Birthday frankfurt

Birthday party ideas in Corona times ideas for birthday Corona for birthday party 2021 what is allowed, what can you do teenager, 18. Birthday, round birthday 10. 30. 50. with pictures, videos and reviews

Birthday in Frankfurt is celebrated more and more often on the party boat. The route leads through the skyscraper canyons and along the museum embankment. Birthday party in Frankfurt goes with 5-10 passengers and costs 199 EUR for 50 minutes. You should bring ticket, playlist, drinks.

You are welcome to bring apple wine cake and Bembel, decorations, drinks and balloons.

Offer party boat rent to celebrate birthday


You rent the boat online or on the phone at a date, duration and time that suits you well. After the reservation you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and the rental contract with all the necessary rules for life on board. In the e-mail is a nautical chart of the fairway Frankfurt am Main. Marked danger spots, right of way rules, signs and shallows are also explained.

Handover and rental contract at the birthday on party boat

The handover of the party boat starts with the greeting and introduction. Afterwards the boarding and the stowing of the luggage and the storing of the provisions in the refrigerator takes place. The explanation of the controls such as forward gear, stop, reverse gear, steering wheel, toilet, horn, light is done by a trained instructor.

What do I have to bring when renting a boat

Women renting a boat to celebrate a birthday on the river Main

Please bring your identity card, towel, sunglasses, flipflops or sneakers, suntan lotion, playlist (Bluetooth), drinks, red plastic cups (paper cups soften), cake, snacks, sweets, snack food, decoration. Women renting a boat to celebrate a birthday on the river Main

Women at the birthday on a boat on the Main

Alcohol is expressly permitted on the rental boat. The alcohol limit for the helmsman is 0.5 per mille and 1.00 per mille for passengers. Of course you are allowed to party. But also no one should fall into the water or otherwise come to harm. Women at a birthday on a boat on the river Main

What is there to see on a rental boat in Frankfurt

Women on a boat trip in front of the Iron Pier and Kaiserdom in Frankfurt

The recommended cruising area goes past the skyline, the city and Sachsenhausen to Offenbach. You do not have to pass through a lock. The Museum Embankment, Skyline, Eiserner Steg, European Central Bank, Western Harbour, River Harbour, Cathedral, German Museum, Romans, Paulskirche, Maintower, Commerzbank as the highest building in Germany. Women on a boat tour in front of the Iron Bridge and Kaiserdom in Frankfurt

Women at a round birthday with balloons and at birthday party on a party boat on the Main river

The party boat as a rental boat goes 10 KM/h. The flow speed of the Main is 1-2 Km/h depending on the water level. The motor has 15 hp and is therefore on the entire Main license free. The weight of the boat without passengers is 2 tons. The final speed of the boat for rent is limited by the resistance of the water. A speed higher than 10 Km/h is possible only with the jet boat. Women at a round birthday with balloon and at birthday party on a party boat on the Main river

On the party boat go 10 or 15 people maximum. On the jet boat go 10 people. The instructor who accompanies you is counted extra.

How much does a birthday party on the party boat in Frankfurt cost?

The party boat for 10 passengers costs group price 249,- (50 Min./ boat rental)
The party boat for 15 passengers costs group price 299,- (50 min/ boat rental )
Jet boat for 10 passengers group price 49,- (50 min one-way ticket)

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Birthday in Frankfurt celebrate in Corona times and birthday party in April 2021 in Frankfurt round birthday 10., 18., 30., 40., 50., 60. Birthday – what is allowed, what can be done, is clarified on this website.

Birthday Corona ideas for birthday celebration in May 2021

Birthday Corona ideas have become increasingly difficult to implement since the emergency brake in May 2021, as Corona ideas with outdoor activities that count as sports have been completely eliminated. Ideas for birthday with Corona like playing football or jumping on the trampoline in the home garden are now only allowed with children from 2 households since April 2, 2021, because the incidence values are over 100. Excluded are the Lake Constance district and Saarland, where the corona incidence>100. Birthday party ideas are therefore limited to a birthday party in the inner circle with siblings and parents from a maximum of two households.

The federal government already recommends self-testing during Easter holidays and after and going to local testing centers more to further curb Corona.

Bottle of champagne in a basket with Corona quick test laboratory accessories from the Corona test center

Bottle of champagne in a basket with Corona quick test laboratory accessories from the Corona test center

To realize ideas for a round birthday in Corona times and during the lockdown measures you have to reach deep into the bag of tricks to find a really special birthday surprise.

Classics such as indoor playground, trampoline park, skate park, soccer hall, go-karting, zoo and aquarium visits are unfortunately cancelled, as these Corona birthday ideas fall under the step plan phase II of the Corona relaxation measures and have been suspended due to increased incidences on 28.03.2021 cancelled by the federal government.

Idea zoo and aquarium visit Corona times is not allowed in April 2021

Idea zoo and aquarium visit Corona times is not allowed in April 2021

For many, therefore, the question arises what to do on the birthday during Corona, because all people want a special idea with surprise as a birthday gift such as action, experience with great memory.

Birthday frankfurt
Birthday frankfurt

American Birthday Party in Frankfurt during COVID

The best Corona birthday ideas 2021 are gifts and surprises that the celebrant has wanted for a long time and so far actually too expensive, too time consuming to bake, craft, make etc. were or were simply too elaborate and now come completely unexpected, like the Toffifee birthday cake.

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Toffifee birthday cake

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Toffifee birthday cake

Crafting or building something for your child is the ideal idea for parents who have been asking themselves for months "what can you do on your birthday during Corona". For a child, the idea of making something special while the child is watching has a special appeal because the emotional component and the idea of sustainability gets a higher value in the gift.

