Birth in a standing position – as if the whole thing were not strenuous enough already!?

Pregnant woman grabs her back

You’ve been through just under nine exciting months, and now the time has finally come to leave! The birth is coming and everything is perfectly prepared. The hospital bag is packed, the place of birth is determined and the nursery is perfectly set up, so that the new family member only has to see the light of day. – Have you decided exactly how you want to deliver the baby?? One of many possible birth positions is the birth in standing position. And questions are sure to arise: Isn’t a standing birth much too strenuous?? Can’t my baby even plop down on the floor during a standing birth?? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of giving birth standing up in this post.

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The advantages of a standing birth

Disadvantages of a standing birth

From a medical point of view there are no disadvantages of a standing birth at all. However, it is possible that the mother’s circulation or strength may weaken due to the enormous exertion. In this case the birthing woman should sit down or lie down. As soon as she feels able to continue the birth in a standing position, she can continue in a standing position.

Other upright birth positions

You do not have to spend the entire birth on your feet to benefit from the many advantages of this position. There are other upright birth positions that may be more comfortable for some moms-to-be.


In this birthing position, the birthing woman squats or kneels down, although she should be supported by her partner even in this position. Here, too, the pelvic outlet is more open than in a lying position. Breathing will be easier and the whole birth will be faster and less painful. However, this position puts a lot of strain on the woman’s back and knees. So-called birthing stools are often used for this position. The seat of the stool resembles the shape of a horseshoe, so that the newborn can be carefully supported when it comes into the world.

  • Small tip: If you are considering giving birth in a standing or squatting position, it is advisable to exercise your legs during pregnancy. Start with 15 deep squats a day and increase the number daily until you are doing about 300 deep squats a day. Get advice from a fitness instructor or midwife on how to perform the deep squat correctly.


The sitting birth position can also be taken in the circle bed. Ideally, the upper body should be completely upright so that gravity can be used for the birth. Many clinics also offer a large exercise ball on which the mother-to-be can sit. Sitting on this ball, the woman automatically assumes an upright position and can perform gentle movements with it.

Each woman must choose the most comfortable position for herself. However, if you choose an upright birthing position, you can most likely count on some relief and benefits.

We wish you all the best for the birth!

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