Test Pilot
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then almost certainly the Oskar Ursinus Association is your friend. And many answers (even to questions YOU haven’t asked yet) are also answered there.

There are more homebuilder pilots than you can imagine.
(the lapwing for example exists only as a blueprint.)

. and keep us informed!

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high-end to build it yourself:

The planes are not really "hand-tame" and also not quite cheap all in all, but a dream already..

many greetings

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Student Pilot

Thanks for your help!
Nice little plane, this Lancair, but too expensive and modern. I was really thinking more of a lapwing.

@gero: Thank you for the link, it has helped me very much!

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Werner Schulte


Lapwing construction

Thanks for your help!
Nice little airplane, this Lancair, but too expensive and modern. I have really rather thought of a Kiebitz.

@gero: Thanks for the link, it helped me a lot!

I built the lapwing and don’t regret it – even if I don’t fly it today.

Take a good look at the bird. Best several. And be hard on yourself! Not only simply the enthusiasm that drives you, but also the difficulties should not be overlooked.

The blueprints are being praised all over the place. However, a note should be made about this: In the original version these plans have been approved once. Stamp on it and it is good ! But no one builds the Kiebitz anymore with a small two-stroke engine and an empty weight of 149,5 kg

That means, one must build for the from my view really true engine (the row four-cylinder of NISSAN, which does also in the Kiebitz of the constructor for over 10 years service) some differently, needs for it plans, must improvise partly something, that again must be agreed upon with the constructor, if it is to become approvable.

This one has a telephone counseling service, which is regularly busy during opening hours, because everyone wants to get rid of their grief there. And there are many who have trouble building them! There is also sometimes something goes wrong (I have z.B. the lower wing attachments are the wrong way around and at first thought I might get rid of the lower wing ) and a repair tip is essential.

If then sometime after years the exciting time of the final inspection comes, so gives it usually first long faces. In quite a few cases the designer has to intervene himself and one is well advised to give him this "job" then also to give. Attempts to simply take another examiner regularly fail, because they then simply proceed according to plan and have to demand all proofs for everything they have composed themselves. That’s right ouch!

What is ingenious about the lapwing is the design in terms of construction. The hull can be bent into shape in the base with two auxiliary wooden formers and created on its flat underside in such a way that no further slipway needs to be built. At that time I collected a lot of old doors and made them into templates or auxiliary frames. That went quite well. The rudder was really straight after riveting the fuselage tubes. In other words, you have a real chance of getting it right the first time too.

If you are interested, I still have templates for the construction of the wing ribs.

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