Birthday frankfurt

TOP 3 ideas birthday Corona children and teenagers

  1. Crafting a Kaufmann store
  2. Construction of a crispy house from pasta like gingerbread
  3. Building a soapbox car with rope to pull for dad
  4. Rocking horse
  5. Jumping hill for the BMX bike/ skateboard
  6. Electric train set up

The idea of making something special for your child, which can be played with afterwards, which does not consist of imported goods and which the child may even have helped with, is certainly the best gift for a child, because the time spent together can only be spent in Corona times for most parents.

Birthday party in Frankfurt young women at the starting point of the party boat

Birthday party in Frankfurt

A toy from a bygone era, often still stored in the basement, and with young and old a meaningful idea birthday Corona is, because by building, problem solving, creating, completing skill is trained and and focused on a task and thus are the electric train or the Carrerabahn a pedagogically valuable idea in Corona times to play on your birthday, instead of a fancy birthday party.

Electric train as an idea to build birthday in Corona times

Electric train as an idea to build birthday in Corona times

The joy of completion, to have created something with their own hands and the fact that the child had long anticipation, ensures guaranteed that this gift will remain in the household for a long time and often even inherited (well – not exactly the crunchy house probably).

Birthday celebration ideas adult Corona are due to the epidemic situation in Germany only in the own household possible, plus another household. The number of adults may not exceed 5, which limits the celebration ideas for adults to the immediate family circle.

Idea birthday Corona with the family on a boat in Corona times

Idea birthday Corona with the family on a boat

So in April 2021 the following birthday ideas are allowed during Corona:

TOP #5 ideas for adults in Corona times allowed in April 2021

  1. trip to the nature with bike, walk, hike
  2. visit of parents or. adult children and cool vehicle rent
  3. activity in a zoo or botanical garden (outdoor only)
  4. rent a boat for a private boat trip
  5. Rent a classic car for a convertible tour

Since a normal birthday party is not allowed in April 2021, the small birthday party as a Corona idea for two or as a couple is ideal.

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Idea Corona birthday 2021 for two as a couple is allowed

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Idea Corona birthday 2021 for two as a couple is allowed

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Idea Corona birthday 2021 in pairs as a couple is allowed

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Idea Corona birthday 2021 for two as a couple is allowed

Especially popular is the idea of the small birthday party with the partner and partner or best friend, where the experience and adventure are in the foreground and that can take place in the open air.

The Corona birthday idea vehicle rent the jubilarian great joy makes is with women the convertible or a carriage ride, boat rent and with men possibly an Endurotour on the beach of Denmark, Porsche rent, Mofa tour ala 70s with motto, beach cruiser rent, speedboat driving are popular and special ideas for a Corona birthday, where the actual birthday party must be cancelled and becomes an excursion with cool enterprise.

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Corona idea vehicle rent for birthday

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Corona idea vehicle rent for birthday

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Corona idea vehicle rent for birthday

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Corona idea vehicle rent for birthday

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Corona idea vehicle rent for birthday

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Corona idea vehicle rent for birthday

For those who are still wondering what to do on their birthday in Corona times and are looking for birthday ideas that are a little crazier, unusual, original and yet allowed for the visit to a shooting club with shooting range may be an idea for a birthday activity.

Birthday frankfurt

Who is looking for softer tones as a birthday idea during Corona and is an animal lover, like Captain Franky for which is a day at the animal shelter or sanctuary (always for a donation!) just the right.

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Idea birthday Corona a day with animals

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Idea birthday Corona a day with animals

  • Birthday frankfurt

    Idea birthday Corona a day with animals

  • Birthday frankfurt

    idea birthday Corona a day with animals

Corona birthday idea for the mom who has been in isolation for a while at home a joint hair appointment with animal connection is just the thing to cheer everyone up and with fine hairstyle as a gift to realize the next idea of Corona photo shoot with birthday pictures.

Birthday frankfurt

Corona birthday ideas that are particularly original and in times of high incidence values still allows a small but nice birthday party are private meals on a restaurant ship, rented yacht or a private boat on the Main or the Rhine.

Corona birthday idea champagne and seafood for two in Corona times

Corona birthday idea champagne and seafood for two in Corona times

Gift idea for gourmets is a beautifully decorated breakfast table.

For foodies and globetrotters, frequent travelers and managers who are condemned to the home office during Corona instead of fine business lunches and business hotels, a luxury hotel-style breakfast is a great surprise because many business travelers miss the luxurious Vielfliger lounges of airlines and luxury hotels and are guaranteed to find this kind of surprise a special birthday Corona 2021 ideas.

Good and bad birthday Corona ideas 2021

Round birthday ideas in April 2021 are reduced to the creativity of the partner and closest friends, family, parents or children, grandchildren. The round birthdays include:

  1. Birthday 10. in Corona times
  2. Birthday 18. in Corona times
  3. Birthday 30. in Corona times
  4. Birthday 40. in Corona times
  5. Birthday 50. in Corona times
  6. Birthday 60. in Corona times
  7. Birthday 70. in Corona times
  8. Birthday 80. in Corona times
  9. 100. Birthday

A round birthday is usually celebrated in a particularly large way, but in 2021, due to the Corona requirements, the celebration must take place in the closest circle of the family or be celebrated with an original undertaking.

Guests aboard the party boat dangling their legs in the water in the summer heat and sitting on the outside terrace of the boat

Guests on board the party boat in the summer heat dangle their legs in the water and sit on the outdoor terrace of the boat

Corona birthday party ideas

During Corona Birthday celebration the ideas are reduced to outdoor activities and ventures with a limited number of guests.

