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Thanks to a narrow home victory, FC Schwurbitz remains at the top of the Lichtenfels District 2 soccer league. Schneckenlohe celebrated the first point of the season against Isling.

Kreisklasse 2 Lichtenfels

VfR Schneckenlohe –
SpVgg Isling 2:2
In front of 160 spectators Fiedler brought the VfR in the lead (13.), after the change of ends the same player packed another goal on top (57.). This lead was not enough for Schneckenlohe to win. For Isling managed to turn the game: Schutz first marked the connecting goal (69.), in the final phase Weinmann was successful for the Spielvereinigung and thus provided the 2:2 (83.).
FC Baiersdorf –
SSV O-/Unterlangenstadt 5:0
FC Baiersdorf dominated the guests and acted superior over the complete duration of the game. Baier put FC in the lead (10.), Dietz increased in the 36. Minute to 2:0. After the break, Hetzelt made everything clear with a triple (54., 57., 78.). SSV had its only chance to score in the 82nd minute. Minute, but failed at the FC goalkeeper.
Settlement Lichtenfels –
Schwabthal SV 2:4
The Borussians started strong, Hagel put Lichtenfels in the lead (14.). Schaller equalized only two minutes later, Merklein added another goal for SSV (18.). In the 35. minute saw the "settler" Osterlanger because of an emergency stop the red card. The defeat seemed to be imminent, but Schober managed to equalize before the end of the second half (45.). In the second half, the decimated home team lost a lot of momentum and Schwabthal got going better and better. With his two goals in the 54. and 75. Minute then Schaller provided for the final decision.
FC Lichtenfels II –
FC Altenkunstadt 1:1
The FCL reserve gritted their teeth against Altenkunstadt. The hosts played with too little speed over the entire game to bring the guest defense in major difficulties. The offense of Altenkunstadt/Woffendorf tickled the sometimes shaky FCL defense a few times, but it was not really dangerous. The 0:1 fell through a foul penalty, which Schultheis in the 39. Minute safely converted. Shortly after the change of ends the Altenkunstadter Schnapp received the yellow-red card. In the 61. In the 35th minute, the hosts also got a penalty, but guest keeper Oppel was able to deflect the ball, which was not particularly well placed by Honninger. The just equalizer fell when Honninger converted a cross by head. neck

TSF Theisenort –
FV Mistelfeld 3:0
Although the TSF was game-dominant, Mistelfeld always remained dangerous. The FV was lucky with a free kick by Friedlein to the crossbar, but with a double blow just before the break, the guests were then shocked. First, a defender misjudged after a pass from Wagner, and Kleylein did not take the opportunity. Shortly after, Blinzler scored with an unstoppable shot from 16 meters the 2:0.
After the break the game flattened. Only in the 72. Minute there was the next big chance for the TSF, but the guests could just clarify. The decision fell less than two minutes later. Again Bauer was released, his entry Kleylein converted directly.

FC Schwurbitz –
SV Fischbach 2:1
Initially, the hosts had playful advantages and did not let the guests to develop. Already in the 8. Min. Schwurbitz took the lead through Kremer. FC had further advantages, with the guests dangerous in relief attacks. After Kremer in the 20. After the first minute by a converted hand penalty increased to 2:0, the game seemed to be over for the SV. However, the guests fought back and took advantage of a defensive error to 2-1. Schwurbitz suddenly lost its clear line and Fischbach presented itself as an uncomfortable opponent. After halftime, the hosts had further optical advantages. Schwurbitz forgot to close the bag after Kremer with a penalty failed to guest goalkeeper Backer. Both teams now delivered a merciless fight. Daumann (Schwurbitz) as well as Kastner and Muller (both Fischbach) were shown yellow cards. But it remained the narrow home victory of the Schwurbitzer. hh

TSV Kups –
SpVgg Obersdorf 4:1
Kups initially gained a slight advantage, after a good pass from Schneider Bauer scored the lead. When Paura won the ball in midfield, he managed after a solo run the 2:0. Then the Kups defense took a timeout and with the half-time whistle, the guest scored the equalizer through Pauli.
After the break Glier, Mertel and Prez came into the game, which became better thereupon. Mertel played Glier free, and this increased on 3:1. The final point was set by player-coach Mertel himself, when he beat the entire guest defense and skillfully scored the 4:1. ha

Fortuna Roth –
VfR Johannisthal 0:5
The leader from Johannisthal dominated the game. Although the Rother tried hard, the guest lead was only a matter of time. The home team played well, but was always on the losing side. An emergency brake gave Fortuna a red card, so that the last hour was only ten men on the pitch. In the second half, the guests stepped up their game. In regular intervals he extended his lead further and pulled away uncatchable. All the fighting did not help FC Roth. In the end he had to give the guest a deserved 5:0 away victory.

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