Birthday alone spend: 5 tips for the day of honor

5 ideas how to spend your birthday alone

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Birthdays should be celebrated. But you don’t always need a party. We have 5 tips on how to spend a birthday alone!

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Let’s be honest: birthdays are no longer as grand as they were when you were a child. Nothing there with Benjamin Blumchen Cake, sausage grabbing and pot banging. Today we have to take care of a party by ourselves if we want to have gifts. And if we have a birthday during the week, we have to work on our special day to make matters worse.

But not with me. I’m taking back the one day a year that’s mine. But because I can’t expect everyone else to make time for me that day, too, I spend my Birthday alone. That this is anything but sad and lonely, show these five ideas on how to spend the day. Spoiler: Sausage snatching isn’t one of them.

Happy birthday to me: 5 ideas to spend your birthday alone

Step one: Take time off. What is a birthday, where you have to answer mails, hang in front of the PC and constantly by half-hearted congratulations of the colleagues is interrupted.

Step two: indulge in the joy of missing out. Cell phone off and bare Do not respond to digital congratulations. The thank you texts can also wait a day. Step three: Doing what makes you happy. Maybe there is also one for you in our five ideas?

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Alone in the spa& book a massage in advance: You can hardly give yourself a better gift. (Photo: imago images / Westend61)

1. Wellness day

What better way to spend your birthday than to sleep in, start the morning with a hatha yoga or meditation session, eat a hearty breakfast, and then treat yourself to a round of wellness? Whether it’s a spa stay, a massage or a mani-pedi, on your birthday you have been deserves some relaxation.

Not only do you relieve stress this way, but you can also Give yourself time to arrive. A circumstance that is guaranteed to only come about when you spend your birthday alone. A you can hardly give yourself a better present.

2. Go on a discovery tour

You do not want to spend your birthday too leisurely, but experience something? Then go on a discovery tour! Wander through the city or get on a sightseeing touri bus, To experience your city in a completely new way. Or, like a microadventure, go to the other side of town for a walk around the city. Often just a few kilometers are enough to discover something completely new.

3. Go to the sea

Your birthday is the best moment to look back on your life so far, but also to celebrate life. Where better to do this nostalgic glimpse than by the sea? jump on the next train towards the sea and enjoy the freedom that even wind and weather can’t drive away.

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A white wine& a big popcorn please! Just watch a good or a really bad movie by yourself! (Photo: imago images/Westend61)

4. Go to the cinema alone

It’s your birthday in winter and you’re happy to forgo sitting snowed in on the beach? Then you can give yourself give a few hours in a cozy cinema. Do not plan beforehand which movie you want to see, just go and let yourself recommend the best movie at the box office. With luck there is someone behind it who knows, what he is talking about.

5. Do something new

Our everyday life is characterized by routines. Spending your birthday alone gives you the opportunity to break through this. Instead of driving past cute cafes and restaurants like you do every day, allow yourself to sit in. Instead of choosing by yourself, get a recommendation from the waiter here too.

You want to spend less money? Then sit down in a park and finally take the time to read that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for so long. If the weather is bad you can also get into a museum.

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Your birthday is all about you& your life so far! So spoil yourself& don’t let anyone tell you that it takes more than just you on your birthday. (Photo: imago images/Westend61)

Spending your birthday alone is anything but sad

As for me, this year I opted for variant one to spend my birthday alone. And this much can be revealed: I was not a bit sad. Deeply relaxed and blissful are more the words I would use to describe my birthday.

You want to more inspiration to spend your birthday alone? Traveling alone can also be a good idea for your special day! Germany also has many romantic cities to offer, which by no means only convince couples. But also a trip to the local woods for forest bathing works wonders!

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