Corona rule in restaurants 1.5 meters distance, no shaking hands, disinfecting, washing hands

This restriction was put in place to strengthen hygiene recommendations and to reduce the spread of COVID 19 so that the health care system collapses. From 6. November 2020, the number of people for Corona birthday party was reduced to a regulation of "meetings that have no more than 2 households". Corona ideas as an activity for a birthday party such as dances, restaurants, clubs, concerts and movies are no longer eligible as these ideas have been banned since the November lockdown.

Women at a boat party wearing Corona masks

One virtual Corona birthday party idea is one Online party via the Smartphone, tablet, notebook or Desktop can be held.

Virtual party by video conference

The most popular apps resp. Software to online birthday by video conference are:

  1. WhatsApp 31%
  2. Facetime (iPhone only) 23%
  3. Skype 17%
  4. Zoom 8%
  5. Webex 4%

Optionally goes also Lifestream on Instagram or YouTube. The participants are at this virtual birthday party in Corona times life present and can online birthday join the party.

Online JGA as a virtual bachelor party with two participants and several connected groups via video conference circuit

Of course, hugs and personal conversations take place in a virtual group where all group participants can watch only limited take place.

Online meeting virtual

Online meeting virtual

The acceptance of virtual Corona birthday party Is different for different age groups and depends on whether a smartphone is seen as a tool or whether Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are the hobby of the participant group.

Online party Corona birthday

1,2 of 5,0 Generation Baby Boomer no acceptance
2,4 of 5,0 generation golf low acceptance
3.7 out of 5.0 Generation Y part-part acceptance
4.6 out of 5.0 Generation Z high acceptance

Source: Captain Franky

In all the groups studied, the idea of meeting in person and the idea of being physically present at a Corona birthday party preferred, because the embrace and human warmth, the social contact with true friends and the joy of laughing together, can be felt more intensely at a presence party.

Since presumably from February 2021 – May 2021 a hard Lockdown could come here the prognosis of Captain Franky based on data of the previous year of the RKI, from when birthday party in Corona time with presence could be allowed c.p..

This forecast for the Birthday 2021 Is especially hard for round birthdays and children’s birthdays and is calculated for June 2021 because robust data such as incidence and R-value after a lockdown, from the previous year 2021 are available for comparison in June.

Celebrate birthday Corona forecast in April 2021

The Corona forecast for Birthday 2021 during Corona was calculated by Captain Franky. A forecast is a projection.

With this Birthday Corona forecast 2021 remain the following influencing factors in the "what is allowed in 2021" not taken into account:

  • C-19 herd immunity and further infectious events
  • acceptance and vaccination against C-19 virus
  • Infection with C-19
  • success of the no-contact Easter
  • Success of the quarantine for Easter travelers
  • learning curve for virologists and politicians
  • Change of the virus
  • New virus species

Therefore round birthday in Corona times exceptionally celebrate

Captain Franky describes Ideas, gives Tips and Excel Template Templates on the topic of rounding off Organize birthday party and how a boat party and Rent a boat can run. The embedded YouTube videos and pictures are from birthday parties and were taken by Captain Franky himself. It was with all Birthday party on the boat present in person and has discussed with the organizers of the Birthday party in Frankfurt even spoken.

A round birthday should be unforgettable and the thought of the celebration in retrospect should be a Put a grin on your face, which is why Captain Franky is throwing a birthday party with friends, colleagues and family on the party boat absolutely recommend can. Inexpensive and at the same time unusual places to party are few and far between in Frankfurt am Main. The party boat is such an insider tip, because DJ, food and drinks you may bring.

Rents for small event spaces in Frankfurt and the surrounding area are usually high. That causes costs with the organizer of the celebration. Therefore, many celebrate in their own four walls. Original, however, is different, because after the Corona time no one feels like their own.

The celebration on my boat is of course a little more expensive than a picnic at the public barbecue area or a birthday party in the party cellar of the parents, but that is clear to everyone. However, if it should be something special, because a round birthday is coming up, then a boat party is an inexpensive and original solution, because you can bring decorations, drinks and food yourself.

And also you take over the DJ, because my boat has a stereo system which is coupled with your cell phone. The dilemma in planning the budget is actually the biggest challenge, because unlike a bachelor party where everyone pitches in together, for a birthday, the host bears the entire cost. Therefore I recommend to let give the boat tour simply as a present. Parents, grandparents, the best friends as a group or the life partner are grateful for a clever wish list for the birthday present. For a gift giver there is nothing more disappointing than when the gift giver is disappointed himself. Gift giving is a tradition that is not reduced to people, by the way. Animals also give each other gifts of food, attention to grooming or tools (monkeys).

So for the gift to work and make everyone happy is the interaction of need and dialogue readiness important. Of course the surprise effect is an important factor for a gift, but hand on heart. When have you ever been so surprised that you were thrilled?? More effective is to move the WOW effect to the actual boat party, which often lasts several hours, instead of a few surprise seconds.

I am planning a birthday party in Frankfurt am Main and would like to have something extraordinary as a location like renting a boat or a boat party on a ship for a special celebration and would like to know the prices

Organizers who are planning a round birthday in Frankfurt and want to host special birthday parties should take a closer look at the offer party boat rental as an event location for small groups. Experiencing a sunset with a boat party makes this address an extraordinary celebration.

10 Take Away from this Website

  • Rent a boat from 199,- EUR group price
  • Tip Gift Idea Boat Party
  • Action offer speedboat tours on the Main
  • Organize a birthday party with Excel template
  • Speech for the birthday
  • Challenge for jubilarians
  • Animation and entertainment
  • Unusual birthdays remain in memory
  • In summer, outdoor celebrations are most popular
  • Buffet food is always cheaper than à la carte food

Organization Birthday Frankfurt

Organize provisions and store them cool as a challenge for birthday party Frankfurt

  1. Determining the budget with the help of the template for birthday party’s
  2. Calculation of party guests because of room rent
  3. Where to park if the event location is in the city center
  4. Which music do I load on the playlist (party, chill, lounge music)
  5. What do the party guests want to eat
  6. How to keep the drinks cold in high summer
  7. Which program and motto do I make

The effort for an original birthday party depends on the location of the party. At a picnic in the Taunus, a birthday cake with cream and a large amount of cold drinks is rather complicated. Also the transfer with the own car is not to be seen completely uncritically, in particular if alcohol is in the play. On hot days and thin foundation already a champagne glass to the greeting, with a petite person and unfavorable conditions, can have strong restrictions on the roadworthiness.

