Bats in the house: getting rid of lost bats again

As a rule, the often still young animals have strayed and flown into an open window at night.

Relax and open the windows first. If the bat has already looked for a place, just follow our instructions.

Basically bats are harmless. However, since they can also transmit diseases, please do not touch the animals without gloves.

1. Bats are under nature protection

In Germany live approx. 25 different bat species. There it can be especially in late summer it can happen that a bat finds itself in the room, which has actually nothing lost there.
The reason is simple, because as soon as the days get shorter and the nights get a little colder again, the small bats, which are a very separate genus of animals, are looking for a place to live for the winter.

Sometimes your living room serves as a short-term refuge.

Even if the hallway itself is not the primary target, it can happen that one or the other bat would like to nest there. However, in most cases, the intruders are young animals that were in a group on their first flights and simply got lost.
You have entered the house, but you often have problems to find the exit again.

As roosting place offer themselves beside ceiling beams above all curtain rods, which can be clasped wonderfully.
Please note that numerous species acutely threatened and it is therefore important to protect them.

You can learn more about bats and their behavior at this point on the website of the German nature conservation association Nabu.

2. Get rid of a bat in the house – this is the best way to proceed

Most bat species are very small.

If you have found a bat in your home, first of all stay calm and relaxed. Bats are nirst and foremost they are not dangerous and not aggressive.
In the case of stray specimens, it is usually even more likely that these are weakened and only need to rest.

First of all open the windows in the appropriate room. If the bat suddenly flies off, it has a chance to get outside this way.
Preferably, however, this will not be done until the next evening, as the animals are only active at night, so you may have to wait a little have to turn off the light.

A bat crouching on the ground or in a corner can easily be transported outside by use a dustpan and carefully push it under the bat. Usually the small weakened specimens do not fly away voluntarily, so you can put them on a nearby tree.

Alternatively, you can Bat also carefully embrace with gloves and carry them outdoors. However, hold the bat very carefully, because many specimens of small bat species weigh only a few grams.

Attention: If you want to evict a bat, please do not call the emergency number of the fire department. It is truly not an emergency.

3. Bats do not feed on blood

They are caught or captured in flight when you move around. Thanks to echolocation, this is perfectly possible in the dark, so that bats do not have to rely on their eyes.

Depending on the species, the habitat differs. So some species live more in the forest, while others seem to be quite comfortable even in the garden of the terraced housing estate.

To hibernate the animals in caves as well as many other small hiding places back. They hibernate there and only become active again in the spring.

In the spiritual realm, the sign of the bat is linked to the meaning of rebirth and resurrection.

You can also see how best to respond when you have a bat in the house in this video:

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