Birthday in your own party cellar is of course uncomplicated. If you do not have your own party cellar, then consider whether parents, grandparents or friends do not have a party cellar or garden. There are also club houses that provide their facilities for a donation. There, the cooling of larger quantities of drinks and the implementation of a BBQ is easier than at a picnic. Alternatively, a public barbecue area, but be careful! This is public and the condition and the environment should be examined carefully in advance.

What comes in any case on you is the disposal of the empties and the garbage.

If your birthday party should be less original, then of course a birthday at MC Donalds is also possible. This is cheap, uncomplicated and fun. But if your guests have grown out of the age of Ronald MC Donalds then there are other alternatives than birthday at a MC Donald in Frankfurt a.M..

One of the alternative places for an original birthday party is the boat party on a private boat, ie. without foreign guests you have to take into consideration. The highlight: The boats are anything but 08/15! On the boat you can party or experience a speed rush or just casually cruise along the Main:

DJ and drinks you bring yourself, this saves costs. Refrigerator and luggage compartments for provisions are sufficiently available, so that also longer boat parties can be realized. For your playlist there is a 1000-watt Bluetooth Hi-Fi system available. WC and fresh water to wash your hands, smoking lounge, disco ball, and a convertible top that protects from the elements and yacht-like comfort are also available. The party decoration, if desired, you can simply bring on the boat and hang up. The selected route depends on the length of the boat party. Anchoring in the bay, cruising in front of the skyline or partying at night outside the populated areas is possible. The boat can be rented from 1 hour. For day trips to the Rhine there are special rates.

A boat party where the guests can party on the water while the boat gently rocks in the waves and the sun’s rays are reflected on the water surface, will be an unforgettable experience with a lot of good humor. Of course, the composition of the guests (see table below), the choice of music and the weather also play a big role in the success of an original birthday party. Food and drinks in the right quantity, temperature and flavor, with and without alcohol, are also important to ensure that all birthday guests feel comfortable. For a party on the party boat are recommended cups and glasses made of plastic and disposable tableware. Decorative champagne glasses and party cups made of plastic can be found in the metro or on Amazon.

There are different methods for the administrative organization of a birthday party. The right way to organize and plan a birthday party depends on many factors. One of the factors is the degree of planning accuracy and granularity, ie. how much does the birthday planner wish to actively manage every single risk. Size, location of the party, duration and demand of the guests are factors that have to be taken into account from the outside in the administrative organization.

Birthday planning in 17 minutes

The entire planning of the birthday party is done as a project with outsourced sub-projects that can be delegated as a side project. The celebrant is the customer. The guests are stakeholders. Mamma is the main sponsor. Dad, grandma, grandpa are co-sponsors.

To the organization belongs a robust financial planning (template can be downloaded below free of charge and without registration)

Template for birthday planning

It is impossible to do justice to all the people. Therefore, expectation management is part of every planning process

Since other children are invited, the parents must be informed and agree. This is where stakeholder management comes into play

A communication strategy for the parents and children is fundamental. Here you should consider who needs to be informed about what and with what level of detail (e.g.B. boat trip takes place + children’s life jackets are on board)

So that customer centricity is not neglected, invitations are simply sent out in the form of a treasure map or nautical chart

Of course, drinks are served in pirate style – instead of real pirate grog there is fruit tea suitable for children.

A motto belongs. There are no limits to the imagination and so the entertainment of the little guests already starts with the planning of the motto

Children are very welcome on my boat and I am always happy to see the children’s eyes shining with enthusiasm. To ensure that the party is a success and that everything gets into high spirits quickly and that these last, Captain Franky has developed the following rule with 7 steps. For the little ones (from 6 years) a tour with our boat can be staged like an exciting pirate adventure or as a small cruise, where the guests receive a captain’s cap and are allowed to take over the helm themselves under supervision. If the motto is sailor, pirate or cruise captain, everyone is looking forward to the children’s birthday party. The most difficult part of planning a child’s birthday party is over when everything runs like a project. On the party boat, the celebration itself is a breeze if the children’s birthday party has been planned like a project and is guaranteed to be a hit with all the guests, young and old, thanks to a foresighted organization.

Round Birthday Frankfurt Entertainment

The entertainment program for a round birthday in Frankfurt can be very different, depending on the preferences, tastes and age of the jubilarian.

Entertainment during a birthday can be an undertaking and activity with music, comedy, action, excitement or party. Also a funny boat trip on a party boat can be a diversified entertainment during a birthday in Frankfurt.

I was wondering what a good idea for entertainment and program for 50. Birthday in Frankfurt is.

Round birthday Frankfurt entertainment

Fooling around for the 50th. Birthday after the boat trip on the party boat

For all young at heart birthday guests the party boat in Frankfurt am Main is the perfect place for a successful round birthday party. Here the Best Agers can really step on the gas, feel the airstream and have fun. Children are not liable for their parents in this case and we assure you that Young and old have a lot of fun a perfect workout for the laughing muscles.

Birthday Planning and Organizing – 20 Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Birthday Better

Ideas during Corona there are many. When planning a round birthday should be clarified in advance what costs are incurred if there is a lockdown and many people are allowed to meet in a group.

The best ideas for round birthday Corona is an activity of undertaking outdoors and outside in a garden pub or a boat tour. The probability of a transfer with COVID 19 tends to be lower for a birthday that takes place outdoors than indoors.

Risk groups should take extra care and have guests tested in advance. This is especially recommended for round birthdays that take place in a retirement home or if some of the guests have 70 years, 80 years or more or if there are pre-existing conditions in the celebrant and close relatives.

The above tips for an original birthday party and an extraordinary anniversary are good advice and the checklist will assist in planning the event. The contents do not have the claim to be complete and perfect or to fit for every person equally. The content is rather to give a high entertainment value while researching to plan a good birthday party.

I also wrote the content myself. I have drawn exclusively on my own experiences of birthday parties, which is why the contents are brutally honest at one point or another, especially when it comes to round birthdays. The birthday organizer should always have the feeling when reading this topic page, "Interesting, I feel the same way, and oh how awesome is that&

Costs round birthday

The cost of a round birthday party is on average 56,- EUR per head for parties with 15 birthday guests. This includes an activity on the party boat, food, and accommodation costs. The biggest expenses in a cost planning for 50., 40., 30., 18. Birthday activities are 24.2%, overnight hotel stays at 32.1%, and meals 27.4%.

Alcoholic beverages can be unexpectedly high for birthday parties held in a bar or hotel and account for 16.3% of other costs. Both models do not take into account the travel costs. I have put the template with the Excel template for cost calculation online.

Budget planning round birthday

A rough estimate of the costs is rarely sufficient for a solid financial planning for a round birthday party.

Forecasting costs using data models, as described in our template, is sufficiently accurate for a Birthday budget is fixed. A budget is the amount of money that is finally available to hold the party. The amount must not be exceeded, otherwise it would not be a budget. If the budget is not enough to cover the costs, the budget must be increased. Will Budget for a party if the cost does not increase, later does a Cost trap on and in the worst case you even have to sell birthday presents to cover some of the costs.

The budget for a birthday party and the supporting program should not be undercut, because otherwise services are omitted, which are elementary for a successful celebration and which are expected by the guests. It’s a little different when individual guests cancel or do not come. Canceling individual guests seems at first glance favorable for the budget, as the total cost of the birthday party decreases, but who likes to give up important friends.

So that the Planning and organization of a budget for a round birthday efficiently and without risk goes, I have created a template as an Excel template. The table is already pre-filled and must be edited only if individual activities, modules and catering are omitted.

Templates for planning costs, expenses, budget round birthday

Ideas birthday best friend

My best friend has a round birthday and I am looking for an original idea for a surprise party

The best friend has a very special role. It is soul mate, buddy and family at the same time. When the round birthday is coming up woman should come up with something special and spare no effort and expense the best friend to surprise.

Ideas women birthday Frankfurt

Women celebrating a birthday on a boat

It’s not about expensive accessories that the recipient can buy herself, but about gifts that capture an unforgettable moment, a moment that everyone will remember and that will remain as the greatest gesture of friendship. Ideas abound, but if it really has to be something that evokes mood, romance, aesthetics, party spirit and the freedom of music hits from the likes of Nena to Kelly Family to Backstreet Boys, then an Surprise party on the party boat exactly the right.

You come down the stairs at the Museumsufer, blindfold your best friend and when the blindfold falls all your old friends, colleagues, siblings and fellow students are already sitting in the party boat and start singing the birthday song. Then the party boat is boarded and it’s ahoy, lines away. More is not possible!

Birthday celebration Frankfurt

Frankfurters are used to a lot when celebrating. The Rhein Main area is varied and the guests celebrating a birthday in Frankfurt are more demanding than in other parts of the republic and like to celebrate in a different way than on an ordinary Saturday or during the weekly after work party.

Also, when celebrating a birthday in Frankfurt is to note that many Frankfurters have a migration background with roots in England, USA, Asia, Brazil, Israel or Persia and like boating and dancing.

Birthday party in Frankfurt

Frankfurt as a financial metropolis with little heavy industry has distinguished immigrants with academic education. If you want to celebrate a birthday and you have chosen the place Frankfurt, then you should definitely consider whether vegetarians or certain foods such as bacon and hard alcohol causes discomfort to individual guests or whether it is not an issue at all.

Celebrating a birthday in Frankfurt is very popular with guests coming from the Rhein Main area or visiting the center of Frankfurt as day tourists. In Frankfurt there are countless attractions such as the Main River with its Mainufer, the architecture of the skyline and the old town, as well as gastronomy with its apple wine bars, beer gardens, rooftop bars and beach clubs that there is in such a density in any other city.

Celebrating a birthday in Frankfurt means at the same time, that a birthday party is more expensive than in the Rhine Main area or the surroundings of Frankfurt.

In Hesse there are countless beautiful places with picturesque marketplaces and beer gardens, restaurants and cafes that invite you to celebrate. Eifel, Odenwald, Saarland or Hunsruck is in comparison rather favorable when it comes to celebrate birthday, because the rents and labor costs are higher in Frankfurt and therefore prices and costs are more expensive than outside of Frankfurt center. In turn, the choice of original attractions, unusual premises and special locations in the Main metropolis is correspondingly high.

Idea activity birthday Frankfurt

Women having a birthday party on a boat in Frankfurt

Who wants to celebrate a birthday and wants to do something special original is well served with a private boat tour on the Main or a party boat rental for your own celebration, because foreign guests on the boat of Captain Franky, there are not with his offers. You always have the boat exclusively for you and do not have to take into account other passengers on board.

Room hire birthday Frankfurt

Those who want to celebrate their birthday in Frankfurt and need to rent a room can rent a boat on the Main River as a venue. Those who have chosen a boat can choose between speedboat ride, harbor tour, boat tour and party boat rental to meet the need for space rental birthday Frankfurt. With the room size of the boat as a party location, there are room rent Frankfurt 20 people or 30 people. For round birthdays like 50. Birthday, 60. Birthday or 70. For the first birthday party in Frankfurt it is advisable to rent a party ship Frankfurt, because here 100 and more guests come together quickly.

Where to celebrate birthday Frankfurt

Depending on budget, location, equipment and demand is the cheapest room to rent for a birthday in Frankfurt:

  • clubhouse
  • Youth center
  • Youth center
  • party room
  • Party cellar
  • Party boat
  • Indoor playground
  • barbecue hut
  • Party ship

Ideas children’s birthday party in Frankfurt

Children’s birthday party ideas in Frankfurt and in the Rhine Main area there are countless. Since most parents do a lot of activities with the children anyway, the challenge for the parents is to find something special as an activity that makes the children’s birthday so extraordinary that it remains for the children and the guests as original in memory.

Pirate adventure with children on a boat

Top 11 most popular ideas kids birthday party 2021

  1. Boat trip with pirate adventure
  2. Opelzoo
  3. Picnic
  4. Climbing forest
  5. Pony rides
  6. Theme park
  7. Amusement park
  8. Motto party
  9. Overnight stay
  10. Night hike
  11. Game night

Children’s birthday party during Corona times is a real challenge for organization and planning. Parents often have concerns that children could be infected. A long stay in a confined space is therefore not recommended during a children’s birthday party as long as the penetration of the COVID 19 virus in the population is very high. An undertaking and activity as an idea for a children’s birthday party that takes place outdoors reassures the parents of most participating children.

Postponing a children’s birthday party in Frankfurt, because Corona in Frankfurt, is not a good idea, because children look forward to a nice party, great gifts and the attention there is during the celebration. In addition, a children’s birthday party should be held despite Corona, because many friends, children, aunts and grandparents are happy after the long period of social distancing during Corona to finally spend time with the celebrant.

Especially popular are theme parks where wild rides provide adrenaline and themes such as a movie park, dino park, country park provide variety between roller coaster and water slide.

Amusement park in Frankfurt as an outdoor activity and undertaking

10 Birthday Frankfurt

Ideas like the 10. Birthday of a child birthday party in Frankfurt will be a very special day, you will find on this website. An original program to entertain the children can be the deciding factor whether the birthday party is perceived as beautiful.

Children’s birthday party on a boat

A special idea for activities for the 10th birthday of children are an indoor playground, cinema visit, MC Donalds visit, clown, magician, circus visit, joint game night with overnight stay, theme party such as pirate party.

List of the most extraordinary and special ideas to the 10. Birthday

  1. Pirate party on boat
  2. Trampoline hall
  3. amusement park
  4. Indoor playground,
  5. Visit to the cinema
  6. MC Donalds visit
  7. Game night with sleepover
  8. Motto party like pirate party
  9. Bowling
  10. Hire a clown
  11. Circus visit
  12. Hire a magician

teenager birthday frankfurt

It’s not easy for teens during Corona time and even without Corona, the teenage life stage sucks. It does not matter for the teenager whether it is a small town or a metropolis like Frankfurt am Main. Organizing a birthday for a teenager can be a bit of a challenge for parents, because in the age of social media, the celebrator shouldn’t be subjected to a shitstorm if the teenager’s birthday in Frankfurt flops. Ideal is when the teenager organizes his birthday himself and may take into account the wishes of his friends, classmates, club friends, if these the teenager as an inviting celebrator must be particularly fair.

Teenager birthday on a boat in Frankfurt

It is clear that a not very successful birthday party is embarrassing even for adults, if the food, the wine does not taste good or the music selection does not create a good mood. For teenage birthdays in Frankfurt, however, it is not only embarrassing but mega embarrassing when the birthday flops and the whole school on the net, can read and view what the level of embarrassment is. In the opposite case, still during the teen birthday party the party pictures are shared on WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest. Sure the teenager is then celebrated on the net and the posts get a like and are shared.

An especially cool teen birthday party boat tour or speedboat tour for those who love action and adrenaline.

Teen birthday Corona may be limited in 2020 and 2021. Partying in a club and youth center is very limited in most states due to the Corona sanitation ordinance. The teen birthday during Corona usually takes place in your own family and at home. Siblings, grandparents, parents and often the best friend celebrate the teenager’s birthday despite Corona. Interdiction of the spread of COVID 19 or tracking by health departments is possible with this type of small teen birthday party.

Cornerning in Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel and in Alt Sachsenhausen, meeting in parks like the Museumsuferpark, Gruneburgpark, Ostpark, Taunusanlage and places like the Opernplatz in Frankfurt is very popular as an outdoor and outdoors place to celebrate a teenage birthday. During Corona this place, meeting in groups as well as the consumption of alcohol is very limited. Information about the current danger situation and the ordinance for Frankfurt am Main can be found on the website of the city and on the website of the state of Hesse.

18 Birthday Frankfurt

A 18. Birthday celebration Frankfurt is something very special for the celebrant. No other birthday like the 18. Birthday as so eagerly awaited. For most of the anniversary party-goers from Frankfurt and the surrounding area, the 18. birthday party is a celebration in the center of Frankfurt the absolute High Light. The skyline and the coolness of the metropolis Frankfurt is admired by many young people.

A Idea which is especially popular when celebrating the 18. Birthday Frankfurt is the visit to the party boat, where own playlist, own drinks, own decorations and finger food may be brought along.

Women at 18. Birthday in Frankfurt on a boat

Den 18. Celebrating a birthday in Frankfurt usually means that the parents or older siblings take the celebrant to the party boat. The celebrant then gets on the party boat with his friends, classmates and family and sets off on a boat trip through Frankfurt. At the starting point where the approach to the birthday party took place, it is then also put on again and the group moves on to the next program point such as going out to eat, party cellar, etc.

Women celebrating 18. Birthday party in Frankfurt

18 birthday during Corona is subject to the requirements to reduce the spread of the Corona virus. Participant of the 18. Birthday should have visited before the birthday party no risk country, the distance and hygiene measures should be lived and the guests should have none of the Corona symptoms such as cough, lack of sense of taste, fever, runny nose.

Hugs are not recommended by authorities. Leading virologists go too far in preventing human displays of affection, as this behavior also poses a risk to the psyche of the population, and despite Corona must be weighed against the value of a loving embrace for a teenager.

Especially after isolation, lockdown, cancellation of street parties, funfairs, Christmas market, concerts, cinema, a hug is an important gesture for a teenager on Corona birthday. Established virologists recommend holding one’s breath briefly during the hug, so that in the case of an unsympthomatic COVID-19 carrier, the duration of the "breathing out into the face" or. the inhalation of foreign aerosols can be reduced.

Celebrate 50 birthday extraordinarily

For adult jubilarians is nice to go out to eat and be with family and best friends, laugh and celebrate a convivial birthday the best entertainment during a round birthday in Frankfurt.

Birthday party with the family on a boat in Frankfurt

A special celebration as a round birthday in Frankfurt with entertainment is 50., 75., 80. Birthday. Our data show that the 60. Birthday is often celebrated a little smaller and less extraordinary, because already the 50th birthday is celebrated. that was high lift and can hardly be over affected.

75 birthday celebration

The 75. birthday is not a round birthday, but a quarter of a century is a special number in the Christian, Celtic, Judean, Ancient Greek cultural circle. The 75. Birthday celebrations are usually with close family and the entertainment of guests often consists of anecdotes and stories and fond memories from decades past.

A special idea for the 75. Birthday is when close relatives, old work colleagues, children, friends and colleagues recite an anecdote or give a eulogy to the celebrant.

The kind of entertainment during a birthday often brings back the best memories of Frankfurt, because the city on the Main and its Frankfurt center provides enough conversation material with high entertainment value.

The idea to choose the location whether garden pub, winery outside Frankfurt or a party ship on the Main with solo entertainer is often a question of budget.

On the 50th. Birthday most jubilarians expect 100,- EUR per guest for food and drinks (6-8 hours), 4.500,- EUR for a good cover band + DJ and 5.000,- EUR for a venue where the police will not break up the party because residents complained.

80 birthday Frankfurt

80 birthday Frankfurt is a round number at which unfortunately often already first health deficits are present with the jubilarian and companions, first friends, work colleagues and relatives are no longer there, and the parents are also no longer alive. For the celebrant, the review of the 80 years of life is often wistful, because everyday life no longer has the ease as in thirty, fifty or sixty years.

80. Birthday in Frankfurt on the Main

A round birthday for the 80. is usually very solemn and for many relatives and friends it is at the same time a farewell party, because for all involved it is clear that a 90. Birthday rarely takes place. A good entertainment for a celebration of 80. Birthday is when guests bring their photo albums and some companions tell nice stories about the good old times.

For the celebrant who celebrates his 80. If a person is celebrating a birthday and planning a big party, a little dance to the music of a solo entertainer is a wonderful opportunity to tell an anecdote about the culture of the dance school and to dance a waltz with the daughters, grandchildren and to exemplify and tell about a culture that has long since faded, because dance schools in those days functioned like Tinder – only analog and without a mobile device in the hand.

Birthday party on ship

Party ship rental for a birthday party is a particularly unusual location for a round birthday. Celebrating on a ship on the Main is especially for a large birthday party a place that offers a high entertainment for the guests. Birthday party on ship is usually done for round birthdays, because the number of guests is often so large that a birthday party can no longer be held at home or in their own party basement. Also, many event venues are not sufficiently festive and do not have the potential for a specialre celebration or an extraordinary birthday.

Smaller birthday party on ship in Frankfurt can be held on a party ship or boat. For this purpose, the ship is rented and decorated exclusively for the birthday. The celebrant can choose between a catering, self-brought drinks and food and the paid on-board service of the shipping company.

The advantage of celebrating a birthday on a ship in Frankfurt is, that a high entertainment value is given by the shipping. It is also possible to have an entertainment program during the cruise. A ship can be rented as a day trip. Prices start from 4.990 EUR for the complete party ship including the nautical crew, fuel, harbor fees, final cleaning and VAT.

Birthday party ideas

Ideas for a birthday party are numerous when it comes to enterprise and activity and what can be done to make the birthday party a success. If the birthday party takes place in Frankfurt am Main center, party boat, beach club, rooftop bar can be rented as an idea for an unusual location.

Activities during a birthday party can be drinking games, board games, decorations, crafts or a shared experience such as a street party, visit to a club or a party ship. When organizing a birthday party, it is advisable to determine the motto and theme in advance. Too much confusion and short-term change of direction in the organization of the birthday party usually leads to a decline in the quality of the celebration. The great influence on the mood is the selection of guests, which is why the early planning of a birthday party is very important.

Birthday party atmosphere

  • Drinking games
  • Decoration
  • Perfect playlist
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Walking Dinner and Finger Food
  • Unusual location

A good birthday party is characterized by a relaxed mood. A relaxed atmosphere is created when the location of the birthday party has zones for small talk, lounge area, standing area, dance area and smoking area. The variety of activities tempts the guests at the birthday party to take different positions and locations, postures and seating positions. This tactic leads to a relaxed attitude of the party guests and entices to relax.

Women playing drinking games to fuel a party on a boat

As an idea to make a birthday party good are delicious food, a buffet and tasty drinks like a punch as a mood accelerator.

When selecting music, a playlist should be put together that best accompanies the course of the birthday party from the first minute to the smash song. Phases with lounge music, hits, German rock, dance music and party music to sing along should be present in the playlist and the music direction should be able to be changed at any time.

The ideal idea is to use pre-made playlists from online music services and streaming services such as Spotify or iTunes, for example, whose top 100 party hits were determined in popularity by swarm intelligence. Youtube is not a suitable streaming service for a birthday party, as the music is regularly interrupted by commercials. If you are without ideas about the choice of music for the birthday party, you should definitely use the services of a professional DJ.

A good DJ knows how to capture the mood of the guests and play the optimal song for it. By this tactical trick the mood increases from song to song until the guests start to dance and later to sing along. A so-called icebreaker song can be played as an idea to quickly create a mood at a birthday party.

This can be a song from the common youth or a song from a movie or a concert that was attended or a wedding that one (s) remembers with pleasure and gladly sings along.

Ideas birthday celebrate adults

For many older adults the own birthday hardly represents a day of joy. According to our research, getting older is increasingly perceived as a devaluation in our society by the Golf generation.

The occasion of the birthday celebration is with older adults gladly limited to the most necessary like Sekt in the office mitbringn, a cake in the office bring or on the birthday freely take and an excursion and enterprise with the family or with parents meal go.

Top 5 activities for birthday adults

71% Bring cake to the office

62% Bring champagne to the office

34% Take time off and trip with family

29% Dinner with parents

23% Breakfast in bed

Often the stress of everyday life and the routine of the job, for adults overwrites the creativity in coming up with ideas for their own birthdays. Many colleagues, partners and spouses are thinking and looking for ideas to give a little surprise and pleasure.

As a jubilarian it belongs to be infected by this joy, because it is an appreciation and sympathy expression of the gift givers, to the jubilarian. A refusal of an adult celebrating a birthday would be a psychologically questionable behavior and can offend the gift givers at a birthday party.

In Frankfurt for adults to celebrate birthday there are countless ideas for activities, undertakings and experiences such as restaurants, rooftop bars, beach clubs, party boats as an idea for birthday celebrate Frankfurt for elders.

Top 5 ideas activities and undertakings for adults on the birthday

  • Restaurant on the water
  • Rooftop bar with skyline view
  • Beach Club on the Main
  • Party boat tour
  • Outdoor venture

Event location Beach Club in Frankfurt at the water and with skyline view

Corona Birthday Celebrate Frankfurt for adults is very limited due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 hygiene regulations. Acceptance of virtual celebrations is virtually non-existent among adults, as our research shows.

Ideas Corona birthday adults

A successful idea to celebrate birthday Frankfurt adults during Corona is a personal celebration, where man(n) or woman can fall into each other’s arms, laugh and spread fun. Celebrate online and hold a virtual meeting via video conference Birthday party despite Corona Celebrating a birthday is rather alienating for adults or older people and has little acceptance among those celebrating their birthday.

Online Meeting Virtual

Online Meeting Virtual

1.2 out of 5.0 Generation Baby Boomer no acceptance
2.4 out of 5.0 Generation Golf low acceptance
3.7 out of 5.0 Generation Y partly acceptance
4.6 out of 5.0 Generation Z high acceptance

Source: Captain Franky

Lifechat via Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom as an idea for birthday greetings for adults is now normal even for grandma and grandpa, as long as the WLAN or the data plan allows it. Watching and talking over cake for hours is strange even for adults who have been used to home offices and virtual teams for years. Adults value quality of social gathering with good friends and family members, so a special birthday party during Corona should be original and unusual.

  • Fun boat trip on the Main
  • Celebration in the garden with delicious BBQ
  • Picnic in nature
  • Rent a terrace or lounge in a restaurant
  • Excursion vintage bus and wine tasting

Celebrate birthday in unusual places

Celebrating birthdays in unusual places is becoming increasingly popular, because Celebrate your birthday in a different way is trendy, because then the celebration remains longer in memory. The appreciation of the special is higher with the celebrant as the recipient and the guests alike when the birthday celebration is different for a change.

So that the place for the celebrant extraordinary for the birthday is, the hobbies and preferences should be considered. Does the recipient love adventures& Traveling in strange places an island, an ice hotel or a tree house can be an extraordinary place to celebrate a birthday. Dreamed the jubilarian z.B. lf you are the child of a clown profession, you can book an old circus wagon.

Old hippies dream of a houseboat vacation in Amsterdam as an unusual place for the birthday party.

For friends of motor sports and adrenaline sports, a birthday party on a race track can be a place for a special present.

Motorsport activity in Frankfurt

Lovers of nature who like to be outdoors will have an unforgettable experience on a boat trip together with friends and family at sunset.

Idea birthday party outdoors Frankfurt

A special place that works well for many guests is a waterfront location or a celebration on the water like a fun boat tour or a speed boat tour.

Top 5 unusual places to celebrate a birthday

  • Speedboat day trip to the Loreley Canyon
  • Overnight stay in an ice hotel
  • Day at the race track
  • Overnight stay in tree house
  • Camping in old circus wagon
  • Houseboat vacation in Amsterdam

Unusual places to go out to eat, pubs and rooftop bars are in Frankfurt am Main.

Speedboat in front of the Frankfurt skyline

The most beautiful restaurants are located directly on the banks of the Main River and can be reached by the party boat. The top 20 location on the water Frankfurt you will find in the link.

iGude, hello and ahoy, I’m Captain Franky – author, captain on the party boat, entrepreneur and the face of party boat.en. As a Frankfurt boy, I know my way around and am constantly on the lookout for cool ideas for events, often experiencing wild stories that I like to tell as an anecdote on a funny boat trip